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Today’s show was perfect!
It was long and we had some difficulties but now that we finished the DOGMA series I feel that I’m gonna miss it.
It was truly a project that gave me such extraordinary experiences and I think, it’s undeniably become an asset that has a positive effect on our future productions and work by posing as a new limit we have to exceed.
And it will also give us energy for our next steps.
For now I wanna say thank you for today; great job, everyone!
Let’s meet again at our HALLOWEEN SHOW 「SPOOKY BOX」!

'We need to be braver' -- women challenge 'gender identity' and the silencing of feminist discourse

Women who challenge discourse around “gender identity” have been largely isolated on the front lines for the past decade. Liberal feminists and progressives have chosen identity politics over feminism many times over and this is no exception. Those who are not invested in women’s liberation are well aware that the power they seek cannot be gained from supporting the independent women’s movement, and most haven’t bothered to think hard enough about the roots of patriarchy to understand what it is we are fighting in the first place. But even many of those whose politics are otherwise rooted radical feminist principles have felt afraid to publicly question the dogma of gender identity discourse. We are only too aware that refusing to accept and parrot back commonly accepted mantras places you on the wrong end of a modern witch hunt.

We live in a time wherein basic feminist ideas have become unspeakable, while anti-feminist slurs and smears are widely accepted and even celebrated by those who claim to be social justice activists and progressives.

Regardless of the risks, I cannot, in good faith, support the neoliberal, individualistic notion of “gender identity”  — not as a feminist who understands how patriarchy came to be and continues to prevail or as a leftist who understands how systems of power work. I do not wish to be silent in the face of regressive and anti-feminist discourse, because I know that my silence does not help empower other women to speak out. I do not wish to abandon my sisters who have already suffered immensely for speaking out.

Meghan Murphy comes out as a “terf”.

A woman who prioritizes women is a “terf” by definition.

Speaking of the cat!Dogma AU: tumblr is fighting me for some reason, but @outcastcommander, thank you! I just love the mental image of Krell as this big hulking guy all puffed up like an angry grizzly, backing Tup into the corner of his tiny kitchen to harass him about rent, but then suddenly cringing away because this lil’ purring furball is rubbing against his ankles. Krell is like, “Get this disgusting creature off me,” and Tup (too surprised to be offended) is like, “No it’s okay, that just means he likes you.” But Krell keeps backing up to avoid him, and Dogma ends up accidentally herding him right out of the apartment. Krell snarls one last threat and then slams the door in the cat’s face. Dogma turns back to Tup and meows like, “Hey! Fix this! Bring him back!” but Tup just scoops him up and says, “Well I know that’s not what you wanted… but thanks.” From then on, Tup always answers the door for Krell while holding Dogma. Partially as a talisman, and partially so Krell doesn’t end up kicking the cat out of anger.

Fives brings Tup flowers. Dogma eats them.

I almost hit “post” with just that, but it occurred to me that I should probably mention that this stray thought goes with the “Dogma is Tup’s pet cat” AU. :’D (To that end, they are conveniently non-toxic flowers.)

For the record: 

When I make posts about SJ stuff- especially when it’s about SJ being messed up- I am not making them for people with URLs like “sjw[$StevenUniverseCharacter]”. I am probably not convincing these people that they’re wrong. They are convinced that they are morally right. They have the right to their opinion, I have the right to mine.

I am also not making them for anti-SJ people. I am not anti-SJ. I am a social justice warlock. If you do not like SJ, I respect that, but if you actively call yourself anti-SJ, there is a high chance I do not like you. (Because harassing teenagers for saying they’re an autistic fairy wolf is not cool, regardless of whether you think it’s stupid.) Anti-SJ people also have the right to their opinion, but I usually disagree.

I am making them for people who feel like they are bad people because they cannot completely agree with SJ dogma, but who cannot change their minds. I know there are people following me who feel like they can’t come out or transition because it’d somehow be harmful to other people. I know there are autistic people following me who feel like they can’t learn sign language, because they feel like it’d somehow be appropriative. I know there are people who feel like they can’t recover, because being mentally healthy is unethical. I know there are people who feel like they can’t create things, because they are paralysed with fear that they’ll get it wrong.

I am making my posts for these people, as a way of telling them that they are okay. That they can transition, that they can get the help they need, that they can create things without it being wrong. 

Alright, with American presidential elections coming up, and Trump’s dogma becoming increasingly more prevalent, I think it’s become necessary to state outright that I will not follow, chat or have any interaction with anyone who supports Trump and his political views (read: bigotry), particularly as they pertain to race, sex and class. 

While I take no joy in dragging my own political views onto Tumblr, I believe that in supporting Trump, one not only supports, but perpetuates prejudice, hate and toxicity, none of which I am willing to tolerate having anywhere near me. 

ct-tup  asked:

My cat lovingly woke me up by crying with a half dead mouse in her mouth. Before dropping it on the bed with me. (RIP me) so if a mouse happens to get in the apartment, would Dogma hunt it? or does he just yowl at Tup to deal with it?

Appropriate username is appropriate >v>

Dogma is pretty hardcore; he takes no prisoners when it comes to invaders and threats. He is a mighty hunter and defends his territory with pride. So he’d be like your cat and bring Tup lovely gifts. XD

In one Month

It will be The GazettE’s band leader, Kai’s birthday!!! (October 28)

Like always we would like to hold a birthday spam but we will need lots and lots of Kai fanart ^^ So help us by participating, we accept: Fanart= digital/traditional art, photomanipulation/edits, crafts, cosplay, fanfics, song/music covers, and whatever else is inspired by Kai. And we accept fanart of any skill level. Also you could help us out by providing links to fanart (with proper credit to the artist) to our submission box.

Hope to see you guys in a month along side with lots of Kai fanart. If you need an idea for a Kai fanart, draw him, photomanipulate a picture, dress up as Kai in your favorite outfit of his. It’s still sad (to me) how he doesn’t like his past outfits and just chose Dogma’s outfit when asked about his coolest outfit O.o 


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