Please don’t be that fan who hates on a member because they get more lines or screen time than the rest. 99% of the time, the members don’t have any control over line distribution, and its completely up to the company and the producers, so please don’t hate on a member over something they have no control over. It’s really not worth it.


170324 | Zhang Yixing Studio Weibo: “#张艺兴#小赖同学出席2017日本富士电视台FOD新作品发布会,即将到来的#张艺兴求婚大作战# 你准备好了吗?”

Translation [dailyixing]: “#Zhang Yixing# Student Xiao Lai attends the Japan Fuji TV Operation Love Press Conference, incoming #Zhang Yixing Operation Love# Are you guys ready?”

During gym...
  • Teacher: *plays Drake*
  • Friend: It would be better if she played-
  • Me: K-pop
  • Friend: No, I want her to play-
  • Me: K-pop. We want her to play k-pop
  • Friend: No, you do.
  • Me: No, we do. We're in this together. Wether you like it or not.