holland boys group chat

i made a group chat to chat about tom, sam, harry holland as wel as harrison osterfirld. 

what’s the problem? I do not have anyone to join.

it would be on discord, twitter.

i already have a discord made, but if you would rather have one on twitter, hmu.

i would send you a link to the discord, if on twitter i would need your user.

what is this for? making freinds, helping with writing, headcanons, movies whatever tbh.

how do you join? hmuu & tell me if discord or twitter would be best.

ps. pls tell me interests (movies, books, boys, what you like to do)

tagging a few mutuals for help spreading the word…

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a country boy

The US needs gun control NOW

I am absolutely tired of hearing about mass shootings in our country. My heart aches for all the victims.

There is no need for people to have military assault rifles and machine guns.

We need gun control and we need it abso-fucking-lutely now.

Send love to Las Vegas. Stay safe.

yugyeom & bambam discuss the 97line gc

  • info from a recent radio broadcast, trans credit to shmesm
  • Yugyeom and BamBam said that Mingyu talks the most in the 97 chat group while Jaehyun talks the least…he has trouble keeping up lol 
  • Yugyeom & Jungkook were first friends. JK met 17 during MAMA. YG & JK added BamBam & 17 to the group. DK added Jaehyun (they went to school together)
  • YugBam said when 97 line meets, they eat meat, go bowling, noraebang, Jungkook is best at bowling (of course), DK & JK sing most at noraebang
  • introducing SEVENTEEN’s song for the 97-idols, BamBam: “…very loud Mingyu, The8, and Dokyeom” omg if even loud BamBam says Mingyu is loud.. 

Faith (fāTH): complete trust in someone
Love (ləv): an intense feeling of deep affection
Family (ˈfam(ə)lē): a group of people united by certain convictions