okay now hear me out.

ive been batting the idea around in my head for a while, that vriska’s being set up to get thrown in another sprite, and nepetas a very enticing option. but the latest upd8, with her force-prototyping tavros, pretty much seals the deal.

Nepetasprite is going to be secondary prototyped with Vriska.

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art done by the amazing venuscas and commissioned by the loveliest obsiddean for me ♥


so it’s been four months since i’ve done one of these, so i thought why not do one again for august??

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Let’s go back to better times when it wasn’t 88 degrees out with 78% humidity. I haven’t posted outfits because I haven’t been leaving the house except when I have to and it’s like in and out so anyway.. Have some unedited outtakes from my favorite post . I pretty much look displeased and I don’t know how to do my makeup except “well this looks neat” *slaps on sparkles* so my overall primer/concealer is just shimmer. I miss the snow.

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Hello ! What's zionism exactly ? I see that everyone has a different definition, it's confusing me. What are zionists' goals ?

I’d advise you to take a good long read through our Zionism tag. 

There are Zionisms. Plural. In the roughest sense, it’s the belief that Jews should have a safe homeland. Practically speaking, the Zionist movement led to the creation of Israel. There are political, religious and philosophical branches to the idea. 

There are Bi-nationalist Zionists who believe that Israel can be shared between two people and still be a safe Jewish homeland. There is an idea called “Post-Zionism” that suggests that Zionism as a project is over since Israel exists. There are religious Zionists who refuse to acknowledge the State of Israel because it wasn’t created as part of the messianic age. There are Cultural Zionists who believe that Jewish heritage and life should be preserved in Israel, but that the state shouldn’t exist. There are Revisionist Zionists who believe that no Palestinian state should exist and that the world gave Jews nothing and we owe the world nothing. There are Liberal Zionists who believe in a two state solution. There are Zionists who believe that the Jewish homeland should be somewhere other than Israel that doesn’t have another population.

In short, it’s an incredibly complicated subject with a lot of different ideas behind it. This is very much the tip of the iceberg and not much of a visible tip at that.

The Pillars Of Creation & Eagle Nebula
A star forming region within the Eagle Nebula (M16) some 7,000 light years from earth. The Pillars Of Creation (named after The Hubble Telescope's famous capture in 1995)just to the right of centre in this image. This collaboration by Retired Airforce Col. John Mansur of Florida who acquired the H-Alpha, SII and OIII data remotely from Siding Spring NSW Australia using a 27.5" F6.6 Astrograph/FLI-PLO9000 with processing in Hubble Palette by Terry Hancock using CCDStack and CS5 Only 5 x 5 min exposures each channel make up a total Integration Time 75 minutes Annotated Full size view can be seen here nova.astrometry.net/annotated_full/1154674

“The Great Beings created you not only as a cure for what might ail Mata Nui. You were their way to fix any mistakes they might have made in the creation of the universe. If the universe is too far out of balance, a countdown begins. Your mask turns to silver…and then to black…and when it is as black as a Makuta’s spirit, all life in this universe will cease to exist.”

The "You know what this reminds me of" person.

There is nothing new under the sun, this much is true. However, there is something really annoying and snobbish about a person that opens up the sentence to another artist with, “Your style reminds me of-”. Some people don’t mean any harm, but there is a way to go about it. Perhaps ask who the influences are before jumping to conclusions.I don’t mind telling who my influences are, what irks me is when you get it dead wrong and compare it something totally not even on my radar. I don’t know…. that is always disrespectful to me. It’s like you discredit the effort and creativity that might have gone into the creation. Everyone is inspired by something but you shouldn’t water down someone else’s work with what you THINK it is. Whether it’s my work or someone else’s work, I always find it in bad taste. But that’s just me because I’m easily irritated by people.

Disney’s Big Hero 6 might also draw inspiration from Big Hero 6’s mini-series, where Wasabi and Fred first appeared, replacing Silver Samurai and others. Since Disney took Wasabi and Fred as characters of the film, it’s likely that Disney also took inspiration from the series’ setting: America. This can explain the creation of San Fransokyo.

Google celebrates Godzilla creator’s 114th birthday with a Dumb Ways to Die-style playable doodle !

Tuesday’s Google Doodle celebrates iconic film director Eiji Tsubaraya’s 114th birthday by allowing you to make your own short live action film through an interactive game.

Born 114 years ago, Japanese film and special effects director Tsuburaya Eijipioneered the art of ‘tokusatsu‘ — creating spectacular scenes using miniature city sets and figures. He’s also credited with the creation of Godzilla and Ultraman, and Google is celebrating his birthday with a special interactive doodle on its home page.

The doodle takes you through 10 scenarios of a quick game on a beautifully illustrated set of a tokusatsu film that plays a lot like the popular mobile title Dumb Ways to Die.

Tsubaraya was one of Japan’s best known special effects directors. Through his monster movies, he coined a style called Tokusatsu, a Japanese form of live action film.

Tsubaraya passed away in 1970, but his distinctive influence on special effects lives on in films like Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim and even thePower Rangers.


200+ Followers Gift ~ Gracie Lane.

(Name intended ;3)

This house is made for Family (At least, that’s my opinion), and is made in Gracie’s honor since she is almost done with the Bachelorette Challenge!! I’m excited to see her children!! ^-^. Anyway, same rules apply with Gracie Lane that was on Evelyn Street. Please TAG ME if you decorate the inside or out, I would love to see your creations with this house! You guys made such awesome creations with Evelyn Street! Shoutout: fallenstar1119 (You are an awesome interior decorator!) amiisims (I love that renovation my new friend!) serensimity (Please show more of those wonderful rooms, they look amazing!) 

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