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1. favorite player of all time

philipp lahm okay fight me on this

2. a game you will never forget (try to pick ONE)

i’m just gonna dig through my recent memory and say brazil v paraguay in the world cup 2018 qualifiers (yes that one that happened a few weeks ago) because that was the 1st nt game i’ve attended in my life and it was just amazing to be there surrounded by other fans, to sing the national anthem as loud as i could, to chant for neymar after his goal and of course to see some of my favorite players on the field *blows a kiss to thiago silva and philippe coutinho*. i’m never forgetting that night

3. the national team u support the most

brazil nt and germany nt mostly but i gotta admit i watch netherlands nt sometimes because i grew up with my dad saying things like “oh i think we have dutch ancestry” so i was like… let me watch them too. but when it comes to support yeah, it’s brazil and germany

4. if you could pick one of your teams to win any trophy, who and which?

listen… if only philipp lahm could descend from the heavens in cardiff during the champions league final and just get that champions league trophy… but idk being more realistic now i just wanna the entire juve squad lifting that trophy this season. gigi deserves it. they deserve it. after that it would be great to see arsenal winning premier league again, bayern back with the champions league title, brazil winning the world cup again *coughs*…

5. whats the story of how you got into this sport!!!

just like flot i ain’t gonna make this a short story so get comfortable and get ready if you are still reading this lmao.
well, i live in south america right, i grew up with football. even as a kid, without understanding what it was all about and thinking corinthians and palmeiras were the only relevant teams in the world, i watched random games. the only world cup i haven’t watched in my life was the 1994 one because well, i was nearly 2 years old, but maybe my parents were watching and i was there but i can’t remember at all. but i just started to understand better around 2005, when i randomly watched a libertadores game between são paulo and palmeiras and thought it was a good idea to follow it more closely. i think i haven’t missed a single são paulo game that year. then the 2006 world cup came and with it germany nt and its sommermärchen and i absolutely fell in love with them. when it comes to european football i mostly watched those summer tournaments and slowly i got to find out about champions league and european leagues but it took me a while to start to follow it more religiously, so to speak. that only happened in 2014 to be precise. i don’t know what happened that year, i don’t know if it was the fact that i live in one of the cities that hosted the world cup or if it was the sight of some of my german favorites lifting the world cup trophy but i realized that watching random club games from time to time (especially bayern’s, premier league and champions league) wasn’t enough. i needed more. and that’s when i started to watch bayern games every single week and eventually it all lead to this football mess i am today trying to catch up with 4 teams at least oh well 

6. how many games a week do you watch (approx.)

only this weekend i watched 5 or 6 lmao but tbh 3 is the constant because i always try to watch bayern, arsenal and juventus, they’re my priorities. but i end up watching random bundesliga games (especially köln and schalke’s), libertadores and são paulo ones too whenever i can

7. world cup or copa américa/euro cup?

i really like copa américa and euros but please world cup hands down!!

8. do you want uefa to rot in hell for how they treated borussia dortmund the latest weeks (yes/yes)

a thousand times yes! *grabs megaphone* FUCK UEFA!

9. god im running out of ideas hmm… have u played football urself?

only in pe classes in middle school and high school tbh. i’m the kind of person who’s better at watching a sport than playing it, and it wasn’t different with football, i was terrible. as a forward? terrible aim at the goal and bad, bad, shots. midfielder? eh. goalkeeper? the same thing as leaving the goal empty because that’s how bad i was. defense? okay not that bad but still not great. playing football wasn’t really my thing, i was better in basketball which is ironic considering my small size

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Happy Birthday Manuel Neuer!

↝ March 27, 1986

Happy birthday to Manuel Peter Neuer, also known as the best goalkeeper in the world, the giant German dork that can’t help being adorable, Germany’s 11th field player, their number 1, their captain. He never fails to impress the spectators and his team mates, even though he can basically be considered a grandpa now. Here’s to another year filled of him saving our asses, funny interview moments and dorky smiles.

Thank you for doing what you do and being the greatest at it. We love you and hope you have the bet day ever!