Una persona non la si perde all'improvviso.
E’ un accumularsi di diverse cose… delusioni, lacrime, dolore.
Quando queste cose si accumulano per troppo tempo, allora diventa troppo tardi per rimediare.

psa: there is nothing wrong with acknowledging you have privilege. Acknowledging that u have privilege is not saying that you are white, or bigoted, or the cause of a problem. Acknowledging your privilege is literally just saying, “hey, there are certain things that I never have to worry about that people in different circumstances do” unless you’re the unluckiest person in history, you have some kind of privilege: it might be pretty privilege, cis privilege, white privilege, lightskinned privilege, class privilege, able-bodied privilege, educational privilege, financial privilege, religious privilege, access privilege etc. and while one kind of privilege is often linked to another, that isn’t always the case. Acknowledging privilege is not equal to saying your life has been easy. We need to stop treating privilege like it’s a bad thing when privilege can allow you to do so much good. Privilege is not a dirty thing and the sooner people become aware of it and acknowledge it, the sooner it can be used to better people without that privilege.

I want to address something:

I don’t think its transphobic not to be attracted to trans people. Here are my reasons:

- You can be respectful of another person, care for them, support them, and like them as a person without being physically attracted to them. Being transphobic would imply that you have a poor view of trans people (this is a very general statement of course) which doesn’t automatically apply when someone is simply not sexually attracted to trans people.

- If someone is trans and has not fully transitioned, this makes a difference for some people. Some men and women are not attracted to a penis or a vagina so of course the genitals make a difference in attraction. Thats basic human nature. I don’t think anyone should be labeled transphobic because they dont find penis or vagina attractive. Just because that penis is attached to a trans woman now instead of a man (for example), that (sometimes) doesnt make it more attractive to them…..and I dont see why that’s a problem or unreasonable to say.

- Now for people who have transitioned. It still just sometimes isn’t attractive to some people. Some people don’t like plastic surgery on anyone. Some people dont like fake boobs, fake lips, fake butts…..so why can’t some people not like surgerically made vaginas and penises? (Please don’t freak out, I’m not implying your genitals are fake.) The thought that a person used to be the complete opposite gender is a lot for some people to take in. Especially when it’s a gender that you’re %110 not attracted to. I don’t see why that’s unreasonable either. Some people aren’t really attracted to white people, fat people, tall people, short people, men, women, etc. I dont think it automatically becomes “discrimination” when its a trans person.

- To expand on my point in the beginning, there is a difference between not being attracted to trans people due to transphobia vs personal preference. “Trans women/men are gross and freak me out! They are still just (cis) men/women!” thats an example of transphobic bullshit. “I dont think I would date a trans man/woman because I’m just not attracted to that (but I fully support them and their rights).” that’s an example of preference.

I hope this comes across in a concise way…
There it isssss.

(Oh and before you accuse me of being some kind of transphobic cishet scum, I am a bisexual woman who is very much attracted to trans people. So please, don’t do that…)

Reasons fat/chubby boys are gr8:

  • There’s no such thing as a bad hug
  • Big belly = Big pillow
  • Snuggling is really soft and warm
  • Pudge of all quantities is cute as fuck
  • Did I mention belly pillow
  • Stretch marks, which are beautiful and strong <3
  • Good at being both the big spoon or little spoon