GAZETTE DOGMA Commentary Translation- RAGE

*As always I translate this stuff to the best of my ability and try to present it in a way that makes the most sense in English. I still have a lot of room for improvement but please enjoy ^^

               Ruki: Rage. The song is strongly filled with angry emotions. Dogma is an album that’s abundant with contrasting human emotions. Happiness and joy are but a speck yet there’s no life with only anger and sadness. GazettE in the present came from a deep reflection of our feelings from 2014-2015. Feelings of “this is how the GazettE should be” are crammed in. That is, this song is also a thing of dogma.

               Uruha: Overall this song stands out on the album as a violent one, more so than the others. It’s in a suitable position. With the intro in mind, there’s a sensation like, “this one is definitely going to be decided for the live set list.” That’s what I thought when putting the song in place. The key became to speed off with explosive power. The meaning of the song is very candid so its placement (as the second song) is necessary to the framework of the album.

               Aoi: This title represents anger. It’s finished with a single word but I’m probably thinking about it too simply. The song feels like there’s not enough calories (? I think I’m missing some context here…). In recent years, the quality of our demos has improved, so there were a lot of things about the composition itself at that point that I didn’t want to change. The image of the song is one we made from the start.

     Reita: This is a song that needs to be placed second. Our wish for the second song was to have something like an explosion, something with a reckless energy.  Even Ruki’s lyrics are passionate and full of anger but also sympathetic from the bottom of his heart.

     Kai: Before the heavy open door, there’s a violent explosion from a special attack at the entrance. (Kamehameha) The ground here seems to stay in place, where the nature of the song is that the door has opened all the way. Equally, the opening of our live explodes with this song and this way, it all begins with an enjoyable flow.

Sonnet for an Odd Church

A church with a pastor who speaks of God
in poetry, speaks of poetry with unmatched
fervor, sits on edges of an open field, a prism
shooting from the earth to meet the heavens.

Language unimpeded by the afterthoughts
of everyday creation, sound as sacred as its
essence. Oh, mystical Psalm of David, lavish
Song of Solomon, let no word of you slip

through unemphatic tongues. Let no phrase
lurk around corners of another. Let us soak
in the symphony of verse, beautiful beyond
connotation, cadence existing above dogma.

If Providence speaks in poetic meter, surely
He rests in creation’s lyric rather than her ritual.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” - Steve Jobs
About Ominous

The first time I hear this song (the lyrics video), I was in a super excited mood. Tbh I was expecting something more heavy for the first unveiled song.

But came the day when I broke apart, I was mentally tired of my life, it was around 2 a.m. I couldn’t sleep at all. Then I put my headset on and pushed the play button. It appeared to be Ominous, and when it hit the first sentence

“Sleep, count me down, again”

I cried, I fucking cried.