Even More Respect to GD

If it’s even possible, today I give even more respect to G-Dragon. I had an epiphany about him that made me respect him even more. Care to indulge me a bit?

Loneliness: from his work and interviews, we get that he struggles with it. He talks about it in interviews and puts it in his music. I used to think this was because he’s an extrovert who needs a lot of socializing to feel complete (which I still think, by the way. Heaven knows he’s not like TOP who would choose to sit in his house alone, drinking wine, for fun). But G-Dragon’s recent work and interviews have got me thinking a lot about his aversion to being/feeling alone.

In his Newsroom interview, G-Dragon said something that translates closely to, ““I think I’m a bit of a.. should I say…mutant,” which I found surprisingly self-aware. And that got me thinking a lot about his lyrics. We’ve got his Loser lyrics, “Honestly, I’ve never fit in with the world” and “I was always alone.”

I don’t think this is just about feeling like there aren’t people in his life. I think this also has to do with the isolation that comes from being different. GD truly is one of a kind. He’s got this undeniable uniqueness. And that’s just it—he’s not afraid to be different, either. He’s the guy who will wear that crazy outfit, change his hair a hundred times, and take major creative risks. He’s the trendsetter, the ground-breaker. Combine that with his creative genius and star performance level, and he’s born to entertain.

I think G-Dragon knows this about himself and it’s actually a source of confidence for him. I think he’s aware of his talents and uniqueness, and likes that about himself. I also believe he genuinely loves entertaining and being the center of attention (although, not always) and his “differentness” has opened a lot of doors for him and helped him achieve a successful career for himself.  

However, there’s an isolating aspect to being “the different one” and I think this makes him feel alone sometimes. I think inside, Ji really is a warm, cute babo who loves connecting with friends. But feeling the isolation of “being a mutant” can be tough. And when he’s down, I imagine there are times he really does feel alone. Hence, I suspect his Crooked lyrics represent some of his worst fears, “Leave me alone, I was alone anyway” or even worse, “I have no one.”

In one of my favorite G-Dragon songs, A Boy, his lyrics say, “People say they’re jealous of me because I have too much, celebrities all live a comfortable life. Be in their shoes for just a day, you’ll realize what you see isn’t everything.”

I’m proud of him. I’m his fan. Respect to you, Kwon Leader. Keep smiling and having fun :). I’m loving seeing him so happy with this comeback.


Watching Step Up makes me want to spend more time in the dance studio than I already do. I want to have the same epiphany moment that Nora does where I just create this magnificent group routine and find my own Channing Tatum. Life is hard.

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About S11: God is represented through the Holy Trinity, as in "one God in three persons" (Wikipedia). What if the show decides to portray God not as one person/being, but through Team Free Will? Dean as the Father, Sam as the Son and Cas as the Holy Spirit? So it'll be them (aka humanity) who will ultimately defeat the Darkness *I hope this makes sense - it's 4.30 a.m., I can't sleep and just had this epiphany, which I thought I'd share with you*

Good morning dear!

Sorry you were awake around that untimely hour. *hugs* Thanks for sharing your thoughts though. :)

I rather like that idea. I personally always thought that with 5x22 “Swan Song” the show sort of implied that God is “residing” in a team of people. At the time I first watched 5x22 I nowhere near close to was in the fandom and let alone knew what meta is, but I remember thinking that with the characters prevalent in the ending moments before Sam jumps into the cage the show sort of had the holy trinity together averting the apocalypse and making free will win.

And who was it that averted the apocalypse? Two boys, an old drunk and a fallen angel. In this scenario however Dean is “playing a double role”, because while I pegged Bobby for the representation of the father and Sam and Dean as the representation of the son(s) one can argue that early on Dean was a sort of father figure for Sam too. And Castiel certainly fits the symbol of the Holy Ghost really well.

So given all that I think the show has been playing with notions of trinity for a long time implicitly and sub textually. I would absolutely love therefore if they brought this aspect more to the forefront in S11 and the fight against the Darkness. Bob Singer spoke about how they were discussing ways of bringing back or portraying God at JIB this year and I was so so stoked to hear that, because while I’d love to see Chuck as God back, this scenario of TFW as a presentation of God I love too. Especially if you take into account how Metatron once said the amazing thing about humans was to create and write stories and shape tiny universes with their narratives and that way become Gods. Sam, Dean and Cas had ripped up the pages and rules and destiny. And the aftermath, them trying to continue the story of the world by averting the apocalypse and their choices more often than not making matters worse I guess sort of counts as becoming or playing God only that this universe is not fictional (well it’s for us obviously) but reality for Team Free Will.

So in short: Yes please, TFW as God and the Holy Trinity mentions in S11. I am totally on board with that. :) Oh, and I am sorry if I don’t make any sense either - though you made perfect sense - because I woke up like 20 minutes ago. :) Have a great day, Lily!!!


This is yung-ninetales’s short film, “I or the confusing epiphany of Ai.”

This is one of my favorite projects zach has worked on, it’s really cool! So proud of him

On Wednesday night, I took in a performance of “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” playing at the Belasco Theater and starring Darren Criss. Sure, I had seen Darren on television as a cast member on “Glee,” as well as sang with him for a tribute to Alan Menken (plus some drunken musical theater piano bar singing… videos are somewhere on YouTube), so I thought I went in fully prepared for the greatness that I was expecting. …

Darren as Hedwig is right at home here with a microphone in his face and the costumes on his back. This could be considered his own Hamlet, blending tragedy and comedy with skill and heart. It is very easy to get lost in his portrayal of Hedwig, balancing his great concert performance skills with sensitivity in his acting. You see the anger, but you also see that there’s more to this character than meets the eye. When Hedwig’s final epiphany arrives, the payoff is hard-won on both sides of the fourth wall, and the audience leaves having been through the wringer, and we are all the better for it.

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Uncle Rashid, why are you only mean to non-Greeks?

1)  I am not mean.

2) You don’t know me.

3)  If you knew me, you’d know that I have told a sitting Regional Vice President that he needed to learn subject-verb agreement before he sent out another email chastising undergraduate chapters; that I told members of one sorority they had no business clowning another sorority when they didn’t know enough basic parliamentary procedure to keep their election from being stolen; that I have made memes of a national president saying “I’m very rich, bitch;” and that if you read my third novel Epiphany closely, you’ll see that it is a critique of a lot that’s wrong with Greek life.

I am much more critical of those on the inside than those on the outside.  Check my resume.

–Uncle Rashid

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3, 13, 15, 20!

yay! someone did this! sorry i didn’t respond sooner!

3. What is your absolute favorite kind of fic to write?

i love me some AUs or half-canon/half-AU. anything with angst. first kisses or queer epiphanies that aren’t too painful are nice too. I also love bickering. see: the ‘little shit’ series (OBSTV & WLTOD)

13. Favorite fic from another author?

oh jesus. can’t choose just one sooooo here’s that list of fic recs i’ve been meaning to do… (still incomplete)

faberry: possibilistfanfiction‘s art of boxes will always be my jam, thememoriesfire’s these strange steps (epic & like way healthier & everything 50 shades could never achieve in 400 lifetimes), tripupstairs’ the roommate bc dear lord it’s adorable & i have a soft spot for pov’s of others witnessing faberry, one of the sexiest and sweetest fics = wavegoodbye’s riding in cars with girls (and their fic boats in the sky), my heart swells & i smile like a doofus reading somethingsdont’s every smile that’s unveiled, actually squealed reading roxystyle’s bedtime stories, then these just really great two bc kiss epiphanies: poetzproblem’s this kiss, vondrunkaton’s kissing quinn fabray,
i was super sad that your wayward girl was discontinued bc i loved it, same for undeniable (but tis the life of fanfics)

hollstein: i don’t read much hollstein fics bc canon’s pretty fuckin solid & i just like occasional headcanons? but i was obsessed with the hsau.


15. Your guilty writing pleasure?

I don’t really have guilty pleasures when it comes to writing. writing is writing and I’m happy when I do any form of it.

20. 4 sentences from your work that you’re proud of

I think this opening of Where I Go was something that just came easily and really conveys how I think Carmilla feels about Laura.

For a long time, you held onto the darker parts of your past—tombstones dotting your timeline, losses as landmarks on your map—but this incredible light entered your life so unexpectedly, the blackness of night has become merely the backdrop for the stars. You no longer feel trapped, like you’re buried under the weight of immortality and dirt and blood. You’re still grounded to this earth, but you grow more roots each day. You are blooming in her light, in a way you thought was only possible in a lifetime you already let pass.

25 Best Songs of 2015 So Far
Essential tracks by cheese divas, thug romantics and punk scruffs

11. One Direction, “Clouds”

The day the Clash kicked out Mick Jones, the song I grieved to was “Complete Control.” When Zayn quit 1D, “Clouds” was the one I obsessed over — “love is never ever simple,” so true. (Perhaps I overfeel these things.) “No Control” is still my favorite Four track, but “Clouds” is the one that’s grown the most over time — anyone can bite the Beatles, but it takes true pop visionaries like 1D to plunder Paul McCartney & Wings. Anybody who doubts Macca’s genius as a guitarist — besides everything else he is — needs to consider how 1D could build such a world-beating pop epiphany out of the “Band on the Run” riff.

I just had an epiphany

I know why I was so on board with Sara being part of Team Arrow and why Laurel failed to fit in. When Sara is introduced to the team, she accepts that she’s a guest. She never demands favors and she never acts like she belongs. She recogninses that the team is Diggle, Felicity and Oliver : “You three are quite the team.” Then, she starts to make friends with Digg and Felicity. She’s grateful that they accept her and doesn’t take it for granted. “Thank you… for not making me feel like what I really am.” Furthermore she was never a hindrance and never asked for favours before a friendship and a bond was established. She always helped and was very protective of her tam mates. When Roy was high on mirakuru she pointed the bow at him and said “I would shoot you because you’re hurting my friend.” Her progression into thr team was so natural.

Laurel on the other hand forced her way into Team Arrow. First by calling Felicity and demanding a favour without ever having spoken to her before. It was so odd that even Felicity called her out on it. “Are we favour friends now? Are we friends?” Then in 3x06 she dismisses the rest of Team Arrow as merely being Oliver’s emplyees and sets herself apart from the team at the same time. I can’t remember the exact quote but it went something like this “I’m not on your team, I don’t work for you.” So, she wants to belong without actually having to compromise? She wants all the benefits of being on the team without any of the actual team work? Then, in 3x13 when Diggle reluctantly accepts her as part of the team and tells her to stay in with Felicity she replies with “This is not how this is going to work.” So different from when Sara was brought into the team and the League was after her. Oliver told her to stay in while he takes care of Laurel and Felicity warns detective Lance, and Sara obliged. She accepted that they had their way of doing things and she recognised that she wasn’t part of that yet. She only went out later when she absolutely had to. Plus, Sara had training. Laurel just wanted to beat people up.

Then, Laurel was a hindrance to the rest of the team. She always insisted that things had to be her way and then when she got her way, other people in the field had to look out for her in addition to going after criminals. Sara’s introduction to the team was peaceful, she never brought on any additional distress. That’s why it felt like she belonged. When Laurel forced her way in, the whole team fell apart. Oliver didn’t like it, Diggle had to take a backseat, Roy had to look out for her… she just didn’t fit. They had to take the whole team apart to make her fit in. It didn’t feel right. She didn’t earn her place as a team member.

People will say that it’s because we feel threatened by her, now that she’s BC she and Oliver belong together and all that nonsense. No. We don’t like her on Team Arrow because she doesn’t fit into team Arrow.

I think that life is temporary, that things are temporary, that moments, seconds, hours, days and years are temporary. So yes, everything is temporary. Everything has an expiration date, but some things have expiration dates that take longer to get to. Some so long that they feel like forever.
—  Someone asked if I thought everything was temporary today and my answer was a spontaneous epiphany to me. |(Morsus Engel)|

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This may sound ignorant but I can't understand how anyone who read the books can't ship Ron and hermione. To an extent, I can understand shipping Harry and hermione ( or Harry and Ron) because that isn't too far out of real of possibility. But the one that truly baffles me is Dramione.

I think a lot of it is because of deep conditioning to accept two tropes; Hero Gets Girl, and Good Girl Saves Bad Boy.

People are so used to the hero getting the lead girl that I’m sure most didn’t even question it. No matter how little romantic interest Harry showed her, or how he was usually irritated in some way, people just figured that by the end he would have some major epiphany; he’d see her in danger and suddenly Realize How Much He Cared. But at least that relationship would be built on friendship and respect. I don’t honestly see it working, but I can still respect it as long as there’s no Ron bashing to justify it.

As for the other……it really concerns me. Would people honestly tell a girl that a boy that constantly used horrible cultural slurs against her, and happily wished for her death, that she should give him a chance? That maybe her love Would Help Him Be a Better Man? Because I’ve seen that in real life, and it ends in years of some form of abuse. At best. And even if this person genuinely changes, that doesn’t mean that the woman is obligated to forgive. Even if she acknowledges the change, it’s not something you want to live with as a constant reminder. As for people like him, it actually makes it harder to change and move on if they’re with their victim. There’s too much history, and it’s always in their face. I know lots have a soft spot for the Disneyfied idea of forgiving and becoming one big happy family, but in about 99.9% of the cases, it’s better mentally for both parties just to move on with their separate lives. And really, Hermione takes forever to forgive the people she cares about; do you really think she’d be so easy on someone who wanted them dead, or passive aggressively lied enough to keep from dirtying their hands? I find it sad and bizarre that people are willing to forgive and make allowances for hatred and bigotry, but will decide someone is worthless and unforgivable for committing human mistakes that everyone does, at one point or another.I know most brush it off as fiction, but there are far too many people who actually do romanticize what they read and use it as examples. Instead of lessons about forgiveness, it’s creating the acceptance of abusive behavior with the false hope of rehabilitation. (You cannot change people, and if someone is only changing for you, or the change hinges on you, then they aren’t really changing.)

Yeah, I’d say I’m baffled too.

It Suits You -- NaLu Week Bonus Day: Shine

Summary: Natsu and Lucy discuss names and meanings when Natsu has an epiphany.

Rating: K

Pairing: NaLu of course!

Author’s Notes: Woot! Finally made it! Probably would have uploaded this sooner, but a summer class + Kingdom Hearts keeps a person busy.

The theme for this is more like “Light” than “Shine,” however when I saw the name of the prompt the first word that came to my head was light, and when I think of light I think of Lucy so… yeah.

Hope you all enjoy!

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Epiphany (Oliver/Felicity; PG)

Summary:  Post-3x23. For Oliver’s birthday, Felicity takes him out for dinner, in spite of his protests. Thankfully, it seems he’s getting used to opening up to her.

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The sun was shining brightly through the window, making Felicity squint as she tiptoed to see the mirror on the motel room wall. She was attempting to apply her eye pencil, but the combination of the blinding sun and where the only mirror in the room was positioned – so even when she was in her heels and tiptoeing she could not fully see her reflection – made it difficult.

She wished she could see herself in the mirror properly, if only to see if the dress she was wearing didn’t look completely outrageous. It was her black backless strappy dress with cutouts on the sides and a lower neckline than she usually wore. She’d only worn it once before, when she was in Central City, and even after everyone’s assurances, she still winced remembering how overdressed she felt next to everyone else in their jeans and sweatshirts. Felicity wondered now, once more, if it was too much, and she was in half a mind to change into something else when the door to the bathroom opened.

She smiled when she saw Oliver emerge from the bathroom, only wearing a towel around his waist, and she could see via the mirror that he quirked an eyebrow before smiling back.

“Whoa,” he said, making it to her in a few long strides and putting his arms around her from behind, “you look beautiful.”

“Mm,” she said, loving the feeling of his damp skin against hers. She moved her hair out of the way, over one shoulder, allowing him better access to the back of her neck. “Thanks. It isn’t… mmm… too much?”

His lips stilled for some reason. “No, of course not. Though I really don’t want –”

“I know you said you didn’t want a fuss,” Felicity interrupted, “but it’s your birthday. The least I can do is take you out to dinner.”

He let her go, and she turned round, trying not to feel worried. “Are you okay?” she asked, and she must have failed miserably at keeping the concern out of her voice because he immediately looked up.

“Yeah,” he said eventually. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

“It’s just dinner,” she said, and she tried smiling. “If you want, you can totally see it as a second date instead of a birthday dinner. You know, since our first one went so spectacularly.”

She was relieved when he laughed at that, and she went to sit beside him on their bed. “Yeah, I guess that works.”

“Is there…” she started to say, but she was hesitating, and Oliver seemed to notice. He covered her hand with his.

“What is it?” he asked.

Encouraged, she tried again. “By all means tell me it’s none of my business, but is there… any particular reason you don’t want to celebrate? You know, besides the whole, you being on an island for five years and not knowing when it was?”

Oliver sighed. “Yeah. It just brings back… bad memories. And even if the memories are good, I just feel like – like I’m reminded of things I don’t want to think about. The people I’ve lost… the – relationships I’ve broken…”

“What do you mean?” She put her hand on his bicep, and he closed his eyes at her touch. It seemed to help.

“The last birthday I celebrated, really celebrated, was Tommy’s. And it wasn’t all bad… but I can just remember the bad parts. I can remember Malcolm coming… and then just a couple days later, I can remember Tommy’s face when I had to tell him who I was after the Triad tried to kill Malcolm, something I now know was my mother’s doing.” He laughed bitterly. “And my mother… she was killed by Slade right in front of me just a few days before my last birthday. Suffice it to say… I didn’t really feel like celebrating then either.”

“Oh my God,” Felicity breathed. “Oliver, I’m so sorry… I didn’t even think –”

He shook his head, cupping her cheek and silencing her with a kiss. “You have absolutely nothing to apologise for,” he said firmly.

“We don’t have to go,” she insisted. “Seriously, Oliver, we can just… stay in, do something else. Or not do anything at all.”

“Absolutely not. You already booked a table. And,” he added, looking her up and down before meeting her eyes, still holding her face with both his hands, “you’ve kind of changed my mind with that dress.”

Felicity laughed, comforted by the now familiar lightly teasing tone his voice took on whenever he said something flirtatious. “Want to know something funny?” she said, and he nodded, getting up to get dressed. “I was planning on wearing this to our second date anyway. When you first asked me out, I mean.”


“Yeah. But we technically didn’t even have a full first date. More like half of one. If that. Which kind of makes this date 1.5.” They both laughed, and she was glad they could joke about that at least. She watched as he pulled on his clothes, still smiling.

“Did you really have a first date worse than that?” he asked.

She rolled her eyes, shaking her head in exasperation at the memory that sprang to her mind. “More than one, actually. I had one guy take me to a wine tasting, which could have been really fun, but he ended up getting so drunk he could barely pick himself up off the floor, so there was no chance I could have a decent conversation with him.” Felicity picked up her eye pencil again, considering. “To be honest, you did better than most in that department.”

“Oh? How do you mean?” he asked, and he was half-dressed now, only missing his shirt.

“Come on. You told me the colour of the pen I was chewing when we first met. I didn’t realise until then that you’re actually a romantic at heart.” This last was said fondly, and Oliver shrugged, smiling.

“I’m not really. I just have a good memory, that’s all.” His smile faded a little after a moment. “Sometimes I wish it wasn’t so good, to be honest.”

“Like I said, we don’t have to go if you don’t want to,” she began, but he shook his head.

“I do want to.”

“Are you sure?” she asked.

But for some reason, that made him smile more as he stepped towards her again. “I’m sure of one thing,” he murmured, running his finger down her cheek. Felicity found herself tilting her face up to his, smiling back.

“What’s that?”

He sighed contentedly. “I love you.”

And as usual when his lips were on hers, Felicity’s worries dissolved in his kiss, and they were forgotten in the laughter that ensued afterwards as she tried to rub her lipstick off his mouth.

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