Why the Devil Hates the Blessed Virgin So Much (And Why You Should Love Her)

“Satan hates the Blessed Virgin Mary. In fact, he has been doing everything in his power to discourage devotion to her and instill hatred for her for two millennia. Have you ever noticed that it is Marian dogmas and devotions that stir the strongest reactions in those who reject the Church? Even some good Catholics are embarrassed by devotion to our Lady, and they feel we should not be too extreme in our veneration of her.

Perhaps you, too, have wondered why the Church holds the Immaculate Virgin in such high regard. Perhaps you have wonder why God has chosen to use her in the work of redemption.


In case you didn’t realize it, Satan hates you. His bitter envy inspires him to destroy God’s creation, to drag it down into the abyss of hell. He would love nothing more for you—image bearer of God—to join in him in the eternal flames of the lake of fire, for misery loves company.

But fear not. The ancient serpent is powerless against the Immaculate Virgin, for in God’s plan, she is the instrument that Jesus will use to humiliate and demolish him. Do you want to crush the head of the devil in your life? Do you want to make it safely through trials, temptations, and storms to our eternal Home? The answer is simple: Call on Mary.

The miseducation of young men, part three

The miseducation of young men, part three

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by Seth Joseph

This is part three of a series about the ways we as a society lie to young men about dating, women, and relationships.

Women Are Oppressed by Men

Let us focus this final segment on the biggest lie— one of the most insidious, divisive, toxic ideas to ever be elevated to a level of dogma by Western Civilization: the idea than women are now, and have always been getting the short…

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Repent, sinner.

BOY, this thing was fun. So, context: Back when @noiretorrentielle​ still RPed Dogma, there was one time he was turned into an angel, blue eyes and pretty wings and stuff. It started out all fluffy but then angst. Voices kept telling him to repent for his sins p much nonstop, and eventually he broke down and tried to cut his wings off. RIP my feels forever. This is essentially a redraw of that same scene, except roughly 1,000 times better bc I drew the first one forever ago.