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Does anyone knows how to shut down one's brain?
  • Me: *studying as hard as she can*
  • Brain: Kakasasu, Kuramiyu,Iwaoi,Kurotsuki, Zosan,Natray,Chrismiyu,Kagakuro, Midotaka, Aokise, Nijiaka...
  • Me: *nose buried in papers that are upside down, sweating hard.*
  • Brain: Lawlu,Daisuga, Asanoya,Aokuro,Soukoku,Oikage,Soumako,Souharu,Makoharu,Rinharu,Shizaya,Sawaharu...
  • Me: *steam coming out from her ears* at least put them in order!
  • Brain: And you know what?
  • Me: ...
  • Brain: None of your beautiful otps will become canon.
  • Me: *screams and search for paper to write fanfics* SHUT THE HELL UP!!! Leave me and my baes alone shitty brain!
Top 10 OTPs

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Okay, so they’re not in order but they’re still my top 10

MariChat (Marinette x Chat Noir)

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LawLicht (Lawless x Licht Jekylland Todoroki)

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JeRza (Jellal x Erza)

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GrUvia (Grey x Juvia)

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RinHaru (Rin x Haru)

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TodoBaku (Todoroki x Bakugou)

The only gif I could find for them

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KarUshuu (Karma x Gakushuu)

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TsukkiKage (Kageyama x Tsukishima)

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MuraHimu (Marasakibara x Himuro)

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VictUuri (Victor x Yuuri)

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This is a few days late but better late than never

I tag whoever wants to do this, so have fun

I can’t help but wonder when Stiles started meaning this much to Derek.

I can’t help but wonder when Derek decided that Stiles was good for calming him, a safe place during dark times.

I mean, we all know Stiles and Derek had one of the best developments on the show, and along the way, they developed a great amount of trust in one another, but this… this is something else.

When did Derek’s trust develop into this?

Maybe it had to do with the multiple times Stiles saved him, or the many unspoken agreements they had before going in to do something dangerous… or maybe, it was in the episode where Boyd passed away.

Stiles wasn’t close to Boyd, not as close as everyone else was to him, but somehow, he still understood what it felt like for Derek losing a pack member. Therefore, reaching a hesitant hand out to rest on Derek’s shoulder.

That simple gesture probably meant more to Derek than anyone realized.

Stiles was there trying to comfort him. Stiles cared enough to try and do so.

And maybe he kept Derek from falling apart altogether at that moment.

Maybe that’s when Derek realized that Stiles really was there for him and maybe that’s when the building trust he had for Stiles locked into place.

Maybe that’s when Derek realized that Stiles could be his anchor.