tbh I’m still waiting on a coda that hypes up jealous!dean big time

Like all of them getting back to the bunker and Cas is taking the trench off and Dean sees a piece of paper fall out of the pocket. He goes to pick it up and freezes when he reads the print on the front. Mick Davies. British Men of Letters. 

“You kept it?” he snarls at Cas.

And Cas looks confused at Dean’s tone but just answers, “Yes. I thought it would be wise in case we ever need to contact them.”

“We don’t need help from those assholes, Cas!” Dean yells and stalks away, crumbling the card in his hand. Later when he’s in his room, he tosses it in the trashcan and burns it.

And Dean thinks that’s the end of it until the next day when he finds Cas in the library researching the British Men of Letters.

“Cas, we are not working with those assholes! Did you see what the did to Sam?”

“I’m not recommending it, Dean,” Cas replies evenly. “I just thought it best to be prepared should it ever become necessary. And Mick said-”

The name rolls off Cas’s tongue and Dean sees red. “Oh. Mick, huh? We’re on first name basis now, are we? Well that’s just great.”

Confusion tilts Cas’s head and squints his eyes and it is not cute right now. “Dean is everything all right?”

“Of course!” Dean shouts, jumping to his feet. “Why wouldn’t I be thrilled about you getting all buddy-buddy with middle-aged Harry Potter?!” Dean turns on his heel and marches out of the room.

Of course, Cas is still struggling to understand sarcasm, Dean’s brand in particular, so he continues researching and is more and more fascinated about the history of the Men of Letters, which he happily relates to Mary, Sam, and a very bitter Dean.

A very bitter Dean, who answers all of Cas’s questions for the next two weeks with “I don’t know, why don’t you go call your boyfriend, Mick?”

So Cas… does… and then reports his findings to the Winchesters and Dean is ready to fucking explode every time Cas says “Mick said…” or “Mick thinks…”

Mick this. Mick that. Mick, Mick, Mick.

Dean spends a lot of extra time in the garage throwing tools and glaring at engines.

I reckon you could finish me off without breaking a sweat…


And did Cas really not sweat? He had to. Dean tried to think back to some hunts when Cas got a bit roughed up, tried to focus his memory on Cas’s forehead, the column of his throat, which was so long and smooth up until where his stubble-

Not the point, Winchester!

And one day they’re in the middle of a hunt and they’re stumped, exhausting all of their resources and Cas begins, “I could call M-”

And that’s it!

“WE’RE NOT CALLING MICK!” Dean screams and Mary and Sam’s eyes go wide.

“Why not?” Cas pouts.

“Because I don’t want his fucking help, Cas!”

“But his library is far more-”

“I don’t fucking care!” Dean yells. “You are not calling him, Cas, and that’s final!”

Cas’s eyes narrow and, yeah, definitely not cute this time. He gets to his feet. “Are you giving me an order, Dean Winchester?”

“Yes, Castiel, I am!”

Cas turns level eyes to Sam who just nods and takes his mother’s hand. “We need to go.”

They’re gone in seconds, leaving Dean to single-handedly face the fury of an angel of the lord. 

“You are being irrational and I want to know why,” Cas says.

“I’m irrational?” Dean scoffs. “You want to get in bed with the enemy! Literally!”

And there’s that damn head tilt. “I have no intention of sharing a bed with the British Men of Letters. I don’t sleep, Dean.”

Dean slaps his hands to his face, groaning and somewhere in the back of his mind, just begging Cas to smite him and end this all. 

“Dammit, Cas, that’s not… that’s not what I meant.”

“You are referring to sexual intercourse then? Because I also have no interest in engaging with the organization in such activities.”

“Cas, you’re killing me here,” Dean says weakly, exhausted at the sheer amount of oblivion coming from this ancient creature. “Why do you want to work with them?”

“You told me to.”

“When the hell did I-”

“You’ve been telling me to call Mick for the last two weeks.”

Dean blinks, trying to remember when he had lost his damn mind in the last two weeks- “Cas, I was being sarcastic!”

“Oh.” Cas looks calmer now. “So you didn’t want me to actually call Mick?”

“No, Cas! I don’t want you to even think about that fucker!”

“Why not?”

“Oh for the love of- HE WAS FLIRTING WITH YOU!”

Back to confused. “When?”

“When we rescued Sam! Oh, Jesus Christ, Cas. Sweat! The way he looked at you after you said you didn’t sweat.”

“Humans find the inability to perspire sexually appealing?”

“No, you idiot, you are sexually appealing!”

Dean is so frustrated he can’t even process what he just said until something lights in Cas’s eyes. It’s a bit dazed and disbelieving and… hungry? 

“You find me sexually appealing?”

“I-I-I w-what?” Dean stammers.

Cas takes a step toward Dean. “You said I was sexually appealing.” 

“What? No! I-I- I meant him - Mick - he-he finds you, ugh, se-sex, um, appealing. He finds you appealing.”

The light dies and Cas frowns. “Oh. So you don’t?”

Dean has to make a big decision then. To lie or tell the truth. To play it safe or take a chance.

And, well, when has Dean Winchester ever played it safe?


Blue swarms on Dean until he can’t see anything because Cas’s face is too close and something soft brushes Dean’s lips. They kiss and Dean wraps his arms around Cas’s waist, diving into this moment and locking the angel in place with him. 

When they separate Cas is grinning and Dean is too dizzy to see the teasing angel. “You were jealous,” Cas breathes.

“Took you long enough to figure it out,” Dean slurs and wonders if it’s possible to get drunk off of kissing because he’s showing all the signs of a good buzz.

“Actually, Mick told me last week.”

And there it goes. “Cas! What the hell!”

“You were confusing me,” Cas argues. “You were angry all the time but you wouldn’t talk to me.”

“So you’ve just been fucking with me this entire week?”

Cas’s fingers card calmingly through Dean’s hair and Dean gets the suspicion he’s being treated like an angry cat. “My apologies, Dean. Can we go back to kissing?”

Dean has half a mind to deny Cas but Cas’s other hand is hovering just over his ass and who the hell is he trying to kid?

“Fine. But we’re gonna have a long talk about your pen pal later.”

But that talk comes several, several hours later.

Oh look I accidentally wrote a shitty drabble again oops my bad

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Can you post a pic of yourself one day so we can see the face behind this wonderful blog?😊

u cutie pls asdfghjk since “one day” probably won’t ever happen because i shy away from posting pictures of myself literally always and, as of right now, i’m feeling a lil up to it, i’ll post a picture of my potato face under the cut so please beware!!!

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lol drama in the mlp ask blogs again

now, i don’t keep up with the times or the cliques or the drama because honestly, even though i find it hilarious, it gets very tedious and boring. i usually unfollow those who post a lot about callouts and “this person did that” and all. but my friends do keep me in the loop, roughly

seriously though

if drama is stressing you out… just unfollow the person/people involved? who gives a shit if they have such good art that you don’t wanna unfollow. if their personality is toxic, frikkin drop ‘em in the trash. don’t allow them to stress you out or upset you. you’re all too precious.

if you’re INVOLVED in the drama though… i dunno what to tell you, because I steer way clear of that stuff. personally i just shut people down ASAP if they try to start shit and involve me in it. but i mean… in the past, i used to get caught up in drama a lot, but i legit never even realized it! i am honestly that dense when people don’t like me, LMAO i forgot that i was ever involved in drama a few years ago until i actually found screenshots this year that i’d taken in like, 2013, on my ipad. i was pretty shocked to find them, because i had absolutely no memory of that??? but the proof was right there in front of my face. yikes

so um.. i rambled a little. point: unfollow the dramatic people if things upset you, do not feel as if you are obligated to keep following people with horrid personalities. do not feel as if you are required to take sides. and for the people involved in drama, my advice is: keep it private. the only reason you are making public posts about it is because you want it to get attention.

  • me:you know what’s the worst thing though? I over share SO much it’s like my brain wants me to drill my life story into other people’s brains for the sake of attention and it’s annoying yknow sometimes I wonder if it’s bc my dad he used to be really cruel to me when I was younger sometimes he didn’t let me talk for hours my therapist says I have daddy issues which is bullshit I am totally fine haha but anyways so about this fear of abandonment I was telling you about,
  • cashier:I’m gonna ask you one last time: cash or card

I got the cactus but I only got 2 I literally went everywhere and I only got 2 and I carried them through a crowd, 3 jeepneys and a tricycle jeez I went through a lot to get my babies there was also traffic that’s why I got home late

I also have splinters Cuz they were put in a pot inside a plastic only and BOOOOI I took the splinters out with my hand :’)

Their name is Tom and Alex (cuz my lovely sibling is a prick >:3c)

Unannounced hiatus is OVER!

Mod: As you might have noticed, I haven’t been updating… For months…

The reason for that isn’t because I’m out of ideas or out of will and not even the fact that I’ve been earning money, but because I didn’t want to put the effort and organize myself.

BUT! One of my fans got sick and tired of it and told me to do updates and even threw money at me! (not really, took him a while to decide what he wanted and I’m just going off what he said) That’s right, I’m that dirty dirty person who is willing to do a free blog only with a push of earning money when I’m in need of them most. Oh woe me. Such is life.

In other words, the next two posts were sponsored and they will wrap up the current story arc that is going on after a few years of it running!

Don’t worry if you will get confused by it, I know it’s been a long loooong time, all will be explained in a wrap up post coming after it! And then there will be more story arcs! Hopefully those that won’t take as long as they took so far.

In other news I’ve been giving this blog a little makeover, such as new buttons and new URL! The old url redirects you to the new one in a very nifty way. Now, you can also like and reblog while viewing the blog, without having to go to the specific posts!

I also want to get my hands to the tagging system and sort it out completely for easier navigation.

TL;DR: The blog isn’t dead and I’m still full of ideas, just needed a push to start working on this blog again.

If you have any questions, direct them to my mod blog @arosu-sama

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P.S.: Kinda started my Patreon again. Support it please for the Lola updates goals!

I’ve turned anonymous questions off.

I didn’t want to make a post about it because some things are better left unsaid, but it’s too much. I still receive ‘WCIF’ questions on a daily basis or repeat questions that are already answered on my FAQs page, and when I don’t reply, I get abuse. I’m also receiving abuse after everything I post, pretty much. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest because I’m an adult who has bigger problems in life to deal with, but I think it’s just easier to keep it off and avoid most of the questions. I hope this doesn’t bother anyone as I know going anonymous can help people feel easier about asking someone something, but I’m always open to the messenger system, should you wanna remain private. 

Thanks for understanding, and I’ll always still be happy to help! <3 :-)