From our pals over at TrekCore, we got a HOT TIP that some TNG costumes are being auctioned off here. I responded “ohhhh shiiiiiiit” and immediately checked my bank account, which was like “lol no.”

The engineering yellow jumpsuit up there is the one worn by the cadet in “Allegiance,” the dress is obviously Troi’s (doyoyoyoyoyoy), the sweater and jodhpurs are Picard’s look in “Pen Pals,” and the blue uniform there is Pulaski’s (ugh). That’s just a taste! There are more (including DS9 uniforms for those of you who’ve emailed us suggesting we also write up recaps on DS9, which, yes, we know, please stop emailing us that suggestion). 

The auction is here and the live auction will happen May 30. 

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[I can’t believe Worf had no memories of Jadzia in ‘What You Leave Behind’. I’m still so angry there was no Jadzia flashback. What Klingon would miss out such a fierce Klingon heart as hers?]

Editor’s Note: to the best of my knowledge, this was a purely monetary decision made at the time of the finale. It would have cost more to show Jadzia, and they had already over-spent significantly on the visual effects (which is why you see recycled big battle scenes a handful of times in the episode). I believe the various producers/writers have commented in the years since how foolish it was to omit Jadzia in hindsight. But I’m not 100% sure on all that, it’s just what I recall…

Happy 5-year Wedding Anniversary to my best friend, to my partner, to the love of my life.

After ten years together, and five years married, I can’t imagine a world without you, I can’t imagine experiencing adventures without you by my side, I can’t imagine binge-watching Netflix without our legs in a strange amalgam, tangled and unending.

When I look at the people we were when these photos were taken. When we promised to stand by one another, I can’t help but realize how very different we are. We grew immensely in five years, but in that growth we’ve grown closer every day.

We’ve had our fights. You ship Fitzsimmons and I ship Trimmons. You’re a TNG girl and I’m a DS9 guy. You want to go see the big action movie, and I wanna see the Rom-Com. However in the moments that matter, the things that matter, you’ve been by my side, you’ve loved me and encouraged me, you’ve pushed and built me, you’ve learned from me and I from you. We’ve grown, TOGETHER.

So here’s a toast, to more impromptu dance parties, to more heated debates over fictional television characters, to more laughter as you tell me how terrible I am at tickling, to more smiles, to more hugs, to more love.

They told us the honeymoon phase would end, but five years married, and it’s still here, let’s keep it going!

Oh, wow - thank you - my shameless begging for readers to push up my story count worked, and I’ve reached 2000 hits for a single story!!   This photo is how I feel!  

I know G/B is a rather specialized genre (I mean, just check out the Avengers stories at AO3,) which makes me even more thrilled to have reached that milestone.  And I’ve returned the favor for plenty of other authors, believe me - there’s so much good G/B at the Archive.  

I’ll never forget the first time I saw you… You had such a serenity about you. I thought you had all the answers. It really got on my nerves for a while! Then I got to know you and I realized– you were just as confused as the rest of us. You just accepted your confusion better than anyone I’ve ever known. That’s when I realized I loved you.
—  Kira to a dying Bareil in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 03x13 [x]

I have a favor to ask.  I never blatantly request reading of my fanfic, but I happened to check the hit counts on my stories in Archive of our Own and I saw that my older story ”The Want of You” is at 1999.  Please get me to 2000!  I thought this photo was appropriate for that requested favor.  If I link to it here, I’ll be adding to the count myself and I don’t want to do that!  So please, whoever sees this first, take a second to help me celebrate.  At this time last year, I had just barely even discovered the Archive, and now this.  Incredible.  And that’s not even counting all that I’ve READ there, and sometimes even printed out.  By the way, I’m MKK there, not MKKSTARTREK.

I had a day off today and spent it in cleaning, reading, eating out, working out, and writing.  Except for the cleaning, a quite perfect day!   


That awkward moment when you want to spend an evening sketching fandom stuff but then you take a pen and stare at the empty paper for an hour. So, I would really love if anyone throw some requests to me~

“Don’t ask us Star Trek questions!” :-)

I posted a photo from the San Diego weekend yesterday, so here’s a clip from the talk.  The sound’s not the greatest, but I know none of us can ever get enough of these two together.  They’re asked, first, about the strangest things they’ve had to sign, and then someone brings up a plot point about Sisko’s dad that confuses them!

I was there, but to the side - I’m not one of the two photographers in this clip.  

oh man I forgot how very very bad Sid’s acting was in The Passenger (s1e8).

I just. he puts even SHATNER’S scenery-chewing to shame. 

it’s been pointed out that mirror julian is probably not genetically enhanced, and julian has wondered what life would’ve been like for him if he hadn’t been. i feel like meeting mirror julian would give him a glimpse into that. no doubt he’d be appalled at mirror julian’s behaviour, though. however, maybe he could influence his mirror self in a positive way. i think mirror julian could’ve turned out different if he’d had a different life–one that didn’t involve Terran enslavement. idk i just really want to see this happen.