~dem shoes

I really like Bug type characters,,,,

Vampire girl loves to play ball but only gets to by streetlight. Get’s her blood intake almost entirely from the scrapes and cuts her friends get while playing. 

I like how this perfect artist drew this perfect picture of these three perfect Yami’s.

‘Dem shoes though XD

Meanwhile Yami is bending down for Atem to zip his backpack which is a little unnecissary not that I’m complaining.

“ Not now Yami, after school we’ll have plenty of time.”

Atemu: O_o

Ra only only knows what these two boys do to eachother and I’m starting to think that Atemu is catching ‘dem hints.

Funny thing is that I’ve always imagined them having a threesome incest. Hey that’s just me.

We need a shipping name for these three.