Tu c'eri
tu ci sei sempre
quando ti chiamano in preda alla notte
che hanno bisogno di te
o di uno strappo a casa
tu scendi da letto, ti tieni il pigiama
metti le scarpe e raggiungi tutti
o anche quando devi solo prestare orecchio,
tu ti metti lì, attaccata alla cornetta
e ascolti tutte le lacrime scendere
e ci sei;
tu c'eri
ci sei sempre stata
quando avevano bisogno di un'amica
tu c'eri
volevano te
volevano tutti te
perché tu sì che sei paziente
sai ascoltare bene
sai accarezzare i capelli
e hai due spalle accoglienti
come un sacrissimo confessionale
e la inviti a sedere
e le dici
“dai, smetti di piangere e raccontami
come è andata, raccontami tutto”
tu dici “raccontami tutto”
non vuoi sapere solo i momenti forti
tu ascolti tutto
perché è così che si fa, pensi
ed è per questo che ti chiamano tutti
perché tu fai le cose che si dovrebbero fare;
tu c'eri
ci sei sempre stata
quando gli altri stanno male
tu ci sei
tu ci sei sempre
anche quando stai
peggio di loro.
—  Gio Evan

Congrats dream daddy fandom. It only took 7 days before someone got death threats over fanart. 

Damien x Male!MC drabbles - Baby news

Just a small thing I’ve literally just put together, in like fifteen minutes, a fluffy idea I’ve had since finding out Damien is trans. I’ve done my research and it is possible, while highly unlikely, to get pregnant while on T, a stray ovulation isn’t impossible. He would have to stop the injections until he’s had the lil bambino, but he’ll be fine to start as soon as he’s fit and ready. I’m sorry for the horrible grammar and constant perspective change, it’s quarter past midnight in England.

“A-another baby?! Really! Oh my god, Damien I’m so happy!” (y/n) was practically vibrating in his seat as Damien relayed the news to him, looking slightly stressed. You shot him a curious look.

“While I’m…overjoyed at the idea of having another child, it’s rather…hmm…effeminate of me to be carrying it,” he mumbled quietly, his eyes drifting to the ground as one of his hands began to play with a stray lock of hair- a nervous tick of his. You couldn’t help but sigh a little, even a brief noise such as that made him flinch and look up at you.

“Dame, babe, you know it doesn’t make you any less of a man, right? I don’t care what the inside of you looks like, you’re my gentle, manly man and that’s all I care about. This doesn’t change what you are to me.” the (taller/shorter) of the two smiled softly and edged closer, clasping Damien’s unoccupied hand in his, stroking the back with his thumb. Damien looked away again.

“I know that you feel that way, but I’ve come so far and left that particular aspect of me behind in the hopes it would never resurface. Now I’m somehow pregnant despite having been on hormone replacement therapy for almost a year now, who knows how that will affect the baby, it’s a miracle it even came to exist at all. I’ll have to stop the injections if I am to keep it and I don’t even know what will happen as a result.” his voice was strained and his words rushed, tears welled up in his eyes and threatened to spill over as he took a deep breath.

(y/n) remained silent, watching as his lover opened and closed his mouth a few times, clearly struggling to piece together a coherent sentence.

“I want to have a baby with you, I will not deny that, but I just…I’m scared, (y/n), scared of what will come from all this…” (y/n)’s heart skipped a beat as he watched a small tear trickle down Damien’s cheek and drop onto his black trousers, soon followed by another, tracing the same glistening trail left by the predecessor.

A hand reached up and wiped the tears from under Damien’s eyes, then softly cupping his chin and turning his face around to meet a determined gaze. (eye/colour) eyes scanned his pale face before speaking.

“Babe, listen to me. I promise you, everything will be fine, okay? Amanda and Lucien get along great, and I’m sure they’d both love a little baby brother or sister. I will not make you keep it, and I will support you no matter what, but I want you to know that even with that life in there, you’re still the handsomest, bravest, strongest man I’ve ever met and I’ll never think otherwise,” your gaze remained serious the whole time, the hand that held Damien’s never loosened in grip.

“Even when I cry at scary movies?” He asked solemnly, a glimmer of something igniting in his pupils.

“Especially when you cry at scary movies,” a small nod gave affirmation to the fact. He smiled ever so slightly and stopped fiddling with his hair in order to move your hand to his cheek so he could nuzzled into it.

“Okay,” he began, letting his hand fall to his lap and then brush over his stomach “I think I’d like to keep it,”

i want to spread some love + positivity for the trans & nonbinary members of the studyblr community! education is not only for cis people, it’s for everyone. even though it can feel lonely sometimes, i’m here and so are many others! trans girls especially: you are a valuable member of the studyblr community as well as the lgbt community, and you are welcome here. in this female-dominated group, cis girls are not the only voices that need to be heard. i love all my trans siblings, and wish you the best in your academic and personal lives <3

stop saying it's an attack on the LGBT community

it’s an attack on the trans community. yes, trump is also anti lgb and will probably do terrible ppl in reference to lgb ppl too, but saying it’s an attack on lgbt, with the t on the end, is disingenuous to what’s actually happening, an attack on transgender people

  • trans person: hi i'm trans
  • trans person: i'm actually a trans boy
  • The Cis™: i am 😳 So sorrey!! he trans boi sweet innocent flower prince🌿 uwu must protec at all cost ✨✨u adorable pupper 🐶here is a flower crown ur so smol!!!!🌞 u can do no harm 🌻i lov u sweet precious babby💫
  • trans person: what... the fuck

honestly can we PLEASE stop adding “i see you not reblogging this” and the like to sj posts

like i get the impulse bc Yes, a lot of the time people will willfully ignore posts that make them a little uncomfy about their privilege but. id actually rather uhhhh not have these discussions be based around guilt tripping and other behaviors that lead to allies reblogging posts less for their content and more as a performative way of showing “check me out! IM not ignoring this!!”