I really think most celebrities, large and small, internet and otherwise, would be amazed to realize how many screw ups and bad behaviors would be largely forgiven or at least looked upon more kindly if they just admitted to a mistake and sincerely, humbly apologized rather than digging in their heels and ranting about how they were under attack.

V3 where everything’s the same, but one day Hoshi needs somethin’ outta a high cabinet and Amami just goes “okay” and puts him on his shoulders. theres this secret bro code that’s established between them and when the coast is clear amami just hoists Hoshi up on his shoulders. “he likes to feel tall”. Thats the only thing that ever happens between them

when taehyung goes to film a drama.
  • jimin: good luck filming, taetae!
  • jungkook: i would wish you the best of luck, but i believe luck is a concept invented by the weak to explain their failures.

watching youtubers play the sims gives me anxiety and anger issues

why are you letting them piss themselves

hello its 3am why is your ENTIRE family awake?

why does only the mum have alpha hair and realistic eyes

can we talk about that 100x100 square bedroom

Okay, so I work at a restaurant (think of Panera Bread but we serve different food), and this couple came in today. It was a black-haired guy and a blonde woman. It’s after the lunch rush, so it’s not very busy and they’re the only ones in line. So I start helping them, and the guy is being super charismatic, but his girlfriend is really shy (and super super pretty).

After he orders his food, she’s about to order, and he grins and says “Let me order for you. I’ll get it right.” (Now I know you’re thinking: ‘wow what a prick’ but this guy was really sweet and the girl was kind of giggling and being like “what… no” but anyway, he ends up ordering for her.)

So the SECOND this girl walks away, the boyfriend turns to me and looks horrified. He says “Okay look this is our second date and I’m really trying to impress her… can you help me out.” Like I said, there’s nobody in line, but this is pretty atypical so I just kinda stare at him like “ummm okay.” He’s like “What do you like on the menu?? What would she like?? Oh my god what does she like??” I try and ask him about her tastes and he only gives me a little information. The girl is low-key suspicious from where she’s sitting nearby.

So we end up ordering her a sandwich and then the guy is like so nervous it was pretty adorable, but then… When he goes to pay… Dude forgot his wallet. So the chick has to pay and she’s totally cool w/ it but he is dying on the inside. it’s pretty obvious he’s about to explode.

Food comes out, and I hand it to him, and he brings it to their table. They’re not sitting too far away from the front of the restaurant and he’s being cute to her like “here you go!!!” and the girl examines the sandwich, smiling really big. But then she kinda looks up at him, and pauses, and the guy is like “What’s wrong??”

She goes, “Sorry but I’m really allergic to avocado.”

The dude turns, looks at me. I will remember that expression until the day I die.

The girl is like “um well can we trade food?”

Really quiet he’s like “I got extra avocado on mine.”

…………………………Just imagine Victuuri