“Don’t stay in one place too long. It was the only way to stay ahead of the sadness.”

Leo and his mother’s story is sad, way too sad. But I like to think that she would be there for him at every moment. Every time Leo is using his power, she would be there and let him know that he is not alone - 

And he would be there unconsciously playing with a screw

I wonder how his story will eventually turn out in Toa 

One of my favorite Kai headcanons

One of my favorite Kai headcanons that I like to imagine is that he doesn’t get sick too much since his body’s hot, so he tends to kill anything that tries to get him sick before he feels anything.

However, it’s when he gets sick, that’s when its horrible.

His body temperature raises higher than usual to try and burn it out, but that often requires it to be so high that he’s so out of it, has to be in bed, is sweating, getting dehydrated, and tends to have the hallucinations you get when the tempt is too high. He isn’t really right in the head during the times whan he’s sick; he does a lot of mumbling and can’t really form sentences well.

Sometimes his body will even flare up in bursts of flames since his body may be really hot, but he just FEELS so cold so he tends to flare up since he mentally believes that he’s actually cold so he tries to warm up. The whole flaring thing doesn’t happen too often, a lot of times when he’s unconscious. They have to get fireproof blankets and clothes for him during that time.

Kai doesn’t get sick often, but when he does, it’s pretty bad but doesn’t last for too long. (He doesn’t really remember what goes on when he’s sick, but the others do since it’s pretty freaky to see how messed up he gets.)

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Things that Potterheads hate about the movies:

1. The movies never brought up Neville potentially being the Chosen One as well.
3. The movies never showed Rita Skeeter as an animagus.
4. They brought back Dobby just to kill him.
5. Ginny.
6. Where is Sassy Potter? I mean, ‘No need to call me sir, professor.’ THIS IS GOLD.
7. Padma Patil is a Gryffindor in the movies, but a Ravenclaw in the books. ???
8. Harry’s hair is NEAT most of the time in the movies.
9. 'You have your mother’s eyes.’
10. Draco’s Dementor attack on Harry in third year.
11. Voldemort’s death was so quick! Like, really? Seven and a half movies leading up to a five-minute death scene??

Am I missing anything?

Cheesy Puns from The Ninja, in Honor of Valentines Day
  • Kai: "You set my heart on FIYAH!"
  • Young Lloyd: "You're sweeter than candy!"
  • Lloyd: "You have a heart of gold!"
  • Cole: "You rock, Valentine!"
  • Nya: "You're a tall glass of water!"
  • Jay: "There's a spark between us!"
  • Zane: "You melt my heart!"
  • Morro: "Love is in the air!"
  • Wu: "You're my cup of tea!"
  • P.I.X.A.L: "We're a perfect match!"