I enjoyed Bang-Bang-a-Boom! very much when I listened to it before, but I must say, a knowledge of Star Trek has improved it immensely.

Understanding about 50% more of the jokes really does help. (I was barely even aware of the existence of DS9 when I first listened to it, and look at me now.) Star Trek references are everywhere, from Dark Space Eight to the style of technobabble to specific episodes mentioned. The sound design was Star Trek-y. Even the cover is a Star Trek reference.

(And I’m sure if I watched Space 1999 and various other shows I’d pick up even more references that currently go right over my head.)

Anyway, fabulous audio. Especially recommended for those with a fondness for Eurovision and Star Trek, but also for anyone in favor of silly romps.

I should probably warn everyone that I’m going on a DS9 Dax reblogging spree because… well, I’ve been watching DS9 and both Dax characters are my absolute favorites. (Along with every other female character on the show.) Nicole de Boer is just so cute.

559. [DS9] Things Past

SCORE: (4/5 stars)

After returning from a Bajoran conference discussing the Occupation from a historical perspective where Garak complains he was treated rather unfairly, being given a nametag that read “Former Cardassian Oppressor,” Dax and Sisko discuss how everyone there seemed to be a big fan of Odo, the one man who stood for justice above all things, the man who worked for the Cardassians that even the Bajorans could get behind. As Odo himself is lost in thought, the runabout passes through a plasma cloud on its way to DS9, and the four of them are rendered unconscious and brought to the infirmary, where Bashir just has no idea what’s wrong with them but their brains are still highly active.

The four of them wake up in an Occupation-era Terok Nor, wearing Bajoran clothing, and being recognized by others as Bajoran, despite none of them being so. They aren’t clear on what’s happened or whether this is a time travel event (it’s not, thankfully, we’ve already had two time travel episodes recently, one of which was a two-parter, plus a Tuvok flashback). Before they can determine what’s happened, Dax is taken captive by Cardassian guards because Gul Dukat wants a new Bajoran girlfriend to be nice to so he can convince himself he’s a good guy.

they’re able to scan their identities at a computer (with access codes that Garak has) and are able to determine that they’re seven years ago, and even the identities of the people they’re supposed to be. Odo recognizes the names as three who were wrongfully executed for an assassination attempt against Dukat that they were innocent of. Odo begins having guilt-ridden hallucinations of walking corpses and blood on his hands. I WONDER IF THAT’S MEANT TO INDICATE SOMETHING.

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I love watching Star Trek: Deep Space 9 when I’m really high.

Especially the really intense ones when it deals with the Dominion or Section 31 and all of the other various spy agencies. Or stuff about Bajoran prophocies and Sisko as the Emissary. And the Pah-Wraiths! The writing and the acting are amazing, the stories are so in depth. It’s amazing really. And the Klingons. OMG the Klingons. They’re the best! And it’s great because episodes can be about anything. Intense spy stories and  murder investigations. Epic tales of war and honor. From comedy to intense drama. The possibilies are endless. And that is why DS9 is my favorite Star Trek series. It’s simply beautiful…

“Top Ten Favorite Characters”

“Top Ten Favorite Characters”

I was tagged by shewhoroars. In no particular order.

1. Lt. Cmndr Data, Star Trek: TNG

2. Luna Lovegood, “Harry Potter” series

3. Envy, “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood”

4. Hermione Granger, “Harry Potter” series

5. Edward Elric, “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood”

6. Odo, ST:DS9

7.  Samantha Carter, Stargate: SG1

8. Rin, “InuYasha”

9. Sesshoumaru, “InuYasha”

10. Arya Stark, “Game of Thrones.”

#startreksaturday Design concept for the Enterprise that wasn’t. Original Enterprise refit concept for Star Trek: Phase II and Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Notice the Imperial Star Destroyer-style triangular hull.

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Look Back

by Sed

Several months after returning to the Cardassian Union, Damar is faced with addressing the past while trying to move forward.

Words: 7167, Chapters: ¼, Language: English

Series: Part 2 of Revelation

from AO3 works tagged ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ http://ift.tt/1ISBHfQ

Just finished DS9

Wow wow wowwowowow wow man I put that show off for far too long. Nothing but good things to say about it. I mean, the last season Dax change was weird, and she looked younger than Jake, so pairing her off with way older men like Worf or Bashir was weeeeird. But still, great show. 

anonymous asked:

What kinds of books/movies/shows/etc do you like?

I’m a sci fi junkie. I really like hard sci fi reading wise, but I don’t read for fun as much as I’d like to these days. The last book I bought was actually a physics text, A Most Incomprehensible Thing, but I haven’t gotten very far with it yet because my calculus level is approximately terrible. 

I only watch movies when dragged to them. Shows - I like the sci fi staples like Farscape, TNG/Voyager/DS9, pre-Moffat Doctor Who, etc., and these days I watch Orphan Black and Orange is the New Black, and occasionally Adventure Time.