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I left high school a long time ago. I have no desire to participate in a popularity contest for the attention of strangers. I’m here for the stimulus of deciphering the fuckery using logic and evidence and supporting who I believe the boys to be.
I’m done with people who exploit my kindness to waste my time sending me hours of messages and only want to use my blog as their platform to feed their desire to be popular amongst strangers.
As I have said since November 2014: Pay attention. People are showing you who they are.

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Your post literally disgusted me on so many levels. Regina was worse that Zelena could ever be and yet you still vouch for her, for a controlling, narcissistic rapist?

ah, there you are! ok so since you clearly love Regina so much, i have the perfect post for you, my dear friend :)

Regina Mills, a character loved by many, has suffered a lot since the beginning of the show, she was forced to marry a 50-something year old man when she was just 18 years old:

and that, plus losing her true love, changed her forever

her mother told her that no one would ever love her, so she made sure that would happen

that was until she adopted a sweet little boy, called Henry, her sunshine

she finally had something to live for, she finally thought that her mother might be wrong, that someone might actually love her. then she met emma swan, long story short, she thought emma was going to take henry away from her, the only thing she loved, that was until she started to like idiot and ended up giving her the happy ending she wanted

needless to say, they became family (same granny, same)

regina forgave snow white and charming

the people of storybrooke started respecting and even liking her

she is in a constant battle with herself so she can seek everyones forgiveness

and she has changed. and people love her.











Not even gonna lie, I really don’t like the idea that Finn would adopt Poe’s last name (if it has nothing to do with a ceremony like marriage). 

A lot of the headcanons that I’ve seen browsing the tags for content seem to operate on the idea that Finn has no idea surnames are even something he should have or can choose himself, and thus he goes with the only one he apparently knows. And truth be told, that doesn’t make a whole lotta sense given the people he ends up meeting and likely already knows, plus common knowledge basis that he retains.

And again it really works into the unsettling fandom mindset that “Poe named Finn”, ergo, Finn should get his last name as well. And speaking in reference to that, a lot of y’all are make my favorite character sound like a dog that Poe just happened across and decided “and I shall name him Finn!” And at this point, on account of all the fandom fuckery, I’m wishing the whole “I’m gonna call you Finn, is that alright?” scene never happened. I wish “Finn” was a name he came up with on the fly.

So, yeah, I’m not really feeling “Finn Dameron” headcanon on any count.

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LOL I think that realization should be a relief to people. I hope it’s a relief. Because there’s still plenty of ugly stuff going on. So this should be a comfort.

One Direction are still the good guys that charmed us way back when. They aren’t the mean, backstabbing, cold, indifferent, messy bitches that their shitty ass team has painted them to be. That’s the good news. Now let’s rally and support Zayn and also continue to fuck with 1DHQ’s stunt game.

However, a lot of people owe Zayn an apology. They helped 1DHQ by buying into their stunt narrative even though they should have known better. Remember the ones that tag shaded him mercilessly? Remember the ones trotting from Inbox to Inbox to tell us Zayn was a drug addict? Remember the ones who called him a lazy opportunist? Remember the ones who called him disloyal? I haven’t forgotten and some of these hoes will never be forgiven. I hope those bitches feel real self-conscious right about now.

Sigh. I usually can let fandom nonsense go, unless it comes to my doorstep (read: my inbox), but this time I can’t leave it unchecked. Today, I read a gleefully-toned post where a Oncer stated that s/he could feel the bitterness from Captain Swan shippers due to the increased Regina-centrics in 5B. The mass generalizations present in this post are incredibly disappointing. To assume that every, single Captain Swan shipper dislikes Regina is not only inaccurate, it’s narrow-minded and ignorant. 

Do some CSers dislike Regina? Of course.  I’m sure there are also CSers who don’t care for Grumpy or Ruby. But the point is: every CSer is different (just like every Rumbeller, OQer, SQer, SFer etc. is different). We all have distinct opinions and to assume each of us shares the same thought, feeling, or preference is hugely short-sighted and unfair. It removes our personal agency and denies us our individuality.

There are many Regina lovers that populate the CS fandom. In fact, enough that @capitaine-odette and @thejollyduckling created the @cs-and-er-network. Additionally, in a recent poll of over 1100 CSers, Outlaw Queen was the second-most supported ship after Snowing with 67% of CSers stating they enjoyed it.

Furthermore, creating an arbitrary CS vs. Regina divide where none canonically exists only serves to further split an already fractured fandom. Captain Swan fans do not inherently hate Regina. We’re not all bitter if her character is highlighted. That’s simply not true. And to keep repeating this will only increase the bitterness and resentment present in the fandom. Blanket statements are never okay to make and no good can come of them.

I consider myself a Captain Swan fan, an Ugly Duckling and an Evil Regal. I’m unbelievably excited for the Regina-centrics in 4B. I can’t wait to witness a period in Regina’s life that, as of yet, has gone unexplored. And based upon the sheer volume of CSers who reblogged and commented with excitement about the Young Regina & Young Zelena pics, I feel pretty comfortable in stating that I’m not the only CSer who feels this way.

Let’s focus on what unites us; not what divides us. Let’s celebrate that we are getting such an amazing opportunity for a Young Regina/Young Zelena backstory. There’s no need to dwell on the negative, especially when it doesn’t even exist.

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Swanmillsfakefamily trending does not mean swan queer will be canon. Lana and Jen has already said it was won't

Dear coward/hater sunglasses, 

your insecurity and your ignorance are so obvious .

Everything in OUAT is FAKE except moral messages that it sends.

SWANMILLSFAMILY is not only SwanQueeN 

SWANMILLSFAMILY  is respecting adoption rights. 

SWANMILLSFAMILY  sends the message that an adoptive mother is a mother, period.

 SWANMILLSFAMILY sends the message that an adoptive mother IS NOT long-term babysitter.

SWANMILLSFAMILY represent this quotes

SWANMILLSFAMILY IS ABOUT different kind of families but they are always FAMILY

SWANMILLSFAMILY represents  overcome the obstacles thanks to love, trust, forgiveness and unity .

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SWANMILLSFAMILY   gives hope for happy ending.

 SWANMILLSFAMILY is about all these FACTS and a lot more

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I'm sorry to bother you, but do you think that theres going to be a Liam come out? I keep seeing blogs talk about it?


I honestly can’t stop laughing at this.

To put it plainly there is ZERO reason as to why they would do this at this point.

Old team has been pushing the homophobic, heteronormative, I love women, #1 pussy fan Liam forever, so why all of a sudden the turn face and set up a come out? Or worse, forced outing?

It’s not in their interest? It would give Liam a ton of good high profile press- why would 1DHQ want that?

If new team is behind this, there’s no way that they would allow a public relations Goldmine like a boy band popstar coming out to be handled by anybody else but 100% them and their people.
They would want complete control for max press benefit. They would not strike while there is any chance of old team involvement.

Also for anyone who thinks that there might be the set up with this nobody football player it makes zero sense? As much as we all feel that sports has come a long way, basically admitting to being gay and and with a boy bander would be career suicide for an NFL player just starting out. While talent plays a role, so does fan relations.

I just can’t see either team signing off on something like this- there just seems to be no benefit.

I think the only thing that we could possibly see is Adidas promo (as they both have deals with Adidas) I think we’re also forgetting that we are in the midst of Super Bowl week which would make sense as to why there’s more promo & flurry around them.

If that’s the situation, new team can spin Liam being seen with men as the beginning of a glass closet.

Most of these rumors strike me as bored Liam stans trolling for notes.

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The vindication post you just reblogged, what's that about? Ziam? What did larries do??

It’s just about people slowly coming around to what Team Stunt has been saying for almost a year. And it’s not that disagreeing about what really happened when Zayn left 1D was so terrible. It was the viciousness in disagreeing that was the problem. It was the ease with which certain people demonized the brown one regardless of how excellent they know he is. It was the way they ran a smear campaign against certain bloggers. It was the arrogance of these stale crusts of generic white bread–that pissed me off.

It’s a microcosm of the world at large. They attempted to marginalize Zayn through the sheer power of their numbers. They attempted to circle their wagons and maintain the status quo in trying to shut down any meaningful conversation about the racist and Islamophobic microaggressions directed at Zayn and many of his fans who are also POC. They tried to protect their perceived power even if they had to do people dirty. So they did everything they know good and well they shouldn’t do (so many are faux social justice warriors). It was a gross, petty, totally out of order display of (mostly) white privilege.

And when the heat got hot, some claimed they were suffering from success (LOL forever) and needed to step back from blogging. Some blamed mental illness (very convenient way to insulate yourself from criticism). Some started to slowly crab walk away from their past shrill hatefulness and tried to rehab their reps. Basically, they pulled every move in the basic bitch playbook.

So over time it became harder and harder to deny that Zayn’s leaving was a massive stunt and the narratives that we’d been fed were full of holes and lies. Jasmine and I noticed some of them were lifting from our posts (and other Team Stunt blogs), repackaging them as their own ideas and sometimes getting thousands of notes. Any given day I could look at my analytics and see traffic coming from Larry blogs and Larry twitters….just…lurking.  

Now is a time of vindication for Team Stunt and for Zayn most of all. Can’t no bland hoe from nowhere trying to be tumblr famous hold him down. #victorylap

Okay but really there is something very skeevy in this new trend in the KH fandom to want Kairi to beat Lea up and for Vexen and Zexion to get to hold their deaths over his head until he crawls and apologizes.

because Lea is the one who is an actual victim of the six apprentices, as Xemnas most likely murdered him and then they kept him and Isa in a fucked up cult they wanted nothing to do with for the next ten years, okay, Zexion and Vexen had their deaths coming to them.

And Kairi has the right to be pissed at Lea but there’s something real fucked up for the way everyone wants her to beat up the effiminate, make up, wearing child rearing man in the cast to prove she’s as tough as the rest.

and by skeevy i mean its fucked up and really fucking old

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Do you think 1DHQ got to Alan Ewart and that's why he toned down his babygate coverage? Why would he change his tune knowing that it would piss Larries off and probably lower the number of hits he's been getting?

I don’t think 1DHQ got to him and I side-eye that entire narrative. To me, it still pings as a bit off that with approximately 2 months left to go (by best educated guesses) that 1DHQ is going after D list journos. No offense, but I’m trying to be as real and logical as possible here. It seems they should have gone after higher profile journos associated with very legit media who went “rogue” first and thus have been at it longer like Yahoo Stephanie or Vanity Fair Richard, for example.

And, he’s still going after 1DHQ, but via 5SOS. He’s pushing his 5SOS article today, which criticizes 5SOSHQ for overworking them and pushing the media to hypersexualize them and focus on their personal lives as opposed to the music. All valid points which shouldn’t make 5SOSHQ very happy. And writing more about 5SOS might make up for any lost hits from Larries. However, Larries are still complimenting him. Just like they complimented Louis’ last weary looking selfie. They’re stressed. They’re whistling past the graveyard. Some are close to breaking. Some, shockingly have already broken. But still, I think something else must be going on with his babygate coverage.

I’m guessing he doesn’t have any inside track. Louis’ mom, in an effort to help bring positive attention to Louis, was overzealous in cosigning this dude via follow, which she knew the fandom would see. And that totally fits Louis’ mom’s m/o, God love her. I think he isn’t as well versed on all things 1D as the fandom is, therefore he’s hedging his bets. He doesn’t know how deep the rabbit hole is. He’s incredulous. So he’s crafting an exit strategy that would allow him to run with either a babygate-is-real or a babygate-is-fake narrative.

And that’s why you don’t trust these fly by night people. Any of them. Not the journalists, not the “curious” PR people, not the people who know someone who knows someone who knows Jeff Azoff–it goes on and on. And as I’ve said before, people who are legit connected to the situation are in the fandom POSING AS FANS–just another blogger, just another update account owner–but they aren’t. Not by a long shot.

At any rate, stay woke. If people’s intentions are honorable, only time and a demonstrated commitment to a consistent pov will help make that clear. And you know what would really help? If those highly trained journalists would get out here and BREAK some news as opposed to getting all their “scoop” from the fandom. Tell. Us. Something. We. Don’t. Know. If. You’re. About. That. Life. Thanks. Teenagers with nothing but social media accounts and internet access have broken more 1D news than these journalists whom the fandom is championing rn. Think about that…

Listen, I’m not here to tell people not to stan Cami or Klam. What I’m saying is that yes, it’s okay to like problematic things but it’s also really, really important to acknowledge when those things are problematic. Cami’s writing and construction are extremely problematic. That does NOT mean that people shouldn’t love or stan for her. It just means that folks need to look at these things and call them out. 

Fun fact? I went HAM on the writers for 4x13. I hated that they had Klaus stab Caroline. It was problematic as fuck. In their defense, they didn’t really romanticize it, but the fandom DID. I (and many others) wrote tons of meta deconstructing that episode and acknowledging that it was extremely problematic in an attempt to get the fandom to think critically about it and contextualize why it wasn’t okay. 

I used to go after Caroline ALL THE TIME for her slut shaming. She’s still my favorite character, despite the heaps and heaps of problems that have arisen with her writing. 

Stanning and calling out bullshit are not mutually exclusive, fam. That’s all I’m saying.