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This is a tribute to my love Saix <3 I made this as a companion piece to the Axel I did last year, both of them are activating their final limits. Hope you like :)

http://fav.me/d947ehh I’ll update the deviation with all of my headcanons and general gushing tomorrow.

http://fav.me/d7i03z9 This is a link to Axel.


Every time I look back at the poll I made, there are more and more answers, haha! So here are the latest recs from all of you guys.

What’s the last Inception fanfic you read?

Jamais Vu by thehoyden

A Better Way to Drown by Valonia

AELDWS drabbles from last week

I just re-read Technically a Virtue because of the A/E Wing photoshop. (dude ME TOO haha)

Re-reading Sex worker Eames/Young Military Arthur WIP on the kink meme (ooh! link??)

Double Buck by wldnst (IT’S A LUMBERJACK AU :DDD)

More answers and recs behind the cut!

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finebyme4999 asked:

Here we go :DDD : When Dad pines came to visit his "uncle". Stan would try to fish with him and he would go along with it to make the old man happy. Stan would tell about his home life and how his dad was as a child and Lex would just go along with all the made up stories of their adventures. When he was sleeping in the attic, Stan would revisit his textbooks to work on startingup the portal again. Alex wishes to be as smart as his father.


1) Lex tries going fishing with Stan ONCE but he falls in the lake and swears to never go again (as not to undo the fishing buddies comment from Legend of the Gobblewonker)

2) the only time young Lex lets his cynical barriers down is when listening to stories about his dad growing up and wants to be like him when he’s older I LOVE IT

18. things you said when you were scared

some-fantastic-url-name​ said 18, mavin pls :DDD

“Get down!” Michael yelled as he pulled Gavin into cover. “Shit, shit shit, this job wasn’t supposed to go like this, Geoff said it was easy.” Michael mumbled  as he checked Gavin and himself for injuries. “Any luck contacting anyone, boi?”

“I’ve got nothing, all the coms must be down, we’re in this alone boi.” Gavin tried not to let the fear show in his eyes. Out of the two of them he was usually the one to freak out in any given situation, but Michael seemed pretty scared right now. It was all Gavin could do to remain calm, as Michael sat trying to think of a plan.

“Okay, they have us surrounded so we need a distraction.” Michael said as he searched his pockets, “Fuck, okay, I don’t have any explosives left, what do you have Gav?”

Gavin held up his guns, both with only half a clip of ammo left in each. “I didn’t bring anything else because I thought it was just an empty warehouse.”

Michael briefly peaked his head around the wall they were taking cover behind and swore, “God dammit, this’ll last us a minute if we’re lucky and they look like they’re about to start closing in.” his voice rushed and low, giving way to the panic he normally kept well hidden.  

Michael turned back to Gavin and dragged him further into the shadows, holding him close, both men breathing heavily, trying to come to terms with their situation.

“Michael” Gavin murmured, turning his head to speak into Michael’s ear, “there’s no way out Michael, it’ll be okay, we knew this would happen eventually.”  Gavin squeezed Michael’s hand, trying to be as reassuring as he could about their inevitable death.

“No, Gavin, this isn’t supposed to happen like this, this was just supposed to be an everyday job. This is bullshit. I was supposed to keep you safe, I have to keep you safe!” Michael whispered into Gavin’s ear, pulling him impossibly closer, hoping to mask how much his body was shaking with fear. Not fear for himself of course, dying was never something he had been afraid of, but fear for Gavin. He had promised Geoff he would keep Gav safe, he’d promised himself.

Gavin scoffed before turning and facing Michael, their two bodies pressed as close as possible into the shadows. “Don’t be ridiculous, I can take care of myself, I’m not a child.”

Michael was about to protest and point out their current situation when they heard voices coming closer. The two boys locked eyes and both exchanged a whispered “I love you”, before they closed their eyes, braced against the wall for whatever was about to come round the corner.

A large explosion shook the building, knocking them both to the ground, but not harming them. The voices they had heard before stopped and it was deathly quiet, apart from the ringing in their ears.

“Alright boys, play times over, we have work to do.” Geoff’s voice called from the direction of the explosion.

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anonymous asked:

Youve been talking about this arima thing since before i left for work (10 am EST) till now (12:30 am EST the next day) i love your love for arima thank you omg

I will probably still talk about this sheep-wolf thing for one more week. I’m so sorry for blabbering so much about this sobs. If my net was good enough to load skype then it wouldn’t be this bad I swear. :,DDD

lostinastainedglassdaydream asked:

Hey there! :) First off, Huge Congrats on meeting Sebastian, as well as seeing Chadwick, that's beyond awesome & so happy for you!!! :'DDD Was wondering if you could share any details about the experience? :) If not, totally understand :) Congrats!!

Well, hello and thank you! Together with some friends (plus some professional autograph hunters from Ebay, grrr) I was waiting and trying my luck to see or catch some of the Captain America Civil War cast, when suddenly walking down the street Sebastian came along. Dunno from where he came back from, but he was alone by himself. Someone recognized him first and everyone was quite shocked - omigawsh, we are finally lucky, it’s really him. We all got fan pix and autographs. We were such a quiet bunch, but inside some of us were literally dying bc of happiness. Even I am grinning like a stupid idiot, muuuahaha. But he was super nice and took his time, smiled widely and even looked back and waved at us when had to go. Awww. The Ebay hunters left then. Fuckers! 

Later suddenly a car appeared with its glasses down. Usually the carpool is black with deep black glasses so u’re not able to look inside. But this way I saw who sat in the backseat and freaked out immediately a lil bit bc it was Chadwick. A few weeks earlier I watched “Get on Up" - and that grinning face you cannot forget. And yesterday I was the only one among our group who had a picture he could have signed. But damn I stood on the wrong side of the car. So I stood just there and waved at him and said Hi. He looked around totally surprised but laughed happily. The odds were not in my favor - before I could put out my pic or asking him at all the driver did set the car in motion and drove off to party or something like that. The fans on the other side didn’t know him and afterwards they asked me - who was thathatas that really him? 

quoth-the-ravenclaw asked:

the fact that i ship sourin is entirely your fault. i was just browsing the free! tag (fresh off finishing the anime), minding my own business, and BAM. SOURIN DOODLES. and i had literally never even considered them before but suddenly i was like "oh. oh yes. yes this is very good i would like all of it."


anonymous asked:

ecem hem şişkosun hem ayağın çirkin para gerçekten yanlış insanlarda

puhahahaha çatla dur amınakoduğum :ddd