i like sleeping in my skeleton clique tank top, the one with the bone hands making the |-/ thing, because it always smells faintly of a bonfire no matter how many times i wash it and it’s soft and makes me feel like the clique is always here for me to help me when my thoughts get bad, especially at night

thanks, clique, for making me feel safe enough at night to sleep soundly

just a girl with severe anxiety

ID #28584

Name: DJ
Age: 15
Country: Canada

Heyo! I’m DJ.
Hmm, so where do I start? Well, I love film with all my heart. It’s a huge passion I have, any movies that range from the 40s to present day I love and are familiar with. My dream is to become a director, and I’m slowly making the steps to reach the destination that’s my dream. I love writing, I love writing stories, scripts and poetry. Poetry is another passion I have, it’s like my safe haven, my stress reliever, my love, my ever so great happiness. Music is means the world to me, I can play the drums and guitar, I can also DJ ( 90s hip hop, house music). I grew up with music blasting all over my house, my dad is a DJ. I love all ranges and types of music, but preferably 90s east coast hip hop, 90s grunge, Tyler the Creator, Odd future, Mac Demarco (and sooooo much more, i can go on!)
I sing also, but I’ve always been so scared to, I’m slowly gaining the confidence to perform and sing in front of people.
I’ve always wanted to start something with music, like making my own songs, but I don’t know where to start.
I love skateboarding, photography,videography, painting, sketching, basketball, football, traveling, and meeting new people.
It is so amazing how we can talk to people around the world with a click of a button, I find that so immensely beautiful! I’d love to have a Pen Pal :)

Preferences: 15-25

Highlight, GOT7, BTOB, Red Velvet, And More To Return For "Music Bank" Half-Year Special

Highlight, GOT7, BTOB, Red Velvet, And More To Return For “Music Bank” Half-Year Special

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On July 30, “Music Bank” will be holding its half-year special to celebrate artists that promoted over the past six months.

Groups such as Highlight, GOT7, BTOB, and Red Velvet will perform their hits from this year, while NCT 127, PENTAGON, 9MUSES, and Cosmic Girls will perform special stages with senior artists DJ KOO, Kim Jong Min, and Lee Ji Hye. TWICE, who won six times so far on “Music…

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