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Svt As AUs

Scoups: Daycare Au

You got a part time job at the local daycare and he just happens to be the other teacher and watching him with all the little kids just melts your heart. He’s always taking care of them but you connect with the really shy kids and “hey how are you getting them to talk let that? teach me?”

Jeonghan: Barista Au

The coffee shop you go to every morning has a super cute barista that keeps lowkey flirting with you and you are honestly enjoying it but the thing is he spells your name really wrong and when you pointed it out one time rather than fixing it he tried to make it even worse and it sounds nothing like your name so how the heck were you supposed to know “snuffles” is, in fact you?

Joshua: Cafe Au

You two come to the same cafe all the time and its usually only just you two plus the staff and you always smile at each other but have never actually talked but you know his name and order because you always stand in line together. Today however he wasn’t there on time so you ordered his drink just in case and sure enough there he is and now the two of you are sitting at the same table together and the workers are freaking out because apartly they shipped them.

Jun: Celebrity Au

You were just minding your own business heading to meet a friend but right when you went to turn the corner he slammed into you and now both of you are on the ground but quick! His crazy fans are coming and for some reason he drags you with him and now the two of you are hiding in between to walls at parking garage and its kinda dark but hey aren’t you that super famous guy? Are you okay?

Hoshi: Dance Instructor Au

Honestly you didn’t want to go to a one time instructed dance class that seems kind of dumb but your friends really wanted to go so here you are in a really big t-shirt and gross shorts and the instructor just walked in and now you realize your friends just wanted to come for him and wow you look like a trash bag but holy crap his dancing is really really good too wait does he keep looking at me omg sos

Wonwoo: Book Store Au

It was raining really hard and you forgot your umbrella at home and this shop is open and the closest so you walked in and oh my god it’s a book store? Its so cozy and warm how did you not know this was here the whole time. The little old lady at the front counter is so nice too what the heck so you come there almost every day and someone keeps leaving little notes in the books so you asked the old lady and she said its my secret admirer ??? how have i not noticed another person in this store?? Who is he and why is he so good at poems??

Woozi: Composer Au

There is no ac in your dorm so you started sleeping with the window open and because of that you can always hear someone playing the piano at like 12 in the morning and each night the song is coming together better and better and one night after it was finished you clapped really loud and now he’s playing another song. Its been like this for a few weeks since then and you really want to find out who is playing such pretty music for you now time for a midnight adventure.

DK: Flower Shop Au

There is a really cute flower shop you pass everyday to and from work and the flowers always smell really good and wow they are having a sale you should go get some but when you walked in the most beautiful thing ended up being the guy at the front counter, he’s basically shining and being surrounded by flowers only makes him shine brighter. Omg he is coming over to help you with flowers panic !!!

Mingyu: College Au

This super cute graphic design major keeps winking at you when he sees you which is actually a lot does his path always cross over with yours between each class or is he making sure to see you all the time? Your friend should you some of his work though and its amazing maybe you could get his help for your project but how do you ask him for help you’ve only ever winked at each other!

The8: Royal Au

So you didn’t know you were royalty until just a few weeks ago and now you are living in this castle in some really obscure country and its all very stressful so you just go out and hide in the massive garden but wooh who is this other really attractive guy walking around oh god he is coming to talk to you he looks really intimidating wait now that he’s talking he’s actually just  a big softy wow

Seungkwan: Theater Au

Look you just got dragged along to this theater club by your friends and like what why you, you are awful at acting and actually a little shy but nope you are going but hold up who is this really flamboyant guy that keeps making eye contact with you oh please god don’t pull me into this, dang it he did.

Vernon: Best Friends Au

You two have been best friends since you could remember and now he has to travel across the freakin world to go be some fancy rapper and is leaving you behind and you are just a bit salty but you cant tell him that cause he is living his dreams so you are his number one fan but now you haven’t seen or heard from him in like years but wth he just contacted you and what !!! he got you tickets? Time to go see your crushbest friend

Dino: Work Au

Both of you started your new part time job together and went through training and you only each other so you keep sticking together and your boss really just threw the two of you into this and it’s really stressful but hey at least you are struggling together, but some rude customer just came in and let you have it and you’re about to cry because you don’t even know what you are doing but here he comes to save the day and without him you would totally be sobbing right now.



Would be a sweetheart helping you when you fall or help you clean up or repair anything that you might have destroyed. 

“You okey there sweety?”


this boi more beautiful than I am 

He`d probably scold you lightly whenever you fall down somewhere. But remember he only does it because he loves you.

“No more falling down stairs alright? You need to take better care of yourself!”


Would try to help you get less clumsy. He too would worry about you a lot so he`d try to help you get more control over you body. 

“Together we can do this! Fighting!”


Would be confused and perplexed at your clumsiness sometimes. He`d question how someone could break so many things in such a short period of time.

“H..how do you do that so frequently?”


I think he`d think it`s cute and would giggle whenever you trip or break something.

“Awe, don`t be sad about breaking the mug. We`ll buy a new one. How about couple mugs?”


Definitely thinks it`s adorable. Would be sneaky and use it as an excuse to hold your hands often.

“Of course I have to hold your hand. You might fall again.”


Would think it`s cute but wouldn`t really know what to do about it. Does he hold your hand? But what if you think that`s annoying? Should he take over cutting the vegetables, but he doesn`t want to seem like he`s overprotective.

“D..do you want me to cut the vegetables? I`m really good at it.”


Another one that would find it adorable. However he`d be openly “annoyed” with you. Would also tease you with it.

“Really y/n? You fell again? Do I have to hold your hand everywhere we go?”


I think he might have a flirty approach to it. Like you`d drop something infront of him and he`d go:

“Am I that distracting to you?” 


Would constantly be teasing you about it. Like, there is just no saving yourself with this boy. He`d suddenly be bursting out in laughter asking you if you remember that time you tried to take flour from the shelf and it all ended up falling directly in your face. Be prepared for nicknames. 


Would play fake annoyed. Then take away anything that you could be clumsy with.

“Ah, seriously y/n. That`s it, you`re not allowed around knives, scissors or any other sharp object anymore!”


oh vernon, everybodies bias wrecker

Another flirt. Would probably be so smooth that he catches you in your fall, smirk and then say something along the lines of:

“I don`t mind you falling for me, but you still need to be careful.”


Concerned little pup. If he could he`d be wrapping you in bobble wrap and keep you around tons of soft pillows and plushies. Probably the type to franticly run to you when you fall.

*screaming* “Oh my god y/n! Are you okey? Did you hurt yourself? Do you need to see a doctor? I`ll carry you!”

Note: I`m sorry if this is shorter than the other reactions, however seventeen is a huge group and I don`t know them too well yet. Still hope you enjoy it though! 

ultimateoppa  asked:

hi! I love your Tumblr! do you think you can do a reaction with seventeen (you can choose how many) about asking their best friend out? thank you!! <3

Hey, thank you!  (I choose to do the vocal unit)

Jeonghan: He’s not that nervous about it. He keeps very calm and approaches his friend kindly. He would casually ask them out and wait for a response from them.

Joshua: He’s very nervous, tries to hind it though. He may stumble over his words a lot while asking them out. He’s just afraid of rejection.

Woozi: He’ll act very shy, especially if he likes this person a lot. He takes a lot of time to work himself up to finally ask them out.

DK: Doesn’t really want to ruin the friendship, so his main concern is if they say ‘no’. It’ll eat him alive though, so one day he just randomly asks them out.

Seungkwan: Is very wary and cautious about asking his best friend out. At first he didn’t know if he really liked them that way. But, he soon realized that his feelings were strong and he couldn’t ignore it any longer.