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Constantly trying to get better and better and he’s my not so little helper in doing so. Tried a new technique here with new brushes, practiced lighting and most of all, kinda resisted to not overcomplicate stuff, keeping things simple. Most of this picture was painted on stream, thanks for accompanying me there! :)  (See you there again soon!)

BLACKPINK about to Debut Real Soon and Join the Fierce Summer Girl Group War

The debut date of YG Entertainment’s new girl group BLACKPINK has been decided. Since it is YG’s first new girl group in eight years, expectations are running high and fans will be able to check if BLACKPINK really does match up to their high expectations. As the name indicates, BLACKPINK is fierce and probably become the frontrunner in the competition to dominate summer music charts.  

According to a high-ranking YG official, BLACKPINK is to debut on August 1 or 8. They finished shooting the music videos and are making final touches so that BLACKPINK debuts with high-quality music videos. From last month, YG has revealed the members of BLACKPINK one by one to raise people’s expectations. BLACKPINK’s debut has become a big issue not only among music lovers but also among those in the music industry. 

Since BLACKPINK is to debut in the first week of August, their debut will be the highlight of the war between girl groups to dominate summer music charts. YG announced earlier on that BLACKPINK will be releasing new songs every month until December, and as such, BLACKPINK is likely to remain in the spotlight until the end of this year. YG proved that all the members of its new girl group are talented when it revealed them, and so expectations are running especially high.

After the recent finale of Mnet’s rapper survival program Show Me The Money 5, there weren’t any big issues in Korea’s music scene. Although a number of girl groups made a comeback and topped the charts, they all failed in becoming a big issue. As YG’s brainchild, BLACKPINK is likely to become a big issue in the tranquil music scene of today. 

BLACKPINK hasn’t even debuted yet, but the group became a hot topic not only in Korea but also abroad. BLACKPINK is a like a little sister to BIGBANG, WINNER, and iKON. The dance practice video of BLACKPINK released earlier on posted high views and raised hopes for the birth of a mega girl group. 

YG’s new girl group BLACKPINK showed that it is different from any other girl group even before its debut. It will be interesting to see if BLACKPINK becomes the winner of the summer girl group war and sweeps rookie awards at the end of the year. 



So this morning, I decided to find the coffee that Mamo drank, LOL, well, I didn’t go looking for it, I went to a convini and just happened to be there staring at me, so I bought it.
It tastes horrible. I still haven’t finished drinking it, (I’m not really a coffee drinker ^^;) I’ve decided to call it the “pit of darkness” drink. 
I guess I’m not very adult-ish xD

Do you see how dark it is on the inside. xDD;

Tagging: @tsukinokakera @jennshaiel and @aishiteruitsumo6 so they can laugh at me xD;;
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when u have to reread the old naruto manga chapters to remember wtf happens as much as i am rn u start to realize how a lot of sakura’s actions point to her being a ridiculously capable genin if not for the fact that sasuke is her ultimate priority. literally all her flaws and drawbacks hinge on her crush on sasuke

she has the best chakra controlm and she thinks and reacts fast, even under pressure like getting attacked by two chuunin on her very first mission outside the village, and when they get totally boned in the forest of death she keeps it together enough to bring her KO’d teammates to safety and set up traps and protect them when she eventually does get attacked

like, she’s super squealy and annoying, but 99% of that is because of her crush on sasuke. i’ve basically concluded that if she was allowed the chance to control her priorities and not base her life decisions over getting sasuke’s attention instead of being written by a man who thinks women can’t survive without a man in their life, she so would’ve started kicking ass way sooner i s2g sakura shows so much evidence of being super awesome right from the beginning i can’t believe kishi betrayed his character like this smh