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MIDTERMS ARE FINALLY OVER!!! 🤓  i’ve been studying for philosophy and biology the last two days! here is a mind map for philosophy and flashcards for biology 🌎☄💫  now i’m just hoping and praying i get good results back for all my midterms 😫

  • Me:Hey, Abled People, a cop just shot an unarmed Deaf man for absolutely no reason! Where's the outrage?
  • Me:
  • Me:...Abled People?
  • Me:Hello?
  • Abled People:*Whispering frantically* But do we say deaf or do we say Deaf or do we say hard-of-hearing or do we say hearing impaired or do we say handicapped or do we say handicapable or do we

So can we agree that while the autistic community is growing and there are hundreds of people on tumblr who really are #actuallyautistic, there are also hundreds of people on tumblr and in real life who are saying that they’re autistic in order to get away with being an asshole and that in doing so, they’re hurting people who are #actuallyautistic?

And like the worst part is you can’t call any of them out on it because they pull the disability card before you can even blink and then you look like the jerk because they are a person with autism and they’ll have you know that Autism Speaks once said that you can’t yell at any person on the autism spectrum disorder (Note: I’m intentionally using outdated/negative words/organizations to prove a point that most of them are saying bs.) and they know that they’re not autistic and you know that they’re not autistic but you just have to sit there and let them be an asshole while giving the real autistic community a bad rep. 

Doesn’t that make anyone else mad?

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Isn't your point of Naive Diversification defeated simply by the existence and success of the Dark Souls series? In that series you can put your points in to anything you want and build however you want. You have total freedom. But people don't just throw their points in to "every category." They have optimized builds for the style they want to play.

Are you seriously trying to tell me that the series whose community mantra is “Git Gud” doesn’t have a lot of bad players in it? That a large number of players don’t constantly make all sorts of mistakes with their builds and play? Who do you think “Git Gud” is directed at, a minority or a majority of the players?

Don’t mistake sales numbers for a gauge of community skill or ability. The larger the game’s player base, the worse the average player tends to be, because the player base approaches approximating the overall average gamer… and the average gamer is not very good. Remember, around 80% of the average game’s player base never even looks online for information about that game, and only about 5% of them will actually ever post. This group is the hardest of the hard core and they are self-selecting, making them non-representative of the overall player base.

i start school in a week exactly, and as much as i love to try to prepare myself with supplies and masterposts, i’m still anxious af. so i decided to put together this list of non-academic advice things to help you guys out during the school year. also yes, i know it gets cheesy at the end.

  • i know everyone always says this, but bring some darn water with you!
  • don’t like that taste of water? try adding fruit, not “flavoring.” those are basically just packets of sugar, and if you do drink those, you should also be drinking the same amount of plain water to balance out your sugar intake.
  • if you happen to have boobs, check out some non-bra options like bralettes, pasties, or just going completely braless. trust me, everyone has those days.
  • keep some extra snacks in your pack or locker (almonds, dried fruit, and hard candy are great options.)
  • find a classroom/other space to go when you need to just be quiet and either regroup or get work done.
  • if you get anxious, check out worry stones or worry dolls. they’re small and you can find them completely unique to your own needs. keep it in your pocket during tests or other stressful times.
  • if you wear glasses, i know from experience that they can either start to hurt your eyes or behind your ears and lead to migraines. keep a glasses case in your bag/pack if you need to take them off (and don’t be afraid to, either. if you can’t see because you’ve taken them off, let your teacher know what’s going on.)
  • on sleeping: try not to watch high intensity shows (like crime shows for example) before bed. they give you an adrenaline boost, which obviously is not helpful when trying to sleep. look for a sitcom or a late night comedy show to watch instead. (most late night comedies have clips on youtube for free. i loooove seth meyers)
  • it’s okay if you’re not someone who can come home and immediately start working on your homework. choose a time a little later on to start working at and stick to it. you can also try going to a cafe or library after school to work if it’s not working out at home.
  • try to find some way to exercise that you actually enjoy. i walk home, but i also enjoy yoga and sometimes biking. even better, do it during your study breaks
  • if you get stressed easily, surround yourself with items that calm you (by this i mean decor and supplies. i personally love blankets, sweaters and stuffed animals, so i keep them in my room piled on my bed in case i need a moment to regroup.
  • always bring a jacket. always.
  • and an extra pair of socks.
  • pro tip: if you use (and constantly lose) hair ties, hook a carabiner somewhere on/in your bag and loop your hair ties through it.
  • read for pleasure. just do it. i don’t care what it is, magazines, novels, the newspaper. just read something outside of class.
  • it’s okay if you don’t make it to every single club meeting
  • it’s also okay if you’re not really in any extra curriculars. it’s great if you are, but they aren’t for everyone.
  • start changing your wardrobe into something completely you. make sure you are always wearing something that you feel comfortable in (emotionally and physically).
  • it’s okay to glance at the cute person sitting next to you in class.
  • it’s also okay to not think anyone is particularly cute.
  • paint your nails when you’re stressed, no matter your gender (even if you’re terrible at them, like me)
  • keep chapstick on hand at all times
  • and lastly, do things for yourself. get an education and do well for yourself. dress for yourself. sleep for yourself. make art for yourself. sit at lunch alone for yourself. be yourself for yourself.

xo annie