i just spent like 35 minutes wrestling with itunes (ugh i hate itunes, it’s a bloated slow pos) just to buy the special flash album. i’ve already listened to “runnin’ home to you” about 15 times. what is my life omg westallen has ruined everything…

also the last time i looked “runnin’ home to you” had moved up to #34 on the top songs chart! 👏👏👏


Dean + worrying about Cas

+ Bonus:

boi i just had so much drama with the whole saves not appearing situation-but all is well now. i made these specifically for Logan because i felt i had a lack of piercings for her, so ta dah!

*DISCLAIMER* i made these for a certain sim so the position of the piercings are in her shape. if  you can’t see them then you’ll need to rejig yo sims face if it’s really that necessary. but if it so happens that your sim already has the same chin position- then yay. so yeah.

sims 4 snake bite piercings

new mesh. suitable for all genders ❤

(ノ゚ο゚)ノミ  download