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Describe your dream house? Pics optional but encouraged. ;)

Oh man, I love older homes. I was super lucky and grew up in a Victorian house (that I sadly don’t have pictures of atm) but it has forever ruined my taste in housing. Like if it doesn’t have stained glass bay windows, obnoxiously creaky floors, queen anne style trim, probably a ghost and wrap around porches why bother tbh.

Some secret passageways, an indoor heated pool, doorways that look like bookcases, slides and whimsical ladders between stories, an entire floor devoted to fairy lights and forts, a dungeon, portals to Narnia, floo network connection, a holodeck from Star Trek DS9 and maybe a cave or two would be pretty sweet as well.

And a tropical themed ball pit room, obviously

Andrew Robinson and Alexander Siddig in Atlanta May 1995
Andrew Robinson and Alexander Siddig at a Star Trek convention in Atlanta, May 7 1995.

No idea why this took almost 5 HOURS to upload - it’s only 50 minutes long!  I left the house for hours and it was still uploading when I got back! :-)  Anyway, here’s a holiday weekend viewing treat - Andy and Sid in probably their first convention appearance ever, twenty years ago.  They start out in character, which I enjoy except for one little quibble - the  people in the audience laughing too close to the mic!  Oh well, at least everyone was having fun.  I wasn’t at this one - I didn’t see the guys together till 2 years later.

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so out of all the queer headcanons you yourself have, whats your favourite one?

ohhh gosh, that’s like asking me to choose a favorite book

I firmly believe that Harry, Tom, and B’Elanna have a semi-platonic poly relationship, which I have quantified in terms of homestuck quadrants before on my personal (the truth is revealed, I’m homestuck trash, sorry folks)

Tom is a trans man, as is Trip, and T’Pol is a trans woman

Trip had a GIANT crush on Archer for most of Enterprise, I can go either way on reciprocation

I’m a big sucker for ace headcanons and I have a whole host of them sitting around my head, for now I’ll just mention my asexual lesbian linguist darling Hoshi

joined Trills are genderfluid, and I really like those posts about Cardassians that I reblogged here lately saying that Cardassian children are considered agender until they’re old enough to choose

Odo is genderfluid, if only for the pun, and is mostly agender, also demiromantic

Jadzia is pan, Ezri is ace

this is only a small sampling, I have so many and tbh if you bring me a queer headcanon 99% of the time I will go ‘yeah!!!!’ and accept it as my own so

Give me Damar who came from a poor family with no status. Give me Damar who had 8 siblings and was always ignored. Give me Damar who had nationalism shoved down his throat and made excuses for his people. Now give me Kira meeting Damar. Give me Kira making Damar face his privilege. Give me unapologetic Kira who doesn’t forgive and forget. Give me Damar being frustrated because his world is much different than what they told him. Give me Kira showing Damar her rage and Damar not understanding at first. Give me Kira refusing to be coddling and refusing to be a dictionary. Give me Damar being angry and confused by this. Give me Kira and Damar learning from each other and developing friendship and trust over this.

A scene I would have liked, in In Purgatory’s Shadow, is someone telling Tain that the shitty rescue he bitched about was his own fault, because he killed everyone who would have answered his distress beacon except Garak, his own son, who he’d professionally ruined to where there was no way Garak would have the resources to mount a decent rescue mission for him