My albums selection for the next week :


- Kenji Siratori ‎:  Melancholic Lobotomy

- Carter Tutti ‎:  Feral Vapours Of The Silver Ether

- The Silverman  :  Assembling Witness

- cEvin Key ‎ : The Ghost Of Each Room

- Horrific Child ‎:  L'Etrange Mr Whinster

- Ibliss : Supernova

- Le Cercle des Mallissimalistes :  Faustina M. Todesco - I Tre Angoli Del Continente

- The Residents ‎:  The Third Reich ‘N’ Roll

- Nurse With Wound ‎:  Man With The Woman Face

Two points pulsate on the monitor
careful to avoid drowning the other in its ripples
the image is dynamic
a fluid relationship back and forth
and between and harmony
is a beautiful thing

I wonder how they stay that way
undisturbed by the waves
like time is of a separate dimension
I wonder how we stay in love
do we occupy the same space
that pulls petals from flower buds
and grays hairs and sets suns
or do we exist in another screen
all together 
beating in tune with each other
perfect like an infinite program
that repeats until the world
is nothing but an entity
that resides within our own ripples.
—  Monitors


sorry ive been bombarding you all with colour pallettes! ‘^^

i just cant help luving colourz i guess lol

anyways, seeing as its autumn now i shall give you all a kokona outside in ze cold, and im once again experimenting with brushes, dont know how long this phase is gonna last but well see i guess? and yes, kokona haruka, the girl form the yandere game, i like her :3

so ye enjoy 

Don’t claim my stuff as your own cause that’s stupid


“That’s what we’ll put on the sign for the detective agency! “Cases Solved With Arguable Efficiency.” Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency! | (insp)