While producing/directing a short film...

I chose a female DP. On our 1st day shooting, the AC (a dude) told my DP she didn’t need to come back the next day. The second day, he dismissed my suggested changes and said I should “sit back, relax” while he ignores our shot lists and wastes our time, changing our set ups and making our shoot last 6 hours longer than originally planned. When I called him the next day to fire him, he called me “unprofessional.”

Baseless Echo

(Phanniemay, Dream. I suppose I’m twisting the prompt a bit, but this is an idea I’ve had for over two years that always seems to get away from me when I try to write it. Here it is now.)

Danny Fenton sat with his legs crossed. His hands had pooled in his lap, and his scuffed-up sneakers were leaving muddy imprints on his bedsheets. He stared hard across the room, intent on his own probing, unblinking eyes. The full-length mirror returned his gaze.

“It happened one year ago,” he whispered under his breath. The mirror spoke back, soundless. “You guys had left the portal stuff all plugged in. Sam and Tucker and I were curious about it. It was dumb of me. Really dumb. I know you said to never touch your stuff, but I was just, I guess…proud of showing off what you guys made. Even if it didn’t work. They were really interested in it so I couldn’t—“

Danny ran a hand through his wet hair. He shook his head and dropped his eyes to his lap. “Too rambly. Keep it simple.” He sat up straight again, moving his nervous hands over the bed. “Something happened last September that you need to know about. I was messing around with the portal after it wouldn’t work—sorry—and it changed me. I don’t get the science of it. But I’m half—well now I’m just…I’m not…” His fingers went back to his temple, pushing hard. A bead of soapy water dripped down his forehead, still damp from his shower.

When he met the mirror’s gaze again, his eyes had hardened like polished steel. Determination set his face into an unreadable mask. “Mom, Dad, I’m Danny Phantom,” he said, and his pupils shot to a bleeding, radioactive green.

Danny’s shoes beat a muffled rhythm down the staircase. He took them in odd gaps of two and three, trusting his weight to the railing with each exaggerated step. His momentum carried through as he hit the ground floor, and his lunging feet brought him to the kitchen in three quick paces.

The clatter and bang of his steps had caught the attention of the kitchen’s only two residents. Jack peered up over a swath of newspaper. A mug of coffee wafted at his right, its porcelain chipped with use and its contents dotted with a touched of cinnamon. Danny’s appearance had caught Jack off guard just as he had reached for a spoon to stir in the cinnamon. His father sat, spoon raised, cinnamon shaker at his side, looking up with pleasant surprise. It would have been a rather pleasant domestic scene, if not for the ring of seven oozing beakers and one bottle of weapon polish that circumscribed Jack.

“Hey kiddo,” Jack said. His thick hand dropped the spoon into the coffee and stirred it. “You’re up early today. Maddie’s making French toast if you’d like some.”

Danny glanced to the connecting kitchen. His mom still faced the stove, a loose apron tossed about her shoulders. It was quilted in pattern, and hung tighter around her neck as she arched her back to look at him. Her eyes were tired, but her smile was pleasant.

“Yeah, I’ve got enough egg here to make an—“

“I’m Danny Phantom,” Danny breathed out. It sent a tingling thrill through his chest, made his numb fingers buzz like tv static. His heart squirmed and knocked against his ribs, but it wasn’t all that unpleasant.

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anonymous asked:

Oh, Danny Phantom and Mystery Skulls crossover. Could you imagine if the gang were talking to Danny's parents and Danny comes down stairs and his ghost sense goes off and he just gets so suspicious of the gang.

*whispers*  anon why do you do this to meeee

I won’t be able to answer more right now because I am in the middle of a thing and going out later, but feel FREE to send me more and I will answer when I can!

Danny would be so so SO suspicious of the MSA gang, and not just because of his ghost sense.  That would just be the final straw.

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anonymous asked:

Tumblr is going crazy about the Maximoffs not being played by Jewish actors, yet the guy who plays Quicksilver is literally Jewish himself.

Yeah but if you tell them that they don’t have anything to bitch about.


So this is all Sama’s fault. I regret not h in g

It Doesn’t Matter Where We Go We Know (A Ghost is Gonna Show)

Fire melts ice.

That’s all Danny can think about as he ducks and dodges the oncoming onslaught of purple fire. The aggravated ghost on his heels is someone Danny wishes he hadn’t provoked, or at the very least, hadn’t provoked with no back up and no empty thermos on hand.

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Phanniemay 2015 - Day 3: Dream