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Hey! I absolutley love msa, but i was wondering if itll have any ships that will be endgame? I know you ship deku w baku if he learns from his mistakes, etc but i still cant stomach it. If it does i wont read it but the chapters so far have been amazing!

im actually very uncomfortable with baku/deku … presumably in the past i wrote myself into enjoying their really weird relationship in byggualom, and then wrote myself right out of it again. that happens sometimes. but in any case, i dont think anything i write will feature baku/deku again

msa is either going to be genfic or it’s going to turn into kiri/deku, i’m not sure where the story will go yet!

There’s a good spot.

i need someone to stay for once. i need someone to make me feel a little less disposable, a little easier to love, a little easier to want. i don’t want to be dependent on someone, but i want someone who makes life a little more enjoyable when i’m by their side. i want someone who i know will be beside me in struggle. i need someone i can count on, and i know i can count on myself so i hold people to the standards i hold myself to. i constantly find myself being let down and i just want things to be different for once. my heart is so full of love for all of the wrong people and i need someone to show me the silver lining to all of this.

October 17, 2017 [47/100]
Today was the most productive day I’ve had in a while. I was at the library by 7:30 and even left the apartment early even with a slow start. I got 2 different sets of anatomy notes done and figured out a good way to annotate the PowerPoint during class so I’m actually paying attention (wow). And I wrote another application essay. I rarely update how my application process is going on here but it’s going well! I have like 2 more essays to write and a little editing to do and then I’m basically done! Once these midterms are done I’ll have about a week to finish it up if I want to get it all done by the early admission deadline. I think I can actually get it in on time!! That way I will know as soon as possible where I’ve gotten into. Very scary 😬 but pretty exciting as well!


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Genre: College!AU, Tutor!AU

Pairing: Y/N x NCT’s Taeyong

Word Count: 1.3K

A/N: Was reading through some old drafts I wrote and I decided why not post this since I’m barely on. I remember someone requesting for a college!au with taeyong but my ask box is currently empty, so I can’t remember who requested but here it isssss! Plus, I just finished all my homework for tomorrow and it’s 1 in the morning and I can’t sleep so

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Woah! You guys are crazy hahaha last night i saw one ask about the tired meme thing and now there are a lot hahaha thank you!

Would be a good practice, i will draw the ones that are not repeted since some of them are the same ((sorry! 😓))

I still dont know if i should do them on traditional or in digital haha :‘v (but it will took me more time because responsabilities)


JHOPE started coughing because he breathed some smoke from the fireworks that were placed too close to the stage. If you watch the video. You will realize that Jimin chocked too and had to leave the stage quickly. (Taehyung and Jungkook were less affected than Hoseok and Jimin but also started coughing). Meanwhile, Rapmon who in this situation didn’t lose his cool saluted the audience and started a mini-talk. Jin was also there reacting and making it seem like nothing happened while Jungkook who also was coughing quickly smiled and answered Namjoon’s question. After a moment Jhope returned to the stage smiling to not worry ARMYs. BTS will realize Jimin is not back yet so Suga will improvise and keep the discussion going. As soon as Jimin came back they began performing. So even in this situation, BTS kept their professionalism. BUT THAT ALMOST GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK.