A few people have asked why cis people should not use cishet so I thought I would make a brief explanation post:

1) It isn’t your word to use. The trans community created this word to describe the unique oppression that comes with being trans and non-straight, and to describe those people as oppressors in a very specific way that includes their cis privilege. It can also be used to describe how straight trans people lack access to straight privilege, thanks to cis people not seeing them as straight.

2) By using this word, you are claiming an oppression that is not yours. If you are cis, calling ‘cishets’ your oppressors is claiming you are oppressed by cis people as well as straight people. You aren’t. Cis people are in a position of power over trans people, yes, even if you’re not straight you maintain your cis privilege. 

3) Trans people are asking you to stop. It is our word, not yours. You’ve taken it, used it incorrectly, and are even using it against us as a way to misgender us if we don’t agree with you on something. A cis person calling trans people ‘cishet’ is a serious issue, and yes, it does count as misgendering. (I’ve had CIS people tell me that their calling me cishet isn’t, but numerous trans people, including myself have said that yes, yes it does.)

In summation: Cis people should not use ‘cishet’ because it was never meant to be used by them. Even if they’re not straight, they still don’t get to use it, I don’t give a shit how “useful” you think the term is to use, you lost any chance you might have had to do so when you started using it against the trans community.

anonymous asked:

Isn't Gerard not cis tho? So like idk portraying him as a woman isn't like a bad thing cause doesn't he somewhat identify as like fem idk

gerard has spoken up about struggling with his gender identity but he said on twitter he hasn’t figured everything out yet so I don’t think putting labels on him would be right

vin-to-the-ci  asked:

Hi! I always find your analysis of the ASOIAF universe fascinating. Could you explain why the Riverlands always end up being part of every war in Westeros? And why House Tully is still so lacking of family members that actually carry the Tully name?

Hi @vin-to-the-ci! Thank you so much!

Someone like @warsofasoiaf or @racefortheironthrone might have a more military explanation, but I think it’s cuz the Riverlands are right in the middle. I recommend you check out this post about Westeros as a battlefield and the Riverlands as a “pivot area”. The Riverlands are fertile and populous, with a great transportation network of rivers, so they would be valuable to whoever controls them. 

In terms of why House Tully is so lacking in Tully family members … well, the short answer is they just didn’t have many sons to carry on the name, which is usually a prerequisite in the creation of a large dyansty. The Tullys are quite unlike other “damnably large and fertile” houses. Long answer under the cut:

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If we insist we’re not “cis,” a term that falsely implies that we dig the role that patriarchy has chosen for us, we’re told we’re “genderfluid” or “genderqueer” or “nonbinary.” And worse, that that puts us under the “trans” umbrella. No, people who reject gender are not properly categorized as belonging to the same group as people who are obsessed with it and make it the central focus of their lives.

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I don't think the "down with cis" tag is very appropriate, honestly. Because it's basically what they're doing to us, and I don't think we should bring ourselves to their level. Our purpose for posting about these things is equality, is it not?

IDK about equality. I want justice. I demans room to rage against my oppressors.

We can never do to them what they do to us, never, never no matter what, ever.