The Power Rangers Knockoff You Forgot: Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills

Let me start by saying I was in like third grade when this came out and nobody wants to be all judgemental about an 8-year-old’s life choices OK?  But OMG I lived for this show!  I wanted to be the Green one so bad because I felt like then I could have threesome with the Black one and the Yellow one.  I didn’t know what a threesome was, obviously, but I definitely wanted some kind of interaction with the two of them that I knew being a girl with big boobs and long hair would easily facilitate.

Baby Glen Close in the purple can just watch I guess.

God that show was awful, but bless the West Hollywood queen who designed the outfits.  Those spandex pajamas worn by the Rangers and every other knockoff were definitely not the move.  Give me shiny, skintight plastic with lots of exposed skin.


Star Wars Tie Fighter pancake by Stephen Smith
Via Flickr:
This Star Wars Tie Fighter pancake was made entirely out of pancake mix. No internal supports were used.


Geraldine, la perra que suena como un Tie Fighter.


Dog who sounds like a Tie Fighter.