I’ve finally read that fanfic that so many people recommended. It’s Children, Wake Up and I really enjoyed it, even shared it with my irl friend. I wanted to somehow capture the essence of this story in the drawing, I hope it came out good. 

It’s so sad that kids have so bad luck with kissing… That’s why I made a small bonus picture to cheer myself and them:


“I’m breaking up with you.”

Marinette blinks blankly a few times at Chat, trying to regain a coherent thought process after a greeting like that. Once she’s grasped the meaning of his words, she raises an eyebrow, still breathless.

“I didn’t know we were dating,” she says saucily, chest heaving.

***Heartstrings, chapter 8***


I should be doing my commission right now. Not reading chapter 8 multiple times and slaps my pillow and groans like an idiot then draw this, you know, @taylordraws

Here’s some sketchy ficart for @perfectlyrose‘s amazing doomsday fix-it. Go read it if you haven’t already!


i was gonna try to draw good fanart for the most incredible fic ever but i gave up half way through the first picture… where is my motivation?? where has it gone?? i need it to draw actually ok fanart

apologies for the rlly bad anatomy

this scene was so preciuos… because it kind of reminded me of the first chapter and it legit made me go ‘oH’ outloud like holy shit i cried 

this is from this fic, which is by the amazing @im-macbetha , soon ill draw decent fanart of it , when my motivation returns 


some Ten x Rose ficart inspired by one of my all-time faves, Worthy of Her by @abadplanwellexecuted​. with a detail insert because i’m so pleased with their faaaaces

(this fic has all my favorite things in a story! like adventure! romance! banter! swords! a Big Damn Kiss™! yes. you should go read it. like right now.)

“But her tears finally caught up with her, released as adrenaline faded and relief set in. A sob escaped. He didn’t make a sound but his eyes were rimmed with red as he reached a shaking hand up to her face. Gingerly, he brushed back her hot tears and a wayward curl of hair. She was pretty sure he left a wide streak of blood but she didn’t care.”

Dat fic… I’m tempted to make some comic pages based on this fic! I should have drawn more blood but I am tired and it’s late, perhaps next time!

The source is here~

«She shrugged her shoulders under a red flowy top and shuffled Converse-clad feet.

“Um, hi. I was wondering if you were the one? I mean, from the notice board,” she rushed to clarify. A blush crept onto her cheeks, making her even more beautiful.

“Hmm?” He lost himself in her whiskey-brown eyes. Out of your league, Doctor. Give it up, he chided himself.

“With my mp3 player?” She pointed inside to the source of the music.»

I just drew some more ficart but felt weird about posting it without adding the scene from the fic it was from. So this is for @skyler10fic‘s ten x rose au, Notice Board ~ It’s very cute and fluffy fanfic and you should most definitely read it <3