Levi gets a concussion 


His name was a delicate murmur amidst waves of thunder. His hands had risen to cover his mouth moments before, and hot bile now scorched his palms. Another shout of his name, another wave of nausea; Levi reluctantly shielded himself behind the edge of Erwin’s desk. Said man was crouched before him in seconds. Erwin’s lips formed words Levi couldn’t read, blue eyes hard and scared—more scared than Levi’d ever seen.

The next moment, he was on his back against the floor. Levi tasted sweat on his upper lip. Erwin moved above him, prominent cheeks pallid.

“Levi, can you hear me?”

Opening his mouth, Levi didn’t make out anything more than a stammer. The space behind Erwin became pocked with white spots that soon consumed his vision. Hands found his jaw and thumbs swept away the spittle across his lower lip. Levi shamefully realized he’d drooled on himself. But the embarrassment lasted no longer than a handful of seconds. Erwin’s face went black.

He awakened in a hazy stupor, throat torn raw with a pounding behind his eyes. Through the diaphanous tapestry veiling his sight, Levi could make out Erwin nearby. The blond appeared asleep—probably exhausted. What had they been doing? All Levi could conjure up were scattered memories of their last expedition: a hard hit to the front of his head, the taste of dirt stuck between his front teeth.

“You’re awake?” Erwin muttered, chin lifting. Levi realized his hand had habitually made it into the other’s lap. Before he could steal it back, Erwin was grabbing hold of it. “How are you feeling?”

“I didn’t make any tea,” Levi murmured. “I didn’t get you any tea for your paperwork, did I?” Erwin grew silent, lips tugging into a deep grimace. “I forgot to get you some—shit.”

Erwin’s callous thumb rubbed over his cracked knuckles. “It’s fine,” he reassured.

“I forgot. You can’t work without tea.”

Dry lips pressed to Levi’s feverish cheek. “It’s fine, Levi,” breathed Erwin. “Everything’s fine.”

also stane’s two dogs are probably some kind of mastiff or boxers or something (i think i remember reading that boxers were popular in the 40s? not sure if that’s true) anyway so they’re like, fairly big dogs and she’d probably bring them to practice with her sometimes so they’d get to know the team

also if anyone felt unsafe walking home alone she’d offer to walk them home with her dogs cause aint nobody gonna mess with a 6′10″ horned women with two huge dogs

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Concept: Lying bothering Kirin about the most pointless things 24/7 then suddenly they stop and Kirin VERY low-key worried after a few days of not even hearing from Lying so he goes and finds them asleep. They just got very tired and "whoops, accidentally fell asleep for a few /days/ not a few /hours/." Kirin hit them in the face with a pillow and storms out.

oh my god

kirin has to practically break into the well, because lying’s magic is very powerful and (unlike lying) kirin can’t move through shadows to just step inside. so he forces his way in with raw magic, like doing the whole dramatic gasping and panting as he exhausts himself with the effort, stumbling frantically through the well yelling lying’s name and bracing himself for the worst…

…and lying’s just curled up somewhere, cuddling a pillow and snoring a little. maybe drooling. hair a fluffy mess, clothes all wrinkled, eyeliner probly smudged cos they forgot to take it off before sleeping.

kirin is furious

lying is also mildly upset, but mostly because their nap’s been interrupted by this big, clumsy oaf’s hollering. like really, does kirin have to be so loud and dramatic about everything? (they are cheerfully unaware of the irony of this, given that they themself are the biggest goddamn drama queen in possibly the whole universe)

Ya know after watching the cockles video, it astounds me just how amazing an actor Jensen is. 

Watching the episode yesterday, i couldn’t stand how cold and sharp and tired and just tormented Dean looks and behaves. He is all sharp edges and dark shadows and it occurs to me how unattractive I have found the character in later seasons… (i adored him right up until he got the mark and then his whole persona changed and it was evident in his face - clearly intentional on Jensen’s part)

Yet Jensen in this video was so warm and soft, his face is completely different to Dean Winchester’s. He lights up the screen and I am sitting here drooling over him. He is astoundingly beautiful and it radiates through the screen how kind and caring in he is and how passionate he is about this campaign and this fandom. 

Seriously the difference is huge. I don’t really watch the con videos so its rare to see Jensen as himself up close but my gosh the man really is a wonderful actor. All those micro movements he does with his face, so full of expression, I don’t think I have ever picked up on that before with any actor. It astounds me.


Sometimes I see him in these photos and I remember so vividly drooling over him, obsessively never missing an ep of “My So Called Life” while at my grandparents waiting for my mom to finish trying to date, and thinking he was perfection. Just everything you, or a precocious 11 yr old, could possibly want in a boy, and counting down the days to grow up, to get to high school, to makeout in the boiler room, to be awkward and hang in the girls’ bathroom as the voice of reason amidst a chaotic blonde with pierced things and a darling boy greeting his sexuality, and like, little did I ever know I’d be so far from Angela and so much closer to Rayanne, and see Jordan mature into a mix of what we remember, the opposite of what we remember, shades of Ricky and Brian and Angela and he seems like he was never, ever that boy you felt you could be the one to maybe figure out.


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madly, deeply, truly

If she wanted to Asami could have written a book about things that people didn’t know about their current Avatar.

Like how Korra drooled a little in her sleep, or chose to try a combination of water and air bending to do the dishes, or how when Korra kissed her for a second Asami almost felt like she was an energybender herself with all rush of joy that happened.

Maybe she’d keep that fact to herself.

At the end of the day though she collected those facts about Korra and stored them away in the part of her mind and her heart that she saved only for Korra; added them to the list of things that made her fall in love daily.

“What are you thinking?” Korra would ask her right before they fell asleep, her fingers slipping through Asami’s hair.

“How much I love you.” Asami answered every time and laughed as Korra excitedly peppered her face with kisses and her own exclamations of love.

She watched as Korra fell asleep with a smile on her face and as she drifted off herself she knew that she echoed that affection.

Host Segment 3 (S01E04)

Joel gets a haircut from Crow whilst Tom Servo continues to drool over the pages of Tiger Bot magazine.

I love this sketch, I was talking it up earlier this week, but there’s not really much to show! It’s pretty much one shot:

In this static frame, nothing visual really happens. The brilliance of this sketch comes from Crow’s homespun gossipy monologue, with some interjections from Servo and Joel, which slowly progresses from the banal to the macabre in a slow escalation that is the hallmark of many an excellent scene on MST3K. 

It’s not strictly a monologue, I guess, but it’s mostly Crow. The idle chit-chat descends into violent madness as Crow goes on to describe a terrible car accident involving the deaths of over 150 clowns.

worse in my head

“It’s just four days,” Masayoshi said, disappointment brimming in his voice. “Just” four days they’d be apart, one of the longest stretches since he’d invited Masayoshi to stay at his apartment all those months ago. Gotou raised an eyebrow, brushed aside the worry forming in his gut like a cancer and said flippantly in response, “good, maybe now I’ll get a full night’s sleep and not wake in a puddle of drool.”

Masayoshi punched him in the arm — not hard, he never punched, it was more of a close-fisted smack, an acknowledgement of the comment but not an agreement — and said vehemently, “I don’t drool, Gotou-san! And at least I don’t snore!”

“Yes, you do,” Gotou said absently, and wondered if Masayoshi could tell.


He couldn’t see Masayoshi off, but that was better. Masayoshi’s farewell kiss in the morning had been toothpaste-fresh, his hair still slightly damp and soft. Gotou’s phone went off in the middle of his shift, vibrated a few times against his keyboard, and when he turned it over it was Masayoshi, sending him snaps from the airplane. Gotou smiled, turned the phone back over, and ignored the voice that whispered he wouldn’t hear Masayoshi’s voice again.


The bed was bigger without Masayoshi in it, no matter how ridiculous it felt. Gotou lay on his side, face illuminated as he stared at the phone screen, watched the active dots as Masayoshi typed a response. He was at a dinner function, he shouldn’t even have his phone out but he was texting Gotou anyway. It chased away a little of the black ball of worry he wasn’t able to ignore any longer; not in the darkness of the apartment, alone.

Later still, the television off now and the darkness wrapped around him like a living blanket, the phone by his hand lit up like a beacon. Tousle-headed and sleepy, snaps from Masayoshi in his hotel room. finally back in my room

Half-naked, blurry selfie in the hotel bathroom. miss you gotou-san

Gotou smiled into his pillow, closed his eyes and went to sleep.

hi my mum just got me the arkham knight figure for valentine’s day and I am currently screaming to high heavens about it because I’ve been drooling over it since like, october.

touch the sky

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by Imnotacyborg

Genos got new upgrades. Saitama is totally not drooling.

Words: 1042, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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