idk about you guys but I’d gladly join Griffin in the sewers over Animal Crossing Mobile being anything BUT an Animal Crossing game.

when you’re a trans guy and you’re talking on the phone with a stranger and they call you ‘sir’ without hesitation

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In Oshu things are fair. All my boys have smol sprites, ok?

Fanart based on Date Shigezane from Slbp. 

  • Background is an actual sprite from the game, I only drew the cheeky boy.
  • Dont use without permission. Dont repost anywhere.

Me: *gets a massage that hurt sooooo good*

Me: *goes into subspace during the massage and travels deep into a future fanfic that is 😭🔥😱👏😈👌💦🙃, then travels to Transference ch. 8 and talks to Hoseok*

Massage therapist: (after massage) Yea, you were definitely gone somewhere for at least half the session. I was concerned for a little while.

Me: I was in subspace taking care of things.

Massage therapist: You were very, very still.

Me: *internally screaming over future updates*