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kurosawasenpai  asked:

meatman my exams start tuesday pls send motivation

o  s  H I  T   R O OS T E R   I  H O P E  T H E Y  R   G O IN  GN W E L  L

I  B  EL I E   V E   I  N    U  

T H E   R O O S  T E R   O F   P  O     W    E      R

anonymous asked:

wait for the moment bellarke happens all is gonna blow up and it is gonna be another reason for the 100 is gonna be remembered for the Bellarke love story,they are already moving on,next season they will leave bc they don't have nothing to do here,they know Bellarke is coming they recognized. all this ineterviews,polls or lists are made it for people who shipped clx,cause a realistic person who watched the show and still knows who is who in the show and who are the leads and the story about.

I hope so.

You know, I love fandom for this reason, because you can find your people and curb your experience.

The reason I’m so angry right now is because this is my favorite show and the only big recognition it seems to get is because of L.xa, which just sucks because there are so many other and better things to talk about. I want the show to be known for more.

anonymous asked:

if that post is about clx,it is so funny how them still on this when JR it gives the validation and what the show was always the story of Bellamy and Clarke,abt you post agree with you, people moves on and find love again,i don't believe in soulmates but its true that this show narrative speaking is telling us that bellarke are soulmates,and that ship was never a relationship neither was frkle,and i can't wait for clarke being for first time in a healthy equal and honest rel with Bellamy.

I wrote that post after reading a few comments about ships on The 100, yes. There’s this notion going around in certain corners of the fandom that whoever Clarke is in a relationship with next is going to be the person she settles for. Naturally, because of ship wars, some feel that Bellamy, perhaps being that next person, will be the one she settles for now that Lxa has died. It’s a naive way to look at love. It’s a sad way to look at love. I hope those who look at it that way never find themselves in a position of having to move on from someone and thinking they’ll never find love again. What a sad way to live.

And while I understand your passion and love for Bellarke, I don’t completely agree with you, nonny. Yes, this show is about Clarke and her relationship with Bellamy and it is an important relationship. One that will turn canon, I’m sure. However it still doesn’t mean Clarke’s prior relationships, or Bellamy’s for that matter, weren’t real. It depends on how you define relationships. Were Flarke and Cl.exa less real because they never officially labled the relationships? (Does that mean Bellarke is less real because they haven’t labled their relationship beyond #platonically married?) Were FC/C.L less real because Finn and Lxa died before they could have had longlasting relationships? If they were love affairs, were they not true love for Clarke at that time of her life? While I agree that this story is Bellarke, which Jason has comfirmed, it does not mean that every other relationship until Bellarke happens, weren’t real. If someone says Bellamy and Gina weren’t real, I will literally fight them. Yes, I still ship Bellarke but at that time, in that moment, to Bellamy and to Gina, their relationship was real and true. Obviously not every romantic or sexual relationship is going to be a true love nor do they need to be. Relationships come in many forms. But looking at Flarke and Cl.exa, it’s harder for me to say that they weren’t real. Clarke loved them. That is canon. They were valid and real while they lasted. What could have happened in those relationships? We don’t know, it’s not the story they are telling. But they still happened and were deeply meaningful to Clarke. And then love beings again. For Clarke, it did after Finn and it will again after Lxa. We need to allow relationships to exist even if they don’t last forever. Whether or not a relationship is a true love is up to the person/-s in that relationship.


Have yourself a funny little cartoon around booze and jazz.