while sanae is in TRAVERSE TOWN; he appears to be fine (all things considered), but emotionally he’s a train wreck. he’s got joshua sleeping in the spare room upstairs in his little cafe’s 2nd district, with no real determination of when or if he’ll wake up until shibuya is restored…. if it is restored. he can’t go too far or risk leaving the city too for fear something would happen to him.

it is unknown what would happen of heartless or nobodies came for a god and as producer; sanae can’t risk something happening to the composer outside of the city. the stress of shibuya being gone as a whole is also a different weight.

he’s been observing heartless but can keep them out of the shop’s building via his own power (even if he can’t get rid of them).  a lot of the stronger ones try and get back in given thow strong the pulse of sanae’s own heart and joshua’s is in one area.

it’s real stressful. good thing he’s got coffee to keep him alert.


Happy birthday keith :)

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-edit i made a fucking mistake like the dumb idiot i am, it wasnt supposed to be “people who care about me” twice, it was supposed to be “people who I care about, and people who care about me” :) fixed it now tho <3


head canon: King Dice CHOSE to work in the Devil’s Casino ( no contract needed, guess he liked working at casinos - he’s a god damn dice for fucks sake what do you expect)       he looks up to the devil and brags about being the devil’s right hand man ( he even included it in his theme song)   

the devil and him also like doing evil but goofy ass stuff to other people like pranks and stuff uwu                                                                                                

.+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙“The Ultimate Dog Dads”ヾ(・ω・  )シ 


Go on commission her guys~! I think she still got some slots there! *7* I mean JUST LOOK AT HOW ADORABLY BEAUTIFUL THESE XTALE KIDDOS ARE ऀืົཽ≀ ͔ ͕̮ ऀืົཽ✧

Art & Xtale by @jakei95
Palette Roller by @angexci
Goth by me