Something that occurred to me, once, about the difference between Moriarty in Sherlock and Moriarty in Elementary.

Jamie cared about money, control and power but, yes, she really did want to be with Sherlock in the end. She spent months with him. She loved him. 

That’s why she was caught in the end. She got weak. Her tears at the end of season one say it all.

James, meanwhile. didn’t care about anything. He’d given up on love ages ago.(He’s been killing people since he was 12.)All he had was his obsession with Sherlock. It’s sad. 

No matter how you spin it, killing yourself over a man you’ve only known in 10 or less minutes in person is rather quite pathetic.  

lunch with Emily

The waiter brought the check and Emily reached for it. “My treat, you paid last time.” She rooted through her purse for her wallet. “By the way, do you remember, Susie?”

Joan sipped the last of her tea. “Sure. How is she?”

“Well, her grandmother is moving into a retirement home and they’re looking for someone to take her apartment. It’s a wonderful place, roomy, great view. Not far from here actually. Thought maybe you’d like to look at it.” Emily tucked the cash in with the bill and waited for Joan’s response.

“No, thanks. I’m happy where I am.” Joan forced a smile and waited. Emily was about to launch into one of her “let’s help Joan realize she’s miserable” monologues. She was surprised it’d taken her this long.

“Come on, Joan. How can you be possibly be happy there. That old brownstone is horrid, peeling wallpaper, mismatched furniture, a mess of crates and files and ugh … I know you feel some sort of obligation to Sherlock, I know the guy adores you, worships the ground you walk on, but you need to find someone you can love back, have a life with. You need …”

“Enough, Emily! Just enough.” Joan’s voice had been louder than she meant it to be and she stopped to calm herself.  She rearranged the napkin on her lap.

“I’m sorry. I know its none of my business but…”

“You’re right. It is none of your business. Sherlock and I are very happy with our current situation. I live with him because I want to, because he is funny and smart and challenges me to be my best. And I worship the ground he walks on and I adore him … I love Sherlock, okay, as much and maybe more than he loves me. And while it may not be the kind of love that leads us to produce a squad of kids, it doesn’t mean our bond is any less strong and fulfilling. It’s right for us. So please, no more. I know your heart is in the right place but I know who I am and what I want for my life and it is very much not what you think I should have.”

Emily said nothing. She shook her head, not really convinced. “Alright. I’ll drop it but if you ever …”

“No, Emily.” Exasperated, Joan picked up her purse. “Thank you for lunch.  Sherlock texted me a few minutes ago. We’ve got a case. I’m meeting him outside.”

“I’ll wait with you if you don’t mind.” Emily followed Joan outside.

Joan scanned the street and caught sight of her partner walking hastily in their direction. “There he is.” Relieved, she waved at him. “Thanks for lunch. I’ll call you soon.” She turned and walked towards Sherlock.

Emily watched them. They didn’t acknowledge each other in any sort of physical manner, no hug or touch, no hand holding or kiss.  Side by side, they fell into step, talking intently and as they walked away she saw them move closer to each other, still not touching but with steps in sync; they became one grey blur as they disappeared down the street.


Imagine Sherlock finding out that you’re somewhat embarrassed by your tattoo.

**Sequel to “Imagine Sherlock asking to see your tattoo.” [x]**

“Why are you hiding your tattoo from your parents, [f/n]?”

You felt your cheeks flush at Sherlock’s question. “I’m not hiding it,” you fibbed, knowing he would notice your lie.

“In most situations, you are quite proud of your tattoo, but now you are obviously not,” Sherlock pointed out. “When you go to church or when you visit your parents, you are constantly pulling your shirt down.”

You winced, “Should’ve known you’d notice. Let’s just say that not everyone approves of tattoos. This includes my parents and my church. They’re quite… conservative in that way. I tend to keep my tattoo covered whenever they’re around.”

“Poppycock! You shouldn’t be ashamed of your tattoo. It’s a symbol of your individuality.”

You shrugged, “Not everyone sees it that way.”

“Would your parents be ashamed of me?”

The question caught you off guard and you felt your cheeks heat up. “Of course not!” you answered, a little bit too quickly. To be honest, you weren’t completely sure. Sherlock was definitely a bit odd. Your expression softened and you leaned forwards to rest your hand over his. “If they knew the you that I know, they would never be ashamed.”

Gif Credit: Sherlock


as a student, I know how stressful it can be to juggle school, hobbies, sports, etc. and try to keep your bank account somewhat plentiful. I spent a lot of time looking on Pinterest for ideas and have included some of my own tips to make this master list.


  1. tutoring! not just for high school students, but also consider tutoring elementary and middle school students. Math is the most needed area. You can also tutor before/after school, during lunch, etc… you don’t necessarily have to make house calls.
  2. be a note-taker/study guide maker. a lot of people would rather buy study guides and notes off of people than get tutoring because it’s cheaper and it might be more beneficial for them. You can also do this online. steer as clear from PLAGIARISM as you can on this one. NEVER sell homework assignments or projects.
  3. consider getting a “seasonal” part time job. an example of this is working at a golf course, because the peak season for golfing is in the spring and summer, which means you’ll work the most during these months and much less in the fall and winter when very few people are golfing (note that this also depends on where you live and what the weather is like year round, but this is just one example).
  4. sell your old clothes to friends/classmates or online (their are many apps that allow you to sell your clothes, such as vinted)
  5. if you don’t know what clothes to sell, hang all of your clothes in your closet the same direction for a month. every time you wear something, put the hanger in the opposite way. at the end of the month, go through all of your hangers; the hangers that were never flipped in that month show you don’t really wear them and therefore, you can sell them and make some extra money.


  1. learn how to make homemade versions of your favourite starbucks drinks. that $5 tea or coffee you have every morning adds up. instead, make your own and invest in a thermos if you don’t already have one.
  2. don’t bring money to school unless you aren’t easily tempted to buy unhealthy snacks.
  3. try and only shop/eat out at places that have reward systems.
  4. pack LOTS of snacks if you’re known to get hungry a lot while studying.
  5. make a habit of prepping your lunches and breakfast every night for the next morning.
  6. go on “saving sprees” and treat yourself in small ways.
  7. potatoes are almost always cheaper than ramen, and they’re healthier for you!
  8. borrow and download free ebooks and audiobooks as much as possible… especially if you’re a book hoarder like me.
  9. instead of spending money on pricey cleaning products, baking soda can be used to clean just about everything including bathrooms, dishes, countertops, stains, etc.
  10. bring reusable bags when shopping at stores that charge for plastic bags.
  11. costco refills most ink cartridges for only $10.


  1. “know your poison”… does cash burn a hole in your pocket or are you more tempted to swipe your debit card? figure it out and stay away from it.
  2. print things at the library/school as much as possible.
  3. dedicate time to scholarship hunting, even if you’re in university.
  4. put your talents to use and see how you can save and make money from them.
  5. keep track of your saving and spending… whether it’s on your phone or on paper, keep a record.
  6. if you save $1 everyday that $365 in a year saved for extra uses.
  7. $2 everyday is $730.
  8. collect coupons… yes, become a couponer, your grandma/mom doesn’t do it for nothing.
  9. a 2 litre pop bottle filled with dimes equals about $500.
  10. borrow clothes/ask for hand-me downs when you need certain clothing for an event, presentation, etc. instead of buying something.
Spontaneous Chemical Reaction - Dienda - Elementary (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Joan starts learning how to disarm a bomb, there might be a few hiccups.

My first proper fic in this fandom, I am excite,you guys.

anonymous asked:

Ur painting is so amazing if I was in that crit I would probably be useless because I'm almost speechless I love the blue roses and the writing inside. It reminds me of Valentine's Day in elementary school except it has deeper emotion than a child's valentine would. Not to say that you understand love because I can't say if you do or not because I'm not you and I wouldn't know that. But the painting is so innocent and breathtaking the excitement that I had for your next painting was worth it!!💖

Ok wait u brought up some good observations and I know you didn’t ask but I want to explain the idea behind that work because I don’t think I ever got the proper chance too and it seems lik tumblr.com is interested in it atleast visually
I have been thinking a lot about the whiteness of the art world and how black children learn things- through print media, through their environment, specifically how they learn about the art world and often quickly decide that it’s not a space they belong in. I’m also thinking about erasure and representations of blackness and tenderness/love(so yes you’re very right this thing is about love!)/innocence together as I don’t think that depiction happens often enough. Also I think in a way this thing functions as a critique of ideas of what makes are ‘valid’ or not ie, what is taken seriously versus what isn’t. I have been wanting to make the work I think was missing for me when I was a kid to really feel I had a part in the art world, to recognize a narrative that is similar to mine, and I hope other black kids people etc get that from this work and what I continue to make.. I was also really interested in the paint roller marks we’ve all come to recognize as a way to cover up graffiti, I think it’s recognizable for lower class communities but I also think it’s a pretty solid representation of black voices being routinely/ systematically and literally erased, and I feel that gesture and how this act of erasure occurs so often in lower income communities definitely has an impact on the way children of color ascribe value or don’t to their voices. Im also like a painter or whatever so I was thinking about the abstraction of these recognizable gestures and motifs… I’m really interested in the idea of narrative abstraction, the idea of weight physically and mentally, carrying something with you, weathered-ness, age….. So this all has manifested into the heart painting. I don’t know if I got all of my ideas across or if this is like? Comprehensible but yah these are all the reasons I made this thing. I guess my real hope or aim for my work is that in the distant future it isn’t so hard for black artists to feel like they can be apart of this world, and talk about THEIR experience without having to speak on behalf of the entire black community, and not have to literally put black figures in paintings for themes of race to be respected, so they don’t just have to reiterate the artists who have come before them. I don’t know, while I respect representational black art work and I think at one point in history it was very important to depict the black body in paintings I don’t know if it’s really doing much to change things any more? I don’t know why the black body needs to be present to earn respect, to me that seems a lot more like fear

Spontaneous Chemical Reaction

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2dF53DY

by Dienda

Joan starts learning how to disarm a bomb, there might be a few hiccups.

Words: 2118, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2dF53DY

One very formative moment in my life was rehearsing “We’re All In This Together” in 5th grade for an elementary school concert with the rest of the chorus, thinking it was so cool that we were doing a song from High School Musical, and then as we were packing up our things, overhearing another girl make some petty judgement of another kid, calling them weird or ugly or something. “How did she just ignore the message of the song like that?” I wondered. It really got to me.

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Relationship Status: Very married, very happily. 

Favorite Color: Sunflower yellow, turquoise, citrus orange, grass green

Pets: I just filled out an adoption application for a local cat shelter last night, and tomorrow we’re going to their adoption open hours! Excitement around here is high, lemme tell you!

Last song I listened to: Chasing the Sun - Sara Bareilles

Favorite TV show: Look, favorite anything is a tier. As a kid, my favorite shows were Quantum Leap, Moonlighting, MacGyver, The Cosby Show. More recent favorites include Stargate SG1, Community, Farscape, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Parks and Rec, Elementary, Sense8, Veronica Mars.

First Fandom: Star Wars, ever since I saw Empire Strikes Back in the theater in 1980 as a five-year-old; also Star Trek and Superman, since I literally can’t remember life before either of them. First online fandom was X-Files, when I used to lurk on relationshippers’ websites. First fandom I really participated in was Chuck.

Hobbies: Crocheting and painting pottery, though I haven’t done much of either in the last couple of years. Cooking and baking. Photography. Beta-reading. 

Books I’m currently reading: I recently ordered several books that I haven’t started yet…Introvert: The friendly takeover by Linus Jonkman (on @jumpingpuddles‘s recommendation), How to Save the World: A Superheroes Anonymous Novel by @lexiedunne, and For Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund, which is apparently a modern AU of Jane Austen’s Persuasion.

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Why Taki hired Hashimoto and Niiyama to help out

The light novels explained this through Reina but the anime cut out this part (because it was Reina talking about Taki-sensei “in a smug way” to Kumiko). (In fact Kyoani cut a lot of dialogue between Kumiko and Reina that had to do with Taki-sensei.)

Taki majored in trombone and played horn in elementary and middle school. That’s the same thing Shuuichi did, which is why you see him picking on Shuuichi so much– because he relates. The other thing this means is that Taki is unconsciously biased in favor of listening for errors in low brass parts, and often in high brass too. 

Kyoani is so great with details, as always. If you go back and rewatch rehearsal scenes from S1, and even scenes from S2, you’ll notice that Taki spends a disproportional amount of time on the low brass.

Like any good band director, Taki knows he can’t help doing that. So he brought in people specializing in other sections to help balance the attention his students receive.