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Hello darlings, do you have any recs of Stiles trying to help Derek to date? Or trying to teach him how to do that, and obviously faling in love with him in the process? I <3 you guys and all the effort you put on this blog!

Here’s Stiles matchmaking with endgame Sterek.  - Anastasia

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(get it….match!)

Matchmakers Need Love Too by april_zephyr (April_Zephyr)

(1/1 I 1,743 I Teen)

It was an incredibly boring day, Stiles headed to campus early because he wanted to catch up on his reading materials and he currently lacked the book he needed so his only option was to go to the library. He occasionally hated himself for being so selfless because he agreed to meet his crazy boss’s niece five hours earlier than the time he originally planned.
“You must be Stiles.” A very beautiful brunette smiled, practically purring as she took a seat beside him.

“The one and only. What gave me away?” Stiles laughed, closing the book shut. He was running on borrowed time and he was sure the librarian would be pissed off if he kept it longer than he promised.

“Peter has a way of describing people so I guess it was pretty easy to find you.” She grinned, “My name is Laura. So do you know why my uncle asked you to meet me?”

“Nope, but I guess this is what you’re going to explain to me now.”

“I like you. But I’m here for business right now, so my uncle tells me that you have a way of finding people life partners.”

Silver & Red by redhoodedwolf

(1/1 I 8,193 I Teen)

In which there is a heart stealer and a heart stealer, and only one of them is metaphorical.

Matchmaker by lover_of_love19

(8/? I 12,511 I Not Rated)

Derek wanted Stiles help set him up with Stiles’ brother, but the more he hangs out with Stiles, the less he remembers his original objective.


Where Stiles agrees to set Derek up with his twin brother even though Stiles totally wants into Derek’s pants.

See Derek Date by mikkimouse

(5/5 I 20,699 I Explicit)

When Derek sees his ex-boyfriend, Jordan, for the first time in ten years, he tells a little white lie about his love life (or lack thereof). Of course, that all blows up in his face when his sister Cora finds out and demands that Derek bring his (imaginary) boyfriend to her wedding.

Now he’s got one month to change that “imaginary” boyfriend into an actual one.

A Neutrino Walks Through a Bar by Moku

(1/1 I 45,261 I Teen)

Stiles had become the most popular matchmaker of Beacon Hills in less than a year.

And he really didn’t know how that had happened.

Broken Pieces Pt. 2

Part One

Requests Open

Warning(s): swearing

Characters: Reader, Stiles, Scott -on the phone, (others come later)

Pairing: tbd


When a new girl arrives in Beacon Hills, everything changes.
They don’t know what she is, and neither does she, but she knows exactly what happens to everyone in Beacon Hills, and she’s here to stop it all.

Y/n doesn’t remember anything about herself or her past. She keeps getting these visions and thoughts of a place called Beacon Hills and the people who live there.
She sees all the hurt and pain they go through- all the hassle they struggle with trying to fix the messes they get themselves in. It’s like they’re all trying to put puzzle pieces together without ever seeing the picture.
And she knows that that’s what she needs to do- that’s her job, she has to help them with their broken pieces.

*Y/N = your name *Y/L/N = your last name


Stiles’ POV

I’m Stiles Stilinski.

Daily motto;

I’m 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bones. Sarcasm is my only defense.

I live in Beacon Hills with my dad- he’s the sheriff. My mom died when I was younger, I love(d) her a lot; I really miss her.

I have had a massive crush on the amazing Lydia Martin for almost all my life, which is why my 10-year plan is still in motion. Her birth probably being the best thing that’s ever happened to this place.

Hobbies include helping my werewolf best friend Scott not kill people, and save people from other supernatural drama while also sitting on the bench during lacrosse games in my spare time.

So far we’ve had to deal with Scott turning for the first time, then it was learning control- all while trying to figure out who the Alpha was; I know right, Alpha. I mean really? And then the Alpha turned out to be Scott’s grumpy-gloomy ass ‘mentor’ Derek Hale’s psychotic uncle Peter- who Derek then clawed his throat out.

Not to mention during all of this, Scott being the dumbass he is- was dating a fucking werewolf hunter’s daughter. Whose aunt burned a house full of werewolves alive, who just so happened to be the Hales minus a sourwolf and crazy uncle.

Seems fun right?

Right now I’m just lying on my bed enjoying the quietness that I can. I recently witnessed a human lizard crush a man with car mechanic equipment, all while being paralyzed and then having it stare at me for a minute- calculating me almost. And then to make it better, I got my jeep taken into police custody because it was considered evidence because it was at the scene of the crime. However, my dad pulled some strings and I got it back today.

I look at my ceiling and start finding patterns in the lines of the patterns.

I wonder how they do that.

You know what, I wonder if there will be something for me soon.

Something special for me.

I would never admit it- but it’s been about Scott for a while. I mean sure, I’m his best friend. But he’s good at lacrosse now- the fucking captain even. And to think, a year ago he sat on the benches with me.

I just want something special- or someone special to come into my life.

My thoughts are quickly interrupted by a small vibrating noise on my bedside table.

Bzzzz. Bzzzz.

I sit up and grab it to see that its Scotty calling, I click to answer.

“Hey what’s up?” I ask.

“Just been thinking about that you told me you saw at the repair shop.” He said, in a sort of exhausted way. As if he really had been losing sleep on it.

Me too man.

“Yeah, Scott I know…don’t you think I’m trying to figure out what the hell a human lizard is?! And why it’s freaking slicing the back of people’s necks? Look, dude, I just got Roscoe back from the whole mechanic incident.”

I mean damn Scotty, you sound like a freakin’ puppy.


“Look I gotta go okay?” I said to Scott.

“Alright just don’t get killed okay?” Scott says in a joking tone.

“I won’t dude…Beacon Hills can’t get any crazier than it already is” I retort.

“Oh and-” beep beep

That bitch just hung up on me.

I rush down the stairs- maybe it’s the pizza guy.

I need to figure out what this lizard thing is.

Why did it look at me like that? Does it know me?

“Coming!” I yell as I get closer to the door.

I don’t bother to look as I open the door, “Hello how can I help yo-” I stop mid sentence as my eyes widen as they make contact the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life.

Yes, even more beautiful than the Lydia Martin.

Goodbye 10-year plan. Woah there buddy, you just met her and have known Lydia for 10 years. Keep it in your pants.

But she’s just so pretty…and her eyes…just wow. And not to mention her body, I mean da-

“Hellooo?” someone asks, waving their hand in front of my face.

I blink a few times to bring me back from daydreaming.

What the hell is going on with me?

“Uh-what? Yeah, I’m great, I just thought I saw this fucking angel and OH GOD YOU’RE REAL!” I basically yell at this amazing girl. I almost add in an apology but she beats me to it.

“Hey, my name’s y/n. Can I come in?” she asks as I continue to look at her beautiful eyes and slowly take in what she just asked me.

A girl like her wants to come in my house?


“Uh, YES! I mean *hmm* yeah, come on in, my name’s Stiles” I say –as well as trying to act cool and step aside to let her walk in.

I turn around the close and lock the door.

At least it’ll keep out regular- human strength people. Not that there’s ever any of those types of people that ever threaten me or my friends.

I turn back around and see her eyes move really fast to her luggage and see her placing it next to the door.

I take this as an opportunity to see more of this girl.

Damn mami…look at that ass…I mean. No. Where the hell is this coming from? Stiles. Stop. You’re better than this. Control.

She turns back around and I smile at her.

“Want to go in the living room?” I ask.

“Yeah sure,” she replies with a breathtaking smile.

Wow, her smile is so beautiful.

Still smiling I lead her to the living room

“Why do you have a suitcase?” I ask as I walk into the other room with her trailing behind me.

There’s plenty of room to sit next to me

She looks around the room for a second and fidgets in her seat.

What does she need to say?

She’s sitting kinda nervous, she’s adorable.

Wow, I mean, I don’t know what it is but this girl is something.

I can’t help but smile like a giddy school girl.

“I know this might sound crazy, but I need to stay here with you - for a bit,” she says really quickly.

And again, HELL YEAH

“Um, I mean…yeah, you can stay but we don’t really have a spare room but I’m sure that I cou-” she stops me mid sentence.

“Wait, no questions, no hesitation? You’re letting me stay just like that?” she asks me, almost in shock.

Wait….Why the hell AM I letting this total stranger into my home and then allowing them to stay the night?…

Well…she’s a nice girl…nothing major, except she’s totally hot and what hot girl has EVER  taken this much interest in me. Granted this a whole new set of circumstances, and she is a total stranger…

Yeah, why am I doing this again? Instincts? Or hormones?

I mean considering I’ve had pretty good instincts so far I’ll stick with instincts, and the fact that this girl makes me feel something I’ve never felt before is definitely a good feeling.

“I mean yeah, there’s just something about you I can’t really place, but it’s a good feeling. I trust you” I tell her without thinking about it.

She looks up at me with wide eyes, almost shocked or surprised at what I just told her.

Oh shit.

“I mean, um I trust you’re not some druggie or serial killer or something like that” I add in quickly, trying to cover up the fact I just told her my exact thought.

Control your word vomit Stiles!

“Wow…I mean thank you, I don’t know what to say” she tells me.

She looks up at me while smiling in gratitude.

She then goes off into her own thoughts, which I find adorable. But I decided to snap her out of it so we can continue our conversation.

“Y/n? You okay?” I ask.

She blinks for a second, looks around, and then looks back at me - attentive this time.

“Yeah I’m fine…but I actually have some more stuff I need to tell you,” She tells me

What does she need to tell me?

I already have a lizard to deal with, a late pizza and now this hot girl shows up and for some reason, I am allowing to stay at my house. What’s next?

Let’s just figure out where we are going to be sleeping for now. That’s all my teenage upstairs head can handle at the moment

“Oh alright, but do you want to go ahead and figure out your sleeping arrangements? My dad probably shouldn’t know your here until a few days, that that is I -if you intend to stay that long- with me. I MEAN HERE! With me…yeah…” I drag off my sentence seeing as though I obviously have nothing else to say.

She giggles at my statement/outburst. Great. Although her laugh is kinda cute.

I smile at her, “I like your laugh”.

“Thanks, I like your smile” she responds.



My bad.

That was a little much even for me.

However, now we’ve got to think of sleeping arrangements.

This should be fun.


Requested by anon. 

Imagine. Being in the background of the pack, but when you’re injured Derek, your old high school pal, is surprised to see you are alive. 

“Derek?” You asked trying to ignore the fact that you left side had a burning sensation due to a gigantic wound. Nothing a couple of days would fix, but it still hurt. “Y/n?” Derek seemed as surprised as you. You both looked at each other until someone interrupted the two of you. 

“Derek how do you know my cousin?” Scott looked from you to Derek. “It’s a long story.” you told him.

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Hey! Do you know any fics where Stiles gets turned and on his first full moon instead of being overcome by bloodlust he's overcome by the need to sex up Derek?


wendy-gold said:I was looking for some werewolf Stiles fics where Derek turned him and sterek please =D

I didn’t find exactly want you wanted nonny but here’s a list of explicit, sterek, stiles gets bitten fics. And @wendy-gold, some of these are bitten by Derek some aren’t. - Anastasia

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Unexpected Mates by Kleineganz

(1/1 I 3,848 )

Derek scents Stiles when they were paralyzed together at the Sheriff’s office, and it sets in motion something in their biology that they cannot control.

Incandescent Happiness by orphan_account

(6/6 I 4,367)

Derek needs to learn how to use his words and Deaton needs to learn how to be blunt.

As it Should Be by KuroKitty (HaleYes)

(1/1 I 7,240 )

Stiles comes home from his 18th birthday party at the bowling alley to find a surprise waiting for him in his room.

Or, the one where Derek has no chill.

Rebuilding Family and Learning to Love by SterekandMcDannoShipr

(2/? I 7,665)

Derek is the Hale family Alpha and a nurse. He meets and saves Stiles from Frontotemporal dementia. Derek begins to rebuild his family’s pack and tries to navigate his “relationship” with Stiles when he realizes Stiles is his mate.

Fading by doomeddean

(6/? I 10,490)

He blinked one last time his eyes becoming frozen staring up at the overcast sky. The pain disappearing. The pressure finally released as his body relaxed and gave in.

“Stiles!” It was far away. So far away.

There was light and then suddenly there was nothing.

Bite to Break Skin by Leela, qafmaniac

(1/1 I 13,351)

Recruited into the Behavioral Science Unit at 23, Stiles was kinda a big deal. Until his youth became more hindrance than help. Then he was kinda a big deal at coffee runs. With werewolves barely out of the closet, a serial killer slaughtering opponents of werewolf equality, and traditional police work coming up short, CIA agent Derek Hale is allowed to return from his post in South America to infiltrate his childhood pack and hunt down the killer. But not without a babysitter. Stiles gets his big break when Derek chooses him–his scent–option 31 of 50, to pose as his mate. Only, Stiles has no idea just how much Derek enjoys his scent. Or how quickly pretending becomes reality.

cast our fevers in stone by nagia

(13/13 I 64,120 )

What if fate twisted the other way?

OR: Stiles’s life has just become an object lesson in “why we do not go out in the woods looking for dead bodies.”

OR: Lycanthropy and ADHD are going to be the suckiest mix.

Stiles and Derek: Destined Lovers and True Mates by aries1972Sterek

(20/? I 52,282)

Well into s3. Deputy Parrish takes a liking to Stiles and asked him out. Stiles accepts since he thinks that Derek will never be asking him, so he settles. The date is planned, but will things go like they think? Will they even make it out on their date? What does fate have in store? Stiles dad sees first hand Dereks reaction that he had hidden from Stiles so well. He has a talk with Derek because now he cannot ignore the way his son has obviously felt about Derek the past year that he thinks he knows about. John now knows they have been oblivious to the way the other has felt for far too long and it’s time to do something about it. He knows how stubborn they both are so it’s going to be up to him and the pack to see if they can put them in the right situation to where it would be almost impossible for the truth not to come out in some form or the other.

isn’t it obvious? I love you* by Alphanimpala92

(20/? I 87,708 )

Derek please don’t do this.“
Derek stood in next to Stiles bedroom window, arms crossed over his chest.
“Why don’t you tell me why your here.”
“i was coming to make sure you were okay”
“But why?”
“because i was worried about you.”
“why are you so worried about me?”
stiles just hung is head for a minute trying to hide the tears forming in his whiskey brown eyes.
“because isn’t it obvious i love you”
Derek was shocked, he replayed those 3 little words in his head i love you, over and over again….. but all he could do was think back to one the girl who he ever really showed his emotions too, the one who died because of him.
“Complete silence i get it.” was all stiles could say, with a swift swipe across his face wiping his falling tears away… he turned and walked out the door, leaving Derek lost and confused and not knowing if there would ever be any hope for them being together. he loved Stiles the feelings were there but he was just to scared to show them, to let Stiles in and break though the lock and chain on his heart….

A Sharpened Tibia To the Heart by reluctant_abandon

(21/? I 115,428)

Recruited into the Behavioral Science Unit at 23, Stiles was kinda a big deal. Until his youth became more hindrance than help. Then he was kinda a big deal at coffee runs. With werewolves barely out of the closet, a serial killer slaughtering opponents of werewolf equality, and traditional police work coming up short, CIA agent Derek Hale is allowed to return from his post in South America to infiltrate his childhood pack and hunt down the killer. But not without a babysitter. Stiles gets his big break when Derek chooses him–his scent–option 31 of 50, to pose as his mate. Only, Stiles has no idea just how much Derek enjoys his scent. Or how quickly pretending becomes reality.

~ Stiles sleeping on top of Derek. Sleepy nuzzling and neck kisses follow. ~

My entry for the Sterek Reverse Bang 2017! Check out @godetiawrites​‘ story “Like the Red String of Fate” here on tumblr!

Excerpt: “From the age of twelve, Stiles had recurring dreams of a set of eyes. Well, it was a guy he was dreaming of, but in the morning, he could really only remember his eyes… ”

Condoms and Toothpaste

A little Sterek drabble based on this tumblr post. Lots of love to @christinewolf​ for letting me bounce ideas of her and also giving me a few in return. She’s a great cheerleader and I love her a whole lot.

Also on AO3.

Derek isn’t exactly what you call a stable human being. He’s pretty messed up. A little bit lonely. Kind of an insomniac. Just a bit.

Usually, when he’s feeling a little too energized at three in the fucking morning, he goes grocery shopping.

Which is what he is currently doing. This happens at least once a week.  He has a problem.

He’s trying to decide between two different brands of toothpaste (it’s a hard decision, they both promise fresh breath and shiny white teeth, give him a break) when he sees someone in his peripheral vision.

Someone really nice looking.

With a box of condoms.

Stiles likes to grocery shop at odd hours. He blames it on college life. The only free time he gets between classes, studying, and making time for Scott is when he’s meant to be sleeping but just can’t.

During these times, he also remembers that he actually has to eat at some point. Something that isn’t pop tarts and cup-o-noodles. Thus the grocery shopping at three a.m.

He’s just walking by aisle ten when he stops short. Because. Because. That guy is very attractive and he looks like he’s trying to will the toothpaste to death just with the power of his magnificent eyebrows.

So. Stiles does the only logical thing his sleep-deprived brain can think of. He walks down the same aisle. And, promptly, grabs the first thing he sees.

Which happens to be a box of XXL condoms.

And Hot Eyebrows Guy is looking right at him.

Stiles searches his brain for something not-stupid to say, but the only thing that comes out thanks to 30 hours of not sleeping is, “Think these are any good?”

Hot Eyebrows Guy just blinks at him for a solid ten seconds with said eyebrows raised to his hairline, looking between Stiles’ face and the box of condoms before replying, “Condoms?”

Stiles feels like a complete idiot. His one interaction with a really hot guy he doesn’t know and he already screwed it up. He can probably fix this. The only way he knows how. Flailing and a lot of talking. “Well, I mean. I wouldn’t really know, and like, a guy like you probably has more experience than I do. You know - in the bedroom, I mean. Especially with this size-” Oh my god, Stiles thinks. I just made it so much worse.

“I mean, not that I would know something like that about you.” Stiles tries to put the condoms back on the shelf, but just manages to make several other boxes fall to the floor. “Shit. I mean, for all I know, it could be a lot smaller than this-”

Hot Eyebrows Guy continues to stare at him in complete bewilderment. Only then does he realize what just came out of his mouth, “Wow, I really need to shut up now.”

Stiles decides to just avoid eye contact and pick up the mess he made.

Derek can only stare as the guy who just implied he thought he had a small penis awkwardly picks up the boxes of condoms that ended up on the floor thanks to his flailing.

He’s obviously trying to avoid eye contact.

Derek has never been more offended and fascinated in his entire life. He didn’t even know that was possible.

This guy is a mess. And, Derek might be a little in in love. What the hell.

He’s brought out of his thoughts by the Condom Guy awkwardly standing up with the box still in his hand, the rest put away on the shelf.

“So, I guess I should just,” he gestures behind him as he starts to walk away.

Derek scrambles for something to say, “You’re a disaster,” is what comes out. Damn it.

Condom Guy looks mildly offended, but also like he agrees with the statement.

Derek smiles a little helplessly, “Wanna date?”

The stranger does a double take at that and looks behind him as if Derek could be addressing anyone else in a grocery store at 3:15 a.m.

He looks completely surprised. Derek thinks it’s cute. He’ll die before he admits it out loud, though.

“Wait, seriously?” Condom Guy says.

Derek nods and digs in his pocket, pulling out his phone.

Stiles leaves the grocery store in a daze, having only bought a box of XXL condoms.

But, he does have Hot Eyebrow Guy’s (Derek’s) number in his phone and plans to have coffee in a few hours.

Later, Scott calls him an idiot for not actually getting anything edible. Stiles counts it as a win anyway. So does Derek.

welshwoman1988 replied to X:

I feel ya on the Piper thing; when everybody started posting that, I was like ‘where do I know her from?’ I didn’t watch Charmed, but my sister did, so it took a little bit and I actually *could* see her as Stiles’ mom because all I knew was that she was a witch… Funnily enough, in one of my fics, Derek does woodworking and he learned it from his dad! Now I’m wondering if I read one of your posts and just kinda half-remembered it, or if I thought it up on my own…

That’s awesome!! I honestly cannot for the life of me remember where that headcanon came from. If it was something I came up with or read in passing and latched onto… the only semi-solid thing I have is that Hoechlin once headcanoned that Derek had helped his dad build the porch at the Hale house when he was growing up, which is such a nice image and proves that his dad was handy and good at building, so maybe the idea grew from there?

I have this intense image in my head of (papa!Hale) Noah and Talia meeting when he was walking out in the preserve, looking for fallen branches to use in some new piece he was constructing (he specialized in building from local wood; he liked having that local connection for his pieces). And I picture Noah as being human, but just this really in touch with nature, woodsy type, and he spots Talia when she’s out walking in the preserve in wolf form. And he’s just so gentle and respectful when he catches sight of her and it captures her interest and decides that she just needs to know him. So she catches his scent, and then the next day or the next week goes out and finds him in town in her human form, and that’s how they fall in love.

But yeah, slightly off topic, I guess, but that’s why I love the woodworking idea so much: because it ties so much my backstory of his character and how he and Talia met. I also think it’s something Derek would find really relaxing and comforting once he starts to get a little bit settled –– working with his hands, building something solid and tangible, useful and beautiful, when so much of his world has burned away from him. And I love the idea of him doing that because it’s this connection he feels with his father, so… yeah, woodworking!Papa Hale (and Derek!) ftw.

The two boys

Request:  Okay, Basically something about the new guy, that got Chris or Aiden with tunnel vision, both wanting him, for Chris it brings back feelings of high school and dating guys before Victoria, for Aiden; finding someone who balances him out and is like his center. For Aiden he loves having the fact that the new guy knows his bike just as well as he do, for Chris; a perfect sparring partner, trainer and chef as Chris can’t cook. But they know he’s not ready to talk about his past yet.

This isn’t very good but I’m a bit rusty so hopefully it’ll get better.


When Y/N walked through the school doors you recognized two people, Chris and Aiden. They both had met you before but now you really saw them in their true self, meeting people at bars was always difficult since they put on a different face.

You knew Chris was older as were you but Aiden was eighteen so he was in his senior year of highschool. You stopped in just to see if you could maybe land a job as a secretary or maybe a teacher’s assistant since you’d be staying in town longer than you thought.

“Chris.” You greeted as you passed him walking to the front desk, he was meeting with someone who looked like barbie with red hair.

“Hi Y/N.” He said looking up and smiling.

Walking the rest of the way to the front desk a lady with red cat eye glasses greeted you with a frown.

“What are you here for?” She snapped, looking down to her magazine.

“I was wondering if there is a job opening as a secretary or teacher’s assistant or something like that?” You asked.

She looked back to you and stood up her big curly hair following her every move. “There are no job openings, now please leave me alone I want to read my magazine.”

Shocked at her, you turned on your heel and walked back out the door knowing that one of the boys were following you.

“Y/N? Are you ok?” Aiden asked.

“I’m fine, that lady was so rude. Is that how people are in this town?” You asked propping up against his bike.

“That’s just how the secretaries at the school are.” He said shoving his hands in his jean pockets. “Instead of staying here would you want to go and work on a bike with me? This place is a drag anyways and I was looking for an excuse to get out of here.”

“Sure, do you want to drive in my car or on the bike?” You asked slinging your jacket over your shoulder.

“Bike if you don’t mind.” He said, you both got on and he started the bike while you held on to him.

Feeling the wind in your short hair felt amazing since the last time you were on a bike was when you drove across the United States with him.

By the time five o’clock came around you were both laying on the couch talking.

“You know you are my balance, if I didn’t have you I’d go crazy.” Aiden said drawing circles on your biceps.

“Well that makes me want to stay here forever.” You said. “Unfortunately I have to go meet Chris, he’s supposed to help me get a job.”

“I’ll see you later though, right?” He asked pulling on your hand.

“Of course.” You kissed him. “I need you to drive me to my car.”

“Oh yeah.” You both laughed.

While walking to his bike you were hand in hand while only the street lamp illuminated you. Aiden dropped you off at the school and you said goodbye while climbing in your car. Making your way to Chris’ house you decided to stop and grab some food since you’d probably end up cooking.

Knocking on the door with your groceries you saw a very well dressed Chris open the door and step aside for you to come in.

“I’m happy to see you.” He stated while smiling.

“I’m happy to see you too.” You laughed setting the bags on the table.

“So what should I make this time?” You asked.

“Anything, it will taste good either way.” Chris said looking through the bags, he sometimes guessed what you tried to make but never got it right.

Washing your hands you started chopping cherries and washing lettuce while the meat baked in the oven.

“What?” You asked noticing Chris staring at you.

“You look so focused when you cook.”

You laughed knowing he was probably right. “Well why don’t you set the table.” You said while setting the cutlery on the island.

He moved to the end of the island and picked up the silverware watching you all the while. You took the meat out and finished cooking the vegetables. Setting everything out you both started to dig in.

“You know, I really like you food, you should apply to one of the restaurants and a cook.” He suggested while stabbing another piece of meat.

“Hmm maybe I will.” You smiled.

Can you imagine how different (and better) Teen Wolf would have been if it had been Derek’s story? 

Just imagine that Teen Wolf was a series about Derek, starting from when he’s a young teenager trying to deal with his powers, wanting to learn the way his mother and Laura did but eventually having to rely on Peter’s manipulative teachings to twist his emotions. Imagine getting the full story of him falling in love with Paige and then losing her.

Originally posted by thealphaofmultifandoms

Imagine the story of him living every day in fear of hunters, constantly watching his back because everyone knows who the Hales are, but he knows no-one.

Originally posted by exist-in-mind

Imagine the full story of Kate abusing him - no brushing over it, but giving the abuse the attention it needs and showing people its not okay, not sexualising it by having Tyler stripped bare and chained up but showing that he was sixteen or seventeen years old when Kate started abusing him.

Originally posted by sherrykinss

Imagine getting the full story of the Hale house fire and all the emotions that come from it. Imagine Derek feeling so alone, knowing that he only has a comatose uncle and Laura left. Imagine seeing Derek’s reaction when he finds out that Laura was torn in two by his uncle.

Originally posted by foreskinz

Imagine him spending years on the run and hiding away int he ruins of his old family home as he tries to hold onto the memories of his family while fearing that every firework or poacher’s rifle could be a hunter coming after him.

Originally posted by stilessderek

Imagine getting his side of the story when it comes to Scott being a bloody idiot: ignoring his advice and dating an Argent.

Imagine seeing his perspective as he falls for Stiles and finally reaches a point where he feels comfortable and safe enough that he can open up to someone and let himself love again.

Originally posted by tweenw

Originally posted by alina-horanx3

Imagine everything that could have been and cry.