me listening to:

BTS: making my way through the room while doing furious hip hop hand gestures and from time to time ‘’casually’’ attempting and failing to ace that move from Fire when you can barely see their legs due to speed

EXO: body rolling myself out of the universe while screaming ‘’Looootto’’ enough for pigeons to mark the territory in front of my window unsafe

SHINee: slowly dying on the floor after attempting to dance to Lucifer while Jjong’s high note is marking my last few seconds on Earth

WINNER: watching the things pass by my car window seemingly in a daze while totally looking like a lead drama character who’s leaving their lover to go on a the other side of the world, either to study or their parents sent their mafia underlings to get you out of the country because no one is good enough for their precious child

Seventeen: sun is shining and birds are singing, serving as back vocals as I move around the house with my hands in the air and announcing world peace with a distinctive and peace-offering chant ‘’Mansae’’

BigBang: feeling strong enough to take over a whole country by myself which I’m clearly showing with my ‘’precise’’ dance moves that are clearly the same as Taeyang’s and which are even more highlighted with my powerful vocal performance that I’m able to pull off even while wildly playing imaginary drums