Can ppl stop saying that EXO just got their fame, because they are from a big company?? It’s true that it’s easier to get recognition, but it’s hard to get in one of the big three. People were expecting a lot from EXO and when their debut didn’t go that well like expected, they got called Sm first flop. Their first fansigns were almost empty. They didn’t win on Music Shows or were on the top of the charts. They lost 3 members and were able to stay together as a group and grow even more. All of them are talented; even Chanyeol & Sehun, who ppl love to call untalented, because their rap isn’t the best. Chanyeol writes his own music, just SM doesn’t let him do his thing and Sehun knows how to dance. Their rapping is improving, I mean Sehun went from E-X-O to rapping half of the rap time in their songs.

So, another weird thing happened. Kyungsoo, who was avoiding interactions with Kai since June, as I said in previous posts, suddenly became Kyungsoo from January.
Kyungsoo who can’t take his hands off of Jongin, who is jealous the moment Jongin talk or touch someone else.
As usual when Kai was interacting with Taemin Kyungsoo was following them.
When they were receiving an award and bowing while holding hands, Kyungsoo immediately grabbed Jongin’s hand.

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For short time it seemed like Kai is angry about something and Kyungsoo is trying to steal his attention, to make sure everything is alright.
When Kai touched Sehun’s hand, Kyungsoo immediately looked at their hands and seemed very pensive.

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When they were taking photos, you can see that Lay, who usually stands between them is between Chen and Xiu, while Kyungsoo puts his hands around Kai.
What’s interesting is the fact that Lay is trying to go back to his usual place. He is stepping out and back like he doesn’t know what to do.
My theory is that when they took their places, Kyungsoo deliberately put his hand on Kai’s shoulder and didn’t let Yixing stand between them.

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Then backstage, when they were recording a message after the have won, Kyungsoo just grabbed Kai by his shoulder and arm. You can se in the back, that Suho is doing exactly the same thing to Lay. (We all know he’s just trying to show they all are doing it all the time).

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And on the airport back from Hong Kong, Kyungsoo was holding on to Kai’s waist. He haven’t done such things since early summer. What happened then?
We all know that Kyungsoo was only avoiding Kai in the public. We have a lot of fanacounts where Kyungsoo was holding Kai’s hand in the dark, before Kai’s solo dance during concert or how he was asking for Kai’s cup, when buying cafe at SUM.
But suddenly he is out open about him and Kai again.
The question is why.
Well, maybe we will find out very soon. :)