Because I’ve been having feels lately here are some bedtime Dramione headcanons

• They both have absolutely ridiculous cases of bed head. Draco claims things could get lost in Hermione’s hair while Hermione says his hair looks like he got electrocuted.

• Draco snores but refuses to believe it because he is a Malfoy and snoring is for uncouth commoners.

• They like to read before going to bed but sometimes get distracted with other… activities.

• They love cuddling.

• Hermione is generally a morning person. Draco wasn’t a morning person until they had kids but he still needs his cup of coffee to properly function.

• Hermione sometimes sleep talks gibberish although a few times she has somehow held full coversations with a very amused Draco.

• Hermione will read the kids bedtime stories from story books while Draco will usually make up stories on the spot.

• Lots of cuddles.

• Hermione hates wearing socks to bed, which is awful for Draco because her feet get really cold and she ends up pressing them against him to warm them up.

• They have a hard time sleeping when there’s a thunderstorm so they’ll huddle under their blankets with chocolate and their favorite books.

• They both have nightmares from the War and if one wakes up and can’t fall back asleep the other will stay up as well.

• Cuddles galore.

• Hermione introduced Draco to the art of pillow fighting and he absolutely loves it.

• Hermione also introduced him to alarms clocks but that he is much less appreciative of.

• The first time Hermione wore one of Draco’s shirts for bed his jaw dropped and he was speechless for a good minute.

• Even more cuddles.

• Hermione can survive with two pillows but Draco needs at least seven. When she asked how he possibly survived at Hogwarts he admitted that the packages he’d receive the first week or so of school would have at least one shrunken pillow.

• Draco taunts Crookshanks for not being allowed to sleep on the bed whereas he, being a man, gets to have Hermione to himself all night long. Hermione ends up having to threaten him with The Couch because honestly the rivalry between her cat and her husband will be the death of her.

• Hermione can be a blanket hog, especially in the winter. Draco usually ends up tugging her on top of him so he can stay warm.

• So. Many. Cuddles.

  • Draco: I never understood why Granger cares so much about that mangy old cat of hers, until she made me watch the thing while she's on a holiday with her parents
  • *Draco slowly turns his chair around showing Crookshanks laying on his lap*
  • Draco: I've only been watching Crookshanks for a day and a half. But if anything happens to him, I will kill everyone in this room and then myself.
  • Book: Humans used to have 4 legs, 4 arms, 4 eyes, and 2 noses. They possesed significant strength and power that Zeus, afraid of being overthrown by one, split them into two separate beings. And was left to wander in search of their pair.
  • Draco: That was why the whole universe conspired to keep Granger and I apart. Because if we ever got together we could be a force to be reckoned with. It kind of defeats the purpose of Harry Potter, dont you think?

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Dramione post hogwarts please! I love your writing by the way!

  • within a month after the war draco turns himself in, and convinces his father to do so also
  • their sole condition is that narcissa doesn’t step foot in azkaban
  • draco gets two years
  • lucius gets life
  • within a year after the war hermione has, on top of her work at the ministry, started a small advocacy group 
  • (as well as split with ron because, in the end, they just want two fundamentally different things out of life)
  • in the following year her group triples in size and workload and, although she loves it, it’s getting to be quite stressful
  • which is not made any easier by malfoy turning up at her ministry office just as she’s locking up
  • “malfoy? what - i thought -” she is beyond confused
  • “i was. i’ve served my time and now i’m out and would i like to help.”
  • “help? with what?” she’s aggravated and tired and the books in her hands are getting heavy
  • “you know,” he says, gesturing vaguely at the air around her. she looks at her office door then back to him
  • “you want a job at the ministry?” she asks, as if its the most ridiculous thing she’s heard all year. 
  • and he laughs the same way. “merlin, no. are you daft? no, no. at your little -” he says, gesturing again, “group…thing.”
  • hermione’s mouth drops open a little and she huffs. “little group thing? yeah, call me daft and then insult my work, that’ll get you what you want.” she tucks her chin and pushes passed him, fuming at his gall. 
  • draco sighs, “the creevey foundation” he calls, giving up his aloof facade and she stops, but doesn’t turn around. “you’re over eighteen hundred galleons short in the werewolf rights fundraiser, you’re no where close to getting that muggle building for your proposed orphanage, you need actual offices if you’re going to grow any more at all, and do you even have any idea what really goes on in getting a bill passed? because if you’re not willing to do whatever it takes then you can kiss your house elf reformation good bye.” 
  • hermione grips at her books and grinds her teeth. so what if he did his research? she’s done just fine on her own for two hers, and she hadn’t even spoken with harry about the lycanthropy fundraiser yet. okay, sure she couldn’t continue to work out of her ministry office (or her home) for much longer, not if she kept amassing employees and volunteers like she had been, but she could figure something out, couldn’t she?
  • “face it granger, you need me”
  • she whips around, ready to throw a scolding at him, but nearly stumbles when he’s right there, looking down at her with a defeated look in his face. 
  • “and i… kind of need this” he finally admits. “please.”
  • she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. “fine” she says through her teeth. “my office, seven am sharp. if you are even one -”
  • “granger i’m never late.” 
  • “one second late, you can find somewhere else absolve your  conscience.” she turns on her heels and hurries away, hoping to god she isn’t making a mistake. 

an incomplete list of draco and hermione being idiots in love™ 

  • draco absentmindedly twirling hermione’s hair through his fingers while she leans her head on his shoulder
  • hermione unconsciously putting her feet on draco’s lap when he sits on the same couch as her
  • scorpius asking draco when he fell in love with mum and draco just replying with “she punched me in the face” (and is rewarded with a slap on the knee by hermione)
  • both of them having trouble sleeping in an empty bed while the other is away
  • hermione forcing draco (with threats) into mrs. weasley’s christmas sweater that she had made just for him 
  • draco not knowing how to react to a devastated hermione when crookshanks ends up passing from old age. however a month later she has a kitten thats plopped in her lap as draco walks by while she’s reading in her favorite chair
  • they are the epitome of embarrassing parents™ with scorpius 
  • “so you have a crush on me then granger” “draco we’ve been married for five years”
  • draco carrying hermione’s wand in his cloak pocket while she’s in a meeting 
  • blaise threatening to hex both of them at lunch if they don’t stop “giving each other those bloody snogging eyes” and “just let me finish my goddamn tea before you two idiots climb each other”
  • having ‘silent parent arguments’ across the table over if scorpius can have one more scoop of ice cream before bed
  • “call my husband a ferret again and see what happens” (ron visibly gulps and harry immediately quiets down)
  • reading/doing paperwork together in bed
  • hermione giving draco driving lessons (they make blaise come too, he sits in the back and glares at them)
  • hermione laughing in the doorway while watching a frustrated draco give baby scorpius a bath (who squeals while splashing draco in the face)
  • both leaving their jobs midday to have lunch together
  • while hermione is browsing in one of the shops in diagon alley, draco will sometimes wander off by himself and then come back with a gift for her (usually a book or a piece of jewelry)
  • draco lays his head in hermione’s lap while they tell each other about their worst memories and fears during the second war (these talks are extremely private)
Two kinds of Draco Malfoy

Draco in the HP canon: scared, weak, somewhat a coward, not a hero, doesn’t have a choice

Draco in pretty much every HP fanfiction: powerful, dark, fearless, highly skilled in legilimency and wandless magic, somehow called “Drake” which is a very muggle name if you ask me, SEX GOD AND FALLS IN LOVE WITH A CHARACTER HE DISLIKES IN THE CANON

Bet now you are thinking a particular fanfiction :D prolly your favourite.

Confessions of a Mother's Diary #1
  • Rose: Mum, I cleaned up the attic yesterday. Guess what I found? Your Diary!
  • Hermione: (Oh no.)
  • Rose: I didn't know you were such a romantic.
  • Hermione: ...
  • Rose: On page 394 you wrote, "He took me on a moonlight broom ride last night. I hate flying but I can't say no to that face. All 30 minutes of that experience was exhilarating. His arms were around me and I knew he would never let me fall. Right there and then, I secretly admitted I love flying if he's on the broom with me. He was so handsome, his hair matches the silver of the moon."
  • Rose: Mum, I know you were smitten. But dad's red hair does not match the silver of the moon.
  • Hermione: Young lady, I'd appreciate it if you don't tell your father this.
Drunken Draco !!!🍻🍻🍻
  • Draco: hey you! Granger!
  • Hermione: Draco, are you drunk?
  • Draco: You are soo beautiful, Granger...
  • Draco: Go out with me, Granger...
  • Draco: kiss me, Granger...
  • Draco: Are you dating that redhead Weasley, Granger?
  • Draco: Your eyes are the color of molten chocolate...
  • Draco: Your face... I just wanna kiss that face...
  • Draco: and that ass...😍😍
  • Draco: Why won't you love me back, Granger...
  • Draco: is it because I am more beautiful than you?
  • Draco: Granger...? Granger...?
  • Draco: But you are sooo pretty... Granger...
  • Draco: MARRY ME, Granger.!!!