🌸🐱🌸It’s ok to be a little and be….🌸🐱🌸

• Plus sized

• Petite


• Straight

• Dark skinned

• Light skinned

• Old

• Young

• Into cutesy, pink, girly things

• Not into cutesy, pink, girly things

• With a CG

• Without a CG

• Neurotypical

• Neurodivergent

• Disabled

• Abled bodied


🌸😊🌸 Whatever you are, whoever you are, all you need is a little state of mind 🌸😊🌸

Legs poised and re-engaged,
she slightly swayed
the narrow breadth
of red pumps,
candid tights
and pencil skirt.
She wore a sun kissed frame
the full truth of lazy summer,
exploiting nothing,
speaking freedom
from her posture.
A vernacular of lust
was spelled out among the sons
whom held an interest
in escaping mundane ties.
Nary did she glance,
never gave the boys a chance,
she had her books,
her many gardens,
and her daddy.


Ever wanted to take a look inside my jewelry box? Probably not, but here you go anyway. The last ring is a VERY special one that daddy got me for my birthday last year. Let’s just say it’s one step up from a promise ring.

What’s YOUR favorite jewelry item that you can’t leave the house without?

-Little L