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Here are some overly intense filter selfies~
(you almost cant tell that theyre mark but mmk i try)

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Happy Birthday Son!!!!!! Hope you have an amazing day! You were one of the first people i started talking with here :)) you’re better at photoshop than me but i hope you like this one and the previous i sent you <3 i like you just a little :P

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Relationship status: Single
Favourite colour: Rose gold & white
Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick
Last song I listened to: Love by Lana Del Rey
Last movie I watched: Beauty & the beast live action
Top Three TV Shows: Game of thrones, pretty little liars, teen wolf
Top Three Characters: Cassian, Anakin, Aragorn
Top Three Ships: Han & Leia (sw) Arwen & Aragorn (lotr) Padme & Anakin (sw)

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OMG!!!! Ma sei pucciosa!!! Sia nella realtà che in versione cartone *^* sei tutta da coccolare!! (/>w<)/ ♡♡♡ (si ho visto quando hai pubblicato la tua foto UwU)

o mio dio grazie :’DDD. ma nuuu non sono pucciosa! X’D, aspe! hai visto la mia foto!?? OoO 😲😶😅😘😍

Kendim yazdım diye demiyorum ama şu asansör anısı muazzam bi anı değil mi yav ? En az 40 50 k not alması lazım gelecek nesiller falan okumalı :ddd Millet uzun olduğu için okumaya üşeniyor bi üşenmeseler

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  1. Call Me Baby by EXO
  2. All Night by Beyoncé
  3. One by Ed Sheeran
  4. Some Love by Red Velvet
  5. The Strays by Sleeping With Sirens
  6. Friend, Please by Twenty One Pilots
  7. I Constantly Thank God for Esteban by Panic! at the Disco
  8. This Town by Niall Horan
  9. Little White Lies by Bring Me The Horizon
  10. Gold Medal Ribbion by Pierce The Veil

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Oye tu no le ves semejanzas a Yui & a Karlheiz :v (En apariencia), No se tal vez soy la única loca que les ve parecidos xD DDD

Yo siempre vi parecida a Yui a Carla en las cgs:’v
La verdad para mí como que si se parecen un poquitoxD

Grupo no wpp “Crescendo na Fé ”
Temos :
troca de experiências e palavra diária 🙏
Estudos bíblicos🙌
relógio de oração⏰
Conselhos 😌
E so Chamar coloca seu número aqui nos comentários com DDD 🙌

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Verdana finding several of who he thinks are the same person Would be amazing lamo

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Hold up hold up, I followed you through critical role but what's this about Campaign and VAST? Those both sound awesome but I've never heard of either before help???


Ok friend here we go:

Campaign, aka #campaign podcast if you wanna peruse the tumblr tag, is a podcast of a group’s Star Wars Edge of the Empire campaign. Three goofy men (an angsty Clone Trooper, a smuggler who thinks he’s suave but is actually a disaster, and … I can’t explain Leenik Geelo in a sentence) with a force sensitive kid they semi-adopted fly around space trying to escape the Empire. They are quickly joined by a lady archeologist who is later revealed to be bisexual and I love her so much. First plotline is a little slow, but once they get off the planet things really pick up. They answer fan mail at the end of episodes in-character and it’s great. 
It’s hard to describe but it’s VERY funny, very sweet, and is mostly lighthearted. Some drama stuff but nothing too intense. It’s made me tear up a few times, but I haven’t wept like I do for Critical Role. Leans much more comedy than drama. The way that the Star Wars system works is that the story is much more collaborative than D&D. Players will suggest things that are more cinematic or funny or humiliating, and roll for that to happen instead. It’s a much chiller, relaxed, and almost I’d say … cuddly show (IDK how to explain this), and what I use to calm down with after a stressful Critical Role episode. 
Also THE DM IS A WOMAN. AN AWESOME WOMAN. SHE IS SO GREAT. HER NAME IS LITERALLY “KUHL” PRONOUNCED “COOL” THAT’S HOW AWESOME SHE IS. Seriously she’s just, she’s so cool. And talented. And overjoyed that people like her show. And she’s bi and Latinx; I can’t think of another show where the DM isn’t a white straight guy.
(The fandom is small but fierce so if you start posting, the official tumblr will likely like or even reblog your posts, responses on twitter are common, and if you are inclined to more naughty or smutty stuff the DM actually runs an official sideblog for that stuff. I kid you not. It’s called dumpsterbondage.)
The show can be found HERE and on iTunes. I cannot recommend it enough. 

VAST is a show in the style of Critical Role’s format, a DM running a campaign live with players onscreen, information below them, a video but could also work as a podcast if you wanted to just listen. It’s an original RPG created by the DM, and this is him basically showing how it works by running it with a group of players. Hard sci-fi, not quite space opera, not quite workplace drama, not as lighthearted as a Star Wars world … I’m not entirely sure how to classify it. The main thing is that the show is told in a split perspective. One week will be Captain Lucy Bard, first human to captain a Pac’ha ship and played fantastically by Amy Dallen, and her loyal crew doing peacekeeping missions, the “good guys.” The next week will be Visionary Destroyer, a giant murderous space cockroach with daddy issues, and his crew of tense vassals hunting down Captain Bard in pursuit of an escaped prisoner they wanna reclaim, the “bad guys.” 
It’s funny at times, sometimes very funny, but very much what I’d call a drama. Ethical questions, political shenanigans, and space battles are what go on in this show. There’s as much rolling for verbal debates as there is for physical combat. There’s an overarching mystery, and the fact that the show has writers coming up with the weekly plots and much of the team are comics and tv show writers really shows. In a good way, I would say. I do wish they could talk more and not rush things so much, the format does limit things so that they HAVE TO wrap up a plot in one episode because next week they swap out for the other team. That said they’ve only had 17 episodes so far and it’s VERY new so I’m sure they’ll iron things out as they keep going. Also, three women on one team, one woman on the other team, the most recurring guest is also a woman, and the cast is … ok not super diverse but more diverse than most gaming shows. When will my reflection show … what gaming groups are like IRL …
(The fandom is SUPER SMALL, like there doesn’t seem to be a unified tumblr tag yet. If you tweet about it on twitter or tweet @VASTrpg the cast will respond, which can be shocking at first if like me you’re used to bigger fandoms where that doesn’t happen.)
The show can be found exclusively on Alpha. If you’re looking to try out Alpha I suggest doing the month free trial and watching the first few episodes of VAST to see if you’re into it. 

Top Ten People You Want to Know Better

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Name: Audrey

Nickname: Scully (i have the same birthday as her!!

Favourite color: greyish blue or black

Last song I listened to: Bulletproof Heart by My Chemical Romance

Favourite TV show: Voltron, The X-Files, and Supernatural (wow its like i like the paranormal)

First fandom: Percy Jackson!!

Books currently reading: re-reading Harry Potter

Worst thing eaten: ate pineapples once lol never again

Bonus: recently moved schools and i run on two hours of sleep a night and redbull :DDD

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