Happy happy happy birthday @kwamikwami!!!! I hope your day has been full of delicious food and fantastic company :) Here’s something @paperskirts and I have been cooking up together for your roadtrip AU! Watch for her fic for this ;) 

Here’s her drawing and my fic!


Spark ~ Instinct Team Leader ( Pokémon GO )

Give all your love and care to your Pokémon so you make sure they’ll grow up healthy and strong and… OH, HI THERE! Didn’t expect you here… hehehehehe

WELL YEAH!! Finally could make Spark’s preview!!! I’m so hyped! Still have to finish stuff (like i still have to work on his pendal that’s why I’m not wearing it in these x’D) and some detail on the shoes <3 Also was my first time styling wigs like this x'DDD Was kinda fun!

Con is tomorrow so I still have work to do and prepare stuff so I don’t know how active I’ll be this weekend, though I’ll try to keep the page updated :D

Thank you so much for the support, really! Also to friends for helping me with some accesories ;u; I’m so excited <3

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here's a joke to brighten up ur day. so bucky walks into a starbucks and there's a huge queue but he sees that sam is already waiting to place his order so he goes to him hoping he'll let him stay with him but sam spots him and says "to the end of the line, pal" HA but then bc i have to ship them in everything, bucky goes to the end of the queue and waits and sam actually orders for both of them bc he knows exactly what buck likes and he's like "come on old man i got ur favs" and buck's all :DDD


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Random question (posted at 01:36 AM) (I have no life) : I've just checked that this blog was 1 year and almost 2 months old... Very very very very very very very late Happy birthday !!!

That moment when your followers know your blog better than you.

lol thanks! I didn’t even know x’DDD

After this, I checked the date of my first Weeabootale post ever posted on internet (not on tumblr) and it was on the 23rd of march… If I remember, I created weeabootale the day before, but it really became a “thing”  the 23rd of march so let’s say that it’s its anniversary.

… I bet I’ll forget lol. I always forget anniversaries and dates x’D

And don’t worry bro, I have no life either.
I was watching Jojo memes when I saw your message at 1:36 AM x’DDDD

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Poe Dameron ;)

My otp: DarkPilot :DDD
My most hated pairing: I dont hate anything but Poe/Han Solo isnt something i’d want to read
My unusual otp: Poe/Kylo/Hux, it’s rare but it feels right :’D
My crossover otp: nothing shippy but i think Poe should join the Avengers
My brotp/friendship otp: Poe/Finn/Rey
Character headcanon: i think he’s ridiculously kinky. like, the kind of kinky that shocks you :’D
A Gif that shows how I feel about the character:

thank you babe ♥

Düne kadar diyordum ki siyaset bilimi test olursa onu da belki yaparım diğer hepsinden ennn kötü ba ile geçerim :DDD bugün ticarete atılma planları yapıyorum birincil açığı anlamak için dört kez okumam gerekti başka çarem kalmadı

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Hey Ty, I just saw the post about all the ethnicities in Solaris and I just wanted to say I'm so glad so many of them are Filipinx!!! I've never seen that kind of representation of my own race in any project before, and it made me sooo happy and excited! Especially Kajur, who I've always been fascinated by. Does she wear cultural dress at all? :DDD Keep up the amazing work dude!!

I’m so happy to hear this, thank you!! I haven’t drawn Kajur in traditional/cultural clothes, but now I really want to!

Oops, Filipinx ask again here. Totally forgot to call Kajur by their gender neutral pronouns, my bad!

Don’t sweat it my friend!


THE 100 HP AU: Bits and bobs.


The Blakes are both nerds, Lincoln is too pure, Monty has to deal with Octavia & Lincoln’s awkwardness, Raven goes to the infirmary a little too often, Clarke & Lexa are gross in every universes, and the Gryffindor’s 7th year class might be the worst that Hogwarts has ever seen.

Other students existing in this AU: Maya, Murphy, Emori. Edit: cute tiny second year Aden.

>> More of this AU <<

(IMPORTANT: I can’t please everyone with the sorting of their houses, this isn’t open for debate anymore. Sorry if you don’t like it. ♥)