forever in your arms...

Felt the need to write some post-Underworld comfort and intimacy. (a bit spoilery if you haven’t been following casting spoilers) Rated S for smuff. (FF / AO3)

He’d seen the sun rise and set from the bow of his ship, an entire day with his eyes on the ocean as melancholy ripped at his salvaged soul and pressed heavy on his heart. Emma was at home, having left her before dawn with a kiss to her cheek (barely reachable from her position burrowed under the covers) and a note on the counter as to his whereabouts. He knew she wouldn’t disturb him today, would understand his need for solitude. But as each hour passed alone on his ship, he wished more and more for her to be by his side. The calm he once felt with the rise of the tide now pales in comparison to the press of her cheek against his, the warmth of her somehow filling every shadowy corner of his darkened thoughts.

Night has fallen and led him back home, back to her, where he should have been all along. With limbs heavy with fatigue, he trudges through the door, stopping just inside to lean back against the cool surface and close his eyes. She’s there almost in an instant, one arm circling his waist to take his weight while her hand strokes through his hair and pulls his head to her shoulder. Like a boat finally untethered, he sways into her arms, surrendering to her softness, her strength, thankful for both.

“It isn’t fair.”

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Mr. Evil Smile is back aka the new Ferrari GTC4 Lusso.

Honestly though, why did Ferrari have to change the name of the FF? That was a great name for it in my opinion. It stood for many things: Family Fun, For Four and Ferrari Four (the real meaning). Why did you have the change the name F*cking Ferrari! ‘Lusso’ means luxury but there aren’t really many changes that make it more luxurious apart from a new infotainment screen.

Aesthetically, it’s very much the same: it’s still got the same evil grin and it still looks like a shoe. It is a facelift, however, so the changes you see are quite minor. The front is now refined and stylised more like the 488 GTB and there is a new alloy design. What is different now is that the rear now has four lights! Well that’s not the most important thing really, those two rear air vents you see to the sides of the numberplate coupled with the rear diffuser and the more aerodynamic front means that the drag coefficient is much lower than the FF.

What I think changes the shape the most is if you look closely at the C-Pillar, so where the roof starts to slope down, you’ll notice that it’s edged now. It was nice and smooth on the FF, and this has changed the top of the rear to look squarer. It almost looks scirocco-like now, but the rear actually now has a roof-mounted spoiler to increase downforce.

You’ll be glad to know that it still has the glorious V12 from the FF which still revs to 8000rpm but with a power-hike: the engine now produces 29 more horsepower bringing it to a total of 680hp. The big change is that the GTC4 Lusso now comes with four-wheel steering like the F12tdf. It can effectively give the car a short wheelbase at small turning angles. The other mechanical changes include a new side-slip control system which will help the GTC4 Lusso get you round even quicker in those adverse conditions.

I never really liked the FF (I did like the engine), and I think this new one looks even more like a hearse. The FF looked prettier, just like the 458 looks prettier than the 488. Nice to see it hasn’t become turbocharged though.

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Catch Up - Week 2 - another cs fic list

Previously: Week 1

It’s Sunday aka the day you’re free to curl up with a hot beverage and not leave your bed (or blanket fort), unless the house is on fire. or Colin has come by. which is practically the same thing

It’s my first free day in a disturbingly long time, so it’s catching up day! behold the new arrivals!

More fic photosets are on the way! for now, dive in

One Shots

Emergency Contact by highest_water [older, long one shot, emotional and delicate. i have no more words for how stunning it is]

statues by athena3062 [where emma is ex military and killian is broken]

The Morning, and Then Some, of the Day After by @sambethe [it will heat you up and want to go into the wild. i shamelessly post my fic photoset that was inspired by this amazing story x]

Her Hand to Hold by @ohmyjones​ [what starts as an accident turns ouat to be the loveliest thing!]

race you there by @dashingswan​ [enemies au, but not really, since the hotness threatens to overcome any feeling of rivalry. bonus summer camp setting] 

Falling in a Winter Wonderland by  TutorGirlml [someone’s arrival leaves no room for the cold]

Polaris by @bluestoplights​ [canon fake!dating is something you didn’t know you need in your life, but you so do!]

The Wedding Date by jdmusiclover [mary margaret is her usual pushy self. that’s why emma resolves to pretending to have a boyfriend for the wedding. the problem is, however, that she can’t stand him]

Treasure Hunt by @lenfaz​ [you can’t go wrong with Lena. never]

The Pirate in You by @disnerdfighter  [post-underworld sword fighting bliss] and  changing the memory ½   changing the memory 2/2 

Untitled angsty bit by @killians-dimples [bk has en exceptional talent to explore situation that they’re supposed to be joyful but aren’t. the insecurities and deep rooted fears of the characters are torn down by stunning displays of affection and always a promise for a dreamy fuure]

More Than Words by @laschatzi [funny and sweet one shot i somehow missed! shaaaame]

LD/ deckhand!hones one shot by @ohcaptainmykillian [deckhand!killian. sweet and funny. emma is a princess and he’s impossibly drawn to her]


Can’t Erase Me by @icapturedkindness​ [fake!dating with the ex cause the parents have no idea about the break up. this is my thing. angsty and soon to be flirty. i hope i’m right on the soon part]

The Fairytale Bureau by @hissaviourqueen​ [lawyers au, enemies to lovers with a loving slow burn and forehead kisses]

Peace I Leave With You by @mediumsizedfountain​ [cursed!killian!priest, a brilliant, detailed and fitting retold of season 1 and going. the relationship is so tender and trusting. was on hiatus but it is planned to make a grand return!]

A Bounty of Paint Pots by @slimacwrites and  The Absence of You   A Woman Like the Sea  [slimac writes the mending of pain and tortured souls finding peace like no other]

Warm Nights & Firelight by @oubliette14​ [i’m slighly behind on this one, but i urge you all to see how cs are navigating their loving relationship. and horses everywhere!]

Lost in your Sleeve by @weezlywrites [i have read the whole thing about 15 times. literaly. it delicatelydeals with henry’s rightful anger and his feeling of being send off by his moms, tragically away from his father and reluctantly forming a quiet bond with a certain teacher]

Amaranthine by @caprelloidea​ [just seeing it all the time in my dash made me wish i could fast forward time to read it and then come and abuse your inbox. you have been warned]

Something Sweet by @sotheylived [emma is doing community service instead of jail time in the hospital where killian is a patient. the formation of a bond is inevitable. *crossing fingers for next part*]

The Record Shop Exchange by @innocenceneverfound [emma needs to watch where she’s going. no she doesn’t, cause she wouldn’t have stumbled on the owner of the sexiest voice ever]

Bloodlust [Taste] by @ive-always-been-a-pirate [what i read in the summary: smutty… vampire…. can’t stay away…. heat up fast…. COME ON MORGAN]

Neighborly Affection by @hookslovelyswan [sinfully smuttty with an intriguing plot twist]

One Week by tolivebeyondthestars [a one week marriage to a complete stranger. is this a good idea? i’m gonna read and find out]

Funny How Fast Life Changes by UnderTheLights16 [a reluctant cs pairing to fill investigative duties. killian is in dashing scoundrel mode and the whole thing is styled like a non tranditional romantic comedy] 

Breaking the Hinges by @piratesails [amy writes pouring so much affection in her stories, without them being boringly sweet, that it’s impossible not to smile and read the whole thing again] 

Ignite by Foreverx17 [friends with benefits modern au. lots of benefits. a wide range of benefits. all the time.]

Through To The End by @whisperofgrace​ [fresh arrival, EF au where cs are friends and may or may not have a deal to make]

i try to include stories from ff net and ao3 as well, there are countless hidden gems there. you only have to look closely

anyone know any broke up/divorced aus? 

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stars lean in a little closer (all because of you)

She has stars in her eyes and the sea in her blood.

Her mind is always elsewhere, far and away from here, and she has a quiet nature about her.

She silently curls up in the window seat in the front of the living room, gazing out at the street. Her toes are covered in mismatched fuzzy socks and her hair is tied into a ponytail after she quietly approached him, simply holding out her elastic before she turned and allowed him to run his fingers through her hair.

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Fic Update: When Doves Cry

Chapter 11 is now up. Read it on FF.net or A03.

Or, start from the beginning here, or here, respectively.

Summary:  She loved him as an adolescent, he admired her from afar; each thought their difference in station an insurmountable obstacle. Years later, Princess Emma and Lt. Killian Jones enter into a marriage of convenience, having long ago given up on obtaining the other’s love. Can they overcome tragedy and re-discover each other again? 

Rated M for sex, mature themes, triggers.

Tagging all of the usual suspects: @msgenevieve447, @strawwolf, @nummygraphics, @klar425

Kindred Spirits

Set during the Missing Year. On Henry’s birthday, Roland unknowingly comforts Regina. 

For @sometimesangryblackwoman who requested  Roland sees a frog riding a fish and asks  someone to explain it. And for the anons who requested Dimples Queen or Regal Believer and Disney movies, and Roland telling Regina that Robin has feelings for her.

And EXTRA THANKS to @voguevamp who read through and found some AMAZING mistakes that REALLY needed to be caught before i hit the post button.

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captswann asked:

"What the hell! You told me you couldn't sing!"

Sorry this took me a little bit! Here is a little something for you, and thank you for helping me find little ways to work through this stupid block!

Killian Jones didn’t sing. Emma noticed it during their first Christmas. Her mother had put together some Christmas carols, and insisted they all go out caroling as a family. Unable to work their way out of it, she and Killian tagged along, but Emma discovered very quickly that he wasn’t making a sound.

“I don’t sing, Swan,” he grumbled on the way home.

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anonymous asked:

Hi Cait!! I was wondering what some of your favorite blogs were? I wanted to follow more like yours :)

sorry if u asked this like 10 years ago ive done nothing but watch making a murderer for like 6 hours, but hey thanks for asking me this!! i was gonna make a follow forever/blogroll but since u asked me this ill just do it here instead. im gonna divide it up into3 categories and it might get long but it’s #WorthIt

good friends that i’d take a bullet for:

lejla @harryemailedzayn: GIRL we just started talking a lot more but im screaming i love you so much. im glad we both lov food network and zarry and u are so beautiful i actually cannot. thank u for chillin and talkin with me and im glad we are frens :)))

kristina @zaynagainstwhitepeople: TINA u are hilarious and i lob talking to u im so glad we started following each other bc i think we are def good friends now although we had a misunderstanding the other day, but thanks for always screaming and being happy for me when good things happen, it makes me feel great and i lov u 💘

melissa @gigifeatzayn: listen 2 me u are one of the sweetest people i have ever talked to and you made one of my worst days a good one again. i love ur blog and i hope we can start talking more bc i think u are amazing… amazayn if u will

krista @zayndayacoleman: we’ve only talked a couple times but we had a connection about the great gatsby and u patiently listened to me vent about school and my irl friends and i appreciated that greatly. conversation just flows whenever i talk with u and it’s super cool and i hope we can talk more soon :-)))


syd @zehydrated: i remember we started talking during ur #CousinGate and i just thought u were absolutely hilarious and u were so sweet to me and u followed me after i made a post about u f*ckin ur cousin and i think i yelled out loud. anyways we haven’t talked in a while but we should bc i lov u and i lov following u and i hope u didn’t actually fuck ur cousin bc that’s kinda Yikes™

claudia @naddys: i think we might actually be the same person. when i first started talking to u i found so many similarities and it was so cool. this is kinda embarrassing 2 day but tbh i thought to myself “ok my goal is 2 become best friends w this girl”. anyways claude u are sososososo beautiful i lov dying and being dead and u are funny and super smart??? like tf im still in awe that u got into all the unis u applied to?? but im happy we met and i hope we talk more and i reach my goal of becoming ur best fren before we MEET EACH OTHER IN. A YEAR AND A HALF IM GOING TO SCREAM ITS GONNA HAPPEN H U N T Y!!! And im also gonna take kickboxing lessons so i can fight u when we see each other 👀👀👀

mutuals and other friends that i’d still take a bullet for:

non mutuals (that I’d also probably take a bullet for):

jfc that’s a ton of blogs im so sorry but at least you have a lot of options!! i follow a lot more blogs but these are all the ones that post mostly 1D. also sorry if this sucks or i forgot anyone i did this all on my phone r i p. anyways i love all these people and their blogs so i couldn’t pick just a few. i hope you like every one of them just as much as i do!! :-)