Walter Russell. The Wave Cycle, The Cube and the Sphere are the Sole Working Tools of Creation, Basic Principle of Space Geometry, Geometry and Mathematics of Octave Waves, Analysis of the Octave Bar Magnet, Thermo-Dynamic Series. 1959.

Whoever Controls His Anger (Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Quote)

عن معاذ بن جبل رضي الله عنه أن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم قال:

من كظم غيظا وهو قادراً على أن ينفذه دعاه الله سبحانه على رؤوس الخلائق يوم القيامة حتى يخيره مِن الحور العين ماشاء.

رواه أبو داود والترمذي وقال حديث حسن.

It is narrated from Mu`adh ibn Jabal radhiya allahu `anhu [may Allah be pleased with him] that the Prophet ﷺ said:

“Whoever controls his anger, emotions of dislike, and wish for vengeance while he is able to carry out his vengeance, Allah, glory to Him, will call him on the Day of Judgment above all the Creation so that he can choose among the very best of the Companions of Paradise for himself.

Narrated by Abu Dawood and at-Tirmidhi as a hasan hadith.

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Our love knows no bounds

Arabian Eeveelution designs made by hopebiscuit

Outfits made and worn by -
Umbreon: Felicia Dark
Sylveon: Kanami Cosplay
Espeon: AlyCat Cosplay

Photographer: WeNeals
Headdresses (Umbreon/Espeon) 3D printed by: Frogsplits Creations
Gem’s casted by Alycat Cosplay
Assembly/painting/etc done by Felicia Dark


Glamlights Shadow~ 50 colors!

Glamorous, elegant and sparkling eyeshadows for your sims!

It is not too harsh, or too much. It only covers the main lid area, and a little of the under lid. Even the brightest and darkest colors will fit perfectly.

It comes in 50 different colors, duochrome, extremely sparkly and regular. You will find shades for every occasion!

All genders, all ages.

  • Please DO NOT re-upload my creations or claim them as your own! All my creations are fully handpainted!! Please DO NOT use parts of my creations for other things! Thank you

Download here: *click*

Never Alone’s New DLC Is About Preserving  Iñupiaq History
I never expected the world’s first Alaskan Native video game to come out with DLC. But Never Alone’s new add-on means more than just than just extra gameplay.
By Evan Narcisse

I never expected the world’s first Alaskan Native video game to come out with DLC. But Never Alone’s new add-on means more than just than just extra gameplay.

In terms of how it got made and the narrative told inside the game itself, Never Alone stood apart from most video games that came out last year. The indie platformer is the result of partnership between The Cook Inlet Tribal Council and veteran developers who formed a new development studio, not the usual money-plus-talent equation behind most video games. The multiplatform release was also unique in its overarching goal, which was to serve as a cultural export that communicated the lifestyle, values and folklore of a specific set of people.

When it came out in 2014, Never Alone’s mere existence seemed like a significant feat. I figured that Nuna and Fox’s adventure would be a one-off curio, a charming but rough example of how video game creation could be meaningful in a different way. Then came a recent DLC announcement, which said that a new add-on called Foxtales would put players in a new story and new season. Sometimes, it seems like downloadable content is primarily a way for money-hungry publishers to squeeze more cash out of players. But—as the DLC for games like The Witcher 3 and Dying Light have shown—add-ons and expansions are also a way for game creators to fine tune various elements, implement new ideas and flesh out the world-building that went into an initial release.

Read more of this important piece by Evan Narcisse at Kotaku


“Why is Barbie is so unrealistic and sexualized?!?”

Well, Barbie was literally based on a shameless gold digger/implied part-time prostitute character from a German tabloid comic. 

Comic artist Reinhard Beuthien was ordered to make a “filler” to conceal a blank space in the June 24, 1952 issue of German tabloid paper Bild-Zeitung. He drew a cute baby, but his boss didn’t like it.  So, he kept the face, added a ponytail and a curvy woman’s body, and called his creation “Lilli”.

In general, Lilli was bold and brazen, having no qualms with discussing sex openly in public.  Though she held a job as a secretary, the pay didn’t quite meet her personal high standard of living, so she made it a point to go after any man with a substantial bulge in his wallet, regardless of his looks (“I could do without balding old men, but my budget couldn’t!”).

The character became so popular that she spawned her own line of “fashion dolls” from 1955 to 1964.  Each doll, known as a “Bild Lilli”, was actually quite expensive for the time period, and was considered a “gag gift” for adults–NOT AT ALL intended for children.  Before finding success with Lilli, German company O&M Haußer, under their trademark “Elastolin” line, had previously been producing toy soldiers–specifically figures of the Nazi party, including Adolf Hitler figures with super Nazi-saluting action.  Such was life under the Nazi party.

So, yeah.  If you don’t like how Barbie looks, blame the woman who bought Bild Lillis and gave them to her daughter, then later redesigned them to be toys mass-marketed towards little girls.  While you’re at it, blame the little girls that fell in love with the dolls as well.  Remember, folks:  It’s a goddamn toy–it’s not supposed to perfectly resemble reality.  Nobody wants to play with a doll that looks like their neighbor down the street.  That’d just be creepy.

When I’m here i forget about you
When I’m here i get lost in creation
When I’m here God washes away the pain