I am currently screaming non-stop about this photoshoot and I NEED a groupchat of HARRIES who want to scream with me or else i’ll lose my mind!!!! So if you’re interested, here’s what’s up:

-reblog this, no likes

-be a harrie LARRIE

-it’s on whatsapp

-there are no forms, hell i have 0 time for this everyone is ACCEPTED

-just PM me with your name and whatsapp number and you’re in letS GO


I’m remaking an old post of mine that has been since deleted.

If you are
•Nonbinary/Trans/GNC/anything except cis

This is the group chat for you!

I only have a few rules, as well!

• Be respectful
• Tell us before you bring up potentially triggering conversations!
• Be kind
• Ask to start a PM with someone!
• Keep it SFW in the chat!

That’s it! Anyone of any age over twelve is welcome to join!

EDIT: Contact me on KiK at: ovrprtctve

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry, what does ngc stand for?

its my gc with ez @themattyhealy and alice @sufjansufjan and it stands for lots of things, like nasty gay club or Nwow Gimlovemy Cfriends

so i forgot that you can play gamecube games on the old wii’s (which my wii is) so i dug it out of the depths of my closet and figured out how i can stream from it. i can do it with my old elgato, i just need some cords - the cords i need should be here next week-ish. it was also a little hard to figure out how to boot gc games from the disc drive cuz i used to fuck around with softmodding, but i was able to fix it! also, the reason why i can’t just use dolphin for speedrunning zelda tp is because emulators are banned. (i think they’re banned for most zelda runs actually!) it’s also a little more stable/easier to stream wii/gc games this way i’m sure. it’s gonna be a whole lot uglier, though! ;c rip the upscaling.

now… to figure out how to stream my 3ds before pokemon sun and moon comes out without going broke. phew.

Kim Kardashian Targeted by Vitalii Sediuk Again
External image
Vitalii Sediuk lunges toward Kim Kardashian West as she arrives at L’Avenue restaurant in Paris on Sept. 28. (Photo: Marc Piasecki/GC Images)

Kim Kardashian arrived in France for Paris Fashion Week on Wednesday — but she wasn’t met with the warmest welcome. Vitalii Sediuk, the same man who lifted Gigi Hadid off the ground in Milan last week, attempted to kiss the reality star’s backside, as evidenced in a video captured by her makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic.

Look but don’t touch ???? ???? #Paris #kimkardashian #MakeupByMario. Of course @pascalduvier crushed him ???????????????????????? and @steph_shep too ????

A video posted by Mario Dedivanovic (@makeupbymario) on Sep 28, 2016 at 9:31am PDT

Sediuk, known as a celebrity prankster, broke through the crowd gathered outside L’Avenue restaurant. While it’s unclear whether or not Sediuk made contact, Kardashian, wearing a sheer black trench coat with a bandeau, certainly appeared startled.

External image
Bodyguard Pascal Duvier immobilizes Vitalii Sediuk after he lunged at Kim Kardashian West outside L’Avenue restaurant. (Photo: Marc Piasecki/GC Images)

While Hadid fought the Ukrainian journalist off with her elbow, Kardashian’s security guard, Pascal Duvier, jumped in to save the day and tackled Sediuk to the ground. She later tweeted that he’s a “G.”

My security @PascalDuvier is a G

— Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) September 28, 2016

This isn’t the first time Sediuk has targeted Kardashian. In 2014, he knocked her to the ground while she was making her way through a mob of people as she exited the Balmain show. After that, Sediuk told the Hollywood Reporter that he accosted Kardashian because he enjoys attention. “I like the show business world. But it’s obviously not my intention to offend someone. It looks like I’m a monster, but I’m a normal guy. Well, what I’m doing isn’t normal — but I don’t have bad intentions.”

Sediuk, who lives in Europe and has been banned from the United States, has yet to speak out on the reasoning behind his latest stunt. But if there’s any connection with the Hadid episode, it could be part of his “manifest or a protest” to send a message to Anna Wintour. In a statement, he said the editor-in-chief has “turned Vogue into a tabloid by putting Kardashians and other similar celebrities on a cover of a well-respected magazine.”

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