“Y’know, we could save some time by using the main background people for the audience cutaway.”

Ted the Animator: “Meaning?”

Carl the Animator: “Well, right after the shot of the creepy audience…”

Carl the Animator: “…the next frame, it can cut straight back to her, but with most of the same people!”

Carl the Animator: “Boom. Minimal re-drawing.”

Ted the Animator: “Yyyyeah, I don’t think that can stay in the movie.”

Carl the Animator: “What? Why?”

Ted the Animator: “As much as I admire efficiency… I’m not so big on teleportation.”

Carl the Animator: “There’s not that much.”

Ted the Animator: “Well, there’s Weird-Charlie-Brown-Shirt-Butt-Chin-Guy moving from back-left to front-right… Tan-Uniform-Guy stealing Creepy Grandpa’s drink… and the wall in front of them radically changing, all in a twelfth of a second.”

Carl the Animator: “Well, sure, but think of the valuable stuff we could work on with that saved time.”

Ted the Animator: “Like?”

Carl the Animator: “Like getting enchiladas.”

Ted the Animator: “…ok, looks like it’s staying in the movie.”

in Fall, we rejoice in the shedding of the old, thanking our pasts for shaping us into better versions of ourselves.

in Winter, we bask in the end of the year, reminiscing on how much we have changed and how much we will continue to.

in Spring, we bloom with the flowers, making way for the new and saying goodbye to that which no longer serves purpose.

and in Summer, we fall in love, eyes twinkling with the promise of fresh potential, hearts aglow like the daytime sun.

missing keith au pt 1

based of @matthewholts art and au where keith’s missing and all lance has left are tapes (oof i jump right into the angst so…here we go…)

  • keith goes missing the night after they share their first kiss and lance wakes up from their his sleep and reaches out for keith’s hand only to find the other half of his bed cold and empty.
  • the night before, he and keith were on the couch, both absentmindedly watching some kind of documentary, knees touching and keith’s head on his shoulder, the closest they’d been in weeks.
    • lately keith had been quiet, flinching, secretive. staying out late, talking on the phone in hushed tones, he was becoming distant and it reminded lance so much of when they first met that he wanted to cry. ask keith what went wrong.
    • he’d come home tired, pale, and toward the last couple of weeks before his disappearance, covered in dirt and bruises. once, lance tried to ask about what was going on as he helped keep a tissue to keith’s bleeding nose, but keith snapped at him. it wasn’t his business he said. but as he watched keith limp out of the room and slam his door, he wished it was.
  • keith broke the calm that settled over them with a shuddering breath and a few words mumbled into lance’s shoulder
    • “i can’t hear you when you stuff ur face into my shirt” lance softly laughed and keith turned his face to look up at lance and repeated himself
    • “im sorry” he said, and took lance’s hands in his (lance was almost positive that keith can feel his racing heartbeat throb on his fingertips that are now pressed against the back of keith’s hand, but if he does he doesn’t say anything)
    • “what for?” lance asked, but he already knew. he just didn’t want to push to hard, didn’t want keith to close himself off again. he didn’t know if he could handle it
    • keith nestled himself back into lance’s side and his grip on his hands tightened 
    • “for nothing. everything. i’m not a hundred percent sure but especially for this” he says as he brings his lips to lance’s, breath escaping both of them at the same time as everything around them falls into place
  • they kiss softly and sweetly as the video is still playing on the tv, and when lance pulls away, he says “i’m not sorry for that” before pulling keith in for another one
  • when he wakes up alone, he understands why keith was apologizing, remembers drifting off to sleep with fingers in his hair and keith’s raspy voice tickling the shell of his ear
  • “you will be”

With Season 2 right around the corner, I feel like our little fandom is going to see a huge growth spurt and I am so excited! So many new content creators and people to scream about the show with! So if you’re one of those new folks, welcome aboard. Please always feel free to drop by and say hello. It’s great to have you.

Bound By Honour - Chapter 5

Pairing: Eric/OC *Sarah*
Fandom: Divergent/Insurgent
Rating: M - Some very expressive content within the depths of this post.

Eric has the best hand in all the factions, but can’t seem to get to grips with his life as a parent to two grown Dauntless members. The honour is passed to Sarah as she battles with the woes of an unruly daughter and a wayward son. Balanced with a intricate web of personal struggles and outsiders, can they stop their family from falling apart?

A/N: I’m sorry for the delay. Some of you may well know that I’ve been distracted, and I will be taking a lengthy break from writing fanfiction. I have some things I want to do for myself and I feel I’m ready and it’s about time. I will still be around to chat etc, just not participating in uploading fics, at least until my current muse ends anyway. Thank you for reading and supporting me for so long.

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anonymous asked:

REALLY? dude, don´t you see? she doesn´t know how to draw at all! everything looks wrong and disproportional

And? You drew perfect when you started? You drew perfect all your life? You know what “trial and error” “Practice” “Pacient” “time” and “support” means?

Well if you are sending me this i guess not