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You should have seen him when he first arrived at Arkham, Dr. Quinzel. He was just a boy. Good lookin, too. But somethin–somethin just wasn’t right with ‘em. Real shame. When you see him now..well..just remember that he’s human. A real, fucked up, straight jacket bound, human.

I’ve always been kind of interested in Bette Kane. She was the original Batgirl, got scrapped, then brought back as just another side-character, and hasn’t really been developed since (though I liked her in Batwoman’s series; but, not so sure about that Hawkfire name). I think a lot of my interest in her actually has more to do with all the different directions her character could go in. She’s Flamebird!  There could be a rivalry with Nightwing or working partnership or she could be a leader of her own team or something. Thinking about this made me want to experiment with my own version of her.  

Honestly, this Captain Marvel/ Wonder Woman mishegas is the biggest, most glaring example of the anti-DC bias in the media, especially since it started before the DCEU. 

When we were balls deep in phase one of the MCU which was five male-led films all with one to two female characters each, the only thing DC was making was the Dark Knight trilogy, DC was getting smashed all over for not making a Wonder Woman film. In the entirety of the 2000s, DC only made films about four different characters (one of them being female but sure, don’t mention that…).

Fast forward a bit, now we’re suffering through phase 2 of the MCU and the DCEU has now technically begun. And now we’re introduced to the biggest piece of shit phrase that ever graced the Marvel vs DC sides of the internet: “Marvel can make a movie about a talking raccoon and DC can’t make Wonder Woman”. 

Which, at the time was about half fair. DC had admittedly been in the wrong for waiting so long to make Wonder Woman, but where was Marvel’s Wonder Woman? Where was Captain Marvel, or Black Widow, or She-Hulk, or Spider-Woman, or any female character that wasn’t a mutant or Sue Storm? Where was it? It wasn’t there. They were too busy making “a movie about a talking raccoon”.

Fast forward to the present. Captain Marvel has a face to her name, a face that we won’t see in any movie for, at the very least, another year and in her own movie, another four years. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman’s solo film, her own film that she is the lead hero of, the thing that everybody wanted for years, the movie that DC has been criticized for not making for god knows how many years, is in post production. It’s coming. There’s a trailer. It was at comic con. The release date is refreshingly close.

And now what are people saying about it?

That it was rushed.