22 Days of Harry

Day FOURTEEN:  Fave Tattoo

OK. Never thought that the Silver Spoon one it was gonna be my fave BUT today after reading Soft Hands, Fast Feet, Cant Lose by the super talented @haydolce it cant be other than this one. ALSO is day 14 like the number on his jersey I MEAN this cant be a coincidence. You can see the art for the rest of the days here.

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Kings and Lords : MasterPost

Ficart by BuffyAnn23

10/17/15-01/20/16 : Kings and Lords, by WhoMe

Part 1 of the Lords and Legends

Rose Tyler never imagined she would one day marry a King, especially when she knew her heart belonged to a Lord.

I love reading all sorts of fanfiction and there are so many wonderful authors out there. But there are also some exceptional authors out there who write fics that I could see as being actual episodes and this is one of them and it was an honor to be able to review it for my first ever dalektables debut.

Whome’s brilliant writing immediately draws you into the story amidst a crisis. The TARDIS is crashing, The Doctor gets injured leaving Rose to fend for herself while also trying to take care of him and they wind up on a strange planet that neither of them have ever stepped foot on in the middle of a conflict between the two different races  that make up the Kingdom.  

The scenery/imagery is painted beautifully and the plot of the whole “prophecy foretold” keeps you on the edge of your seat as the story unfolds.
Another thing I want to mention outright, is how perfectly in character The Doctor and Rose are in this story. That is one thing that could usually turn me off a fic, when I read the characters doing and saying things that are completely off par. *cough, cough* GITF Moffat *cough, cough* But in this story, the characters are so on point that you can just picture all the interactions in your head as though you were actually watching an actual episode.

There’s plenty of angst to be had of course, because as I said the author remains true to the characters. The Doctor can’t just let himself give in to what he wants right away because he has to maintain that tortured aspect of his personality up until the last minute so that when he does finally let go, it makes the resolve that much better and Rose, as usual always so self-sacrificing and putting others above herself but she also keeps that element of strength about her, standing up for what’s right and refusing to let The Doctor push her away. There’s plenty of adventure and surprises along the way intermixed with the underlying romance between the pair that they both eventually realize they can no longer deny and the sexual tension…my god. And when they do finally dance….Guh.  But that being said, those scenes are so well written and so tastefully done that it just gives so much depth to those intimate moments between the pair. It’s not over the top or overly graphic and it also plays into both of their insecurities. It’s just so perfectly The Doctor and Rose.

This story was a joy to read from beginning to end and I’m happy to add it to the list of my all-time favorites.  I’m also planning on reviewing the next story in this verse as well so for all of you who joined me in reading along, I hope you’ll continue on with me through the verse and if you haven’t already go drop a review on whome’s Teaspoon or FF.net account (links posted above) and let her know just how much you enjoyed Kings and Lords.  That’s all for now. Thanks for reading.

- by @buffyann23

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I need to stop doing this to myself, here is Ballet Dancer Louis with just one leg wamer from Soft Hands, Fast Feet, Cant Lose , thank u @haydolce for giving us so much this fic is amazing I cant think of anything else all day I swear Im obsessed. (also here is a Frat Boy Harry HUGO Styles that I did yesterday)

Thomas Raith’s Week
With so many siblings, Thomas probably needs to keep a strict schedule of protecting and rescuing…

Jim Butcher’s characters.
Full size and credits available on dA and AO3. You can comment also on LJ.

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