some stuff from last night pt 1

Sorry guys but I’m the type who has to write everything down or else I won’t remember it so here goes…and it’s not even under a read more cause I’m on mobile ugh I’m so sorry for the long post

when Billie kissed me my knees literally went weak and I just blurted out “oh my god I love you so much” right in his ear ugh lmao. I was also like I GOTTA HUG MIKE so I just went over to him and put my arm around him and I think he smiled lol
They led me off side stage instead of making me dive thank god, and I walked right past Britt and Sara but didn’t even see them fml
Whoever was leading me was holding my hand and shining a light on the ground, good thing too cause I couldn’t walk OR see properly lmao
Security was saying to each other “take her back, take her to the pit” and I was like assuming they were gonna put me in the back of the crowd
At some point the guy holding my hand was like “are you okay?” And I said “I don’t know!” and then a beat went by and then I just went “BILLIE JOE!!!!” and the guy cracked up and was like “that was a once in a lifetime experience for sure”
He also asked me if I needed anything and I was like water! And just then Holiday started and I was like OH FUCK!!! literally out loud lmao I was like “I love this song!” okay Alli be lamer please
Then we got to the barrier and I was like “where do I go?” And instead of pushing me to the side he led me right across the front of the stage back to the spot I was in!!!! And I was like OMFG cause all my friends were there and there was definitely no room for me but I climbed over the barrier anyway and jumped right back into the pit screaming and yelling and everyone around me was screaming at me too and kissing me and hugging me and just generally celebrating, it was such a party! And Billie saw me when I got back into my spot and just smiled so much at us for the rest of the gig, GODDDDD

some stuff from last night pt 2

The entire crowd had been STOIC the entire day, especially during the Chainsmokers aka worst band ever, but as soon as GD got onstage, there was an absolute CRUSH that I was not expecting at all based on how calm it had been! The crowd was split down the middle and we were one side and VIPs were cordoned off on the other side, and our pit was so epic that Billie spent most of the show on our side and at one point he even said “YOU GUYS OVER HERE ARE FUCKING CRAZY!” and he was like scolding the other side for not being as into it as us (dumb rich people lol), it was actually amazing because his expression seeing much we were losing it was priceless
I really thought it was over after they left the stage and Hugh Jackman came back out- the lady cop that was in front of us on the barrier came over to me and Ray and was laughing and congratulating me, she was so sweet! Then the next thing I knew Hugh fucking Jackman was saying “please welcome Green Day back to the stage!” And I swear to god I’ve never been so surprised or excited in my life lmao I screamed so loud
WAKE ME UP WHEN SEPTEMBER ENDS…….ELECTRIC!!!!!! LITERALLY y'all, earlier that day in the queue I said to Ray that I would die if I ever heard 21 Guns or WMUWSE electric cause I knew they didn’t play them anymore and those songs basically raised me….but when they all came back out and Tre was at the drums and Billie started playing I was like……!!!!!!!! AND IT HAPPENED and Ray has a video that I ruined by screeching like a fucking banshee when the drums kicked in, oh my GOD my stomach hurts thinking about it, it was so amazing. Watching Mike look up at the sky and mouth the lyrics, I swear to god I’ll never get over it
There was a cute girl w a rainbow flag behind me and I had my bi pride flag with me so during Good Riddance we waved our flags together and it was real cute 🏳️‍🌈❤️
We decided we had to leave the pit after GD because we hadn’t peed or eaten in 8 hours lol and we couldn’t get out over the barrier so we had to turn around and go out….through the 60,000 other people that were behind us lol. It actually was so funny because I was holding my hat and my flag and people’s faces literally started lighting up when they saw me, and they started going “hey!! You were onstage!” and telling me I did well and stuff, I felt like a fucking celebrity lmao but it was also TERRIFYING that all these people saw me??
People recognized me all the way out of Central Park and even on the street when we were spit out the festival grounds onto the Upper East Side, people were STILL saying “great job” and stuff oh my god LOL
anyway then the rest of the night we screamed about Billie and got drunk and partied in the East Village and it was gr8