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Finished my Valentines! These were a lot of fun to make, though I’ve been procrastinating on homework to do these~ Feel free to print these out and give ‘em to your friends! 

I’m particularly proud of Poe’s pun~

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HOLY MOLY 4000 FOLLOWERS!?!?! I’m amazed! I’m astounded!! I’m shocked!!! I’m crying, I’m so happy right now! Thank you so much for all the continuous support! I’m going to be taking a little break from tumblr for awhile for spring break to finish a lot of project I have rn, but as soon as I’m done I’ll come back and post all the goodies I’ve been working on! Thank you so much again babes! Please enjoy some Big brother Percy


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my father wasn’t around (my father wasn’t around)
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happy late father’s day!

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So I wanted to outline some of the new topics outlined in the new California history-social sciences curriculum to include and celebrate LGBTQ+ history. Because it’s something I’ve been doing a lot of research into and I just think it’s absolutely fantastic. The following is copied from the “Making the Framework Fair” document - a report from the Committee on LGBT History. It’s a comprehensive list of the topics proposed.

> Grade 2: 

• LGBT families in the context of understanding family diversity as a contemporary and historical reality 

>Grade 4: 

• Central roles played by gender and sexuality in California’s history as a site of rich, contested, and changing diversity 

- How settlers and missionaries sought to impose European American concepts of gender and sexuality on Native American societies 

- Possibilities and motivations for same-sex intimacies and gender diversity in frontier conditions and the Gold Rush era 

- The role of gender and sexuality in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century migrant belonging and policing 

- The crucial place of California and Californians in the development of the modern LGBT rights movement 

>Grade 5: 

• Variation over time, region, and culture in colonial American practices and laws with regard to gender and sexuality 

- Native American gender and sexual diversity and European responses in the context of North American colonialism 

- Regional diversity in family and community arrangements, gender roles and possibilities, and approaches to sexuality in law and practice, with attention to Puritans, Quakers, Southern settlers, and enslaved Africans 

>Grade 8: 

• Fundamental transformations in gender and sexuality in conjunction with nineteenth-century urbanization and industrialization 

- Same-sex romantic friendship as an accepted cultural practice resulting from the separate spheres ideology and shifting gender expectations for women and men 

- Roles of gender and sexuality in the practice and struggles over slavery and emancipation 

- Interlocking ways that gender, sexuality, and race shaped Western expansionism and the diverse possibilities it presented 

- Evolving social and cultural expressions of intimacy between men and women (including same-sex relations) through urbanization and immigration

>Grade 11: 

• The evolution of modern LGBT communities and identities 

- Relationships formed in the late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century female worlds of settlement houses, women’s colleges, and social movements

- Sexual and gender diversity in early twentieth-century cities and cultural movements, including the Harlem Renaissance 

- The impact on approaches to same-sex sexuality, gender diversity, and cultural expression of 1920s changes in sexual and gender norms, including Prohibition, the rise of dating, and the emphasis on companionate marriage

- New possibilities in World War II for same-sex intimacy, community, and identity on the homefront and abroad 

- The postwar creation of vibrant if persecuted LGBT subcultures 

- The formation of open and expressive LGBT cultures and communities since the 1970s 

- Contemporary diversity of LGBT people, families, and relationships 

• Twentieth-century persecution of sexual and gender minorities and the related growth of the LGBT civil rights movement 

- The medicalization of homosexuality and gender diversity as pathological and the subsequent struggle against this perspective

 - Systematic World War II attempts to eliminate gay men and lesbians from the military and the establishment of a regime of dishonorable discharge that denied many veterans their rights to benefits 

- The Lavender Scare targeting gay men and lesbians, which developed in conjunction with the postwar Red Scare and exceeded its impact in both time and scope 

- Homophile, gay liberation, and contemporary LGBT movements as part of the story of civil rights activism in the United States 

- Anti-gay activism as part of the rise of the New Right 

- AIDS as a medical, political, and social issue in U.S. history 

- Court cases about same-sex sexuality and gender diversity demonstrating changes in policies and public opinion over time

This is super exciting news for parents and teachers in California. Hopefully the rest of the U.S. follows suit quickly. It’s also important to note that teachers aren’t really being forced to teach these subjects, nor are they yet included in textbooks, worksheets, or other teaching tools very widely. Teachers are receiving trainings, but it will take years to disseminate this throughout the state. 

Free Samples

Context: This is our third session, and our party consists of a Drow Druid, a Human Sorceress, a Tiefling Bard (me) and a Grey Elf Druid. Our previous shopping adventures resulted in the Elf Druid picking up a lacey pink parasol, complete with ethereal spider pals. We have just returned to Waterdeep, and are looking around the markets there. Eventually we decide to pop in at an Apothecary shop.

Human Sorceress (OOC): Okay, but is there a fancy apothecary shop, or are they all, like, some run down potion shop?

DM: There is Jim’s Apothecary, and down the street, you see Jimbob’s Fantasical Amazing Apothecary. It is clearly high end.

HS: Let’s go to that one. Jimbob’s Amazingly Fantastical Apothecary.

The party follows. Immediately, the Sorceress takes the shopkeep aside and is looking for something secretive. The DM and player literally leave the room. They return, exchange a potion for a good bit of silver, and the shopkeep finally turns his attention to the rest of us asks if he can help anyone else.

Tiefling Bard: You got any free samples?

The table bursts out laughing. The DM looks surprised.

HS: Seriously?

Elf Druid (OOC): Oh my god…

TB: What? I like free samples. 

The shopkeep gives my character a quicksilver worm that dissolves and exudes a flowery fragrance within 30 ft of my character for literally 12 hours. Amazing. He is thrilled!

Drow Druid, who has only just recovered from being black out drunk: You got anything else for free?

Shopkeep, side-eyeing her: You look like you could use this.

He gives her what the DM defines as the “magical equivalent to 5-hour energy” and she gets +1 to initiative in addition to her hangover being removed. The potion is however, ridiculously priced, and our party absolutely learned to ask for free samples everywhere we go now.

Look at what arrived today! @superrisu‘s fantastic comic Daughter of Titan, this is the blurb: 

In a dystopian city of augmentations and police brutality, a young woman discovers she is the descendant of the world’s last superhero.

and this volume was this: 

Alena Amar is a young French Algerian woman living in America. An ex robotics student in her early twenties, she left robotics to appease her parents and their desire for her to find a stable job after university. Despite doing so, she still hangs out with her best friend Suzanne Perkins, a current robotics student and fellow prodigy in the field.

After being attacked one night, Alena discovers she has super strength.

It’s a fantastic story with some fucking great art (and GAY SUBTEXT, HELLO). You can’t purchase it just yet, but I suggest you follow @superrisu on Tumblr for more art and follow the writer RIchard Mooney on Kickstarter, because the Kickstarter for the second volume will be launched soon and this volume will be available by digital copy through that!