Sometimes you just forget

With all the self-improvement mantras and trying to always be better and all the self criticism that comes along with it ….

Screw it .

Just draw what makes you happy .

That’s fine if you feel the need to have a goal for the sake of finding a job or fulfilling a personal goal. If that makes you happy , that’s great .

But man , when you have a job and don’t have time to draw for yourself like you used to , sometimes you just want to have fun with it and not give a crap .

It’s not like you picked up a pencil when you were a young child and decided to be all disciplined all of the sudden . You did it to have fun and create with that inner , unadulterated mindset .

Make it crappy . Make it embarrassing . Make it how you would do something. Give yourself some permission for once ! Have fun !!!

hi it’s my birthday today and my present is this follow forever for all of my beautiful mutuals ♡ recently i hit my goal but really i just wanted to let everyone know that i love them :,( it seems like every other day im like i should delete but then i see all of you angels and things are good you guys are so funny and i can’t believe some of the things ya’ll make me read sometimes but that’s okay dhsjjssj a special shoutout to those who have been with me throughout all of my dramatic blog changes i love u okay anyways thank you all for following me even though im a mess! 🍊

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big weekend 2017

Hey guys heads up I don’t know if I can do any pics for the next few days

My dad’s moving back into the house with his girlfriend and her two kids; so things are gonna be a bit hectic in the bun mun life

As such I don’t really think I can sit down and work properly on responses.

I’m not saying 100% but if I don’t get something up, I just wanted to let you know why I may go a little inactive. Should be back fully soon!

Also! It’s been decided Serperior Mimikyu WILL be staying on the blog!! I’ll be doing a proper introduction for him when I get a chance, but if you’d like to know; His name is BLOOKY!!

Have a Chill day yo!

-Bun and Ex