644: Oogie Boogie

Got rid of the eyes for more mouth. He’s so hungry…

Requested by: robcockroach (Fitting Name)

Gotta Go With The Classic, Such A Fun Performance

Don’t have a whole lot of time for clean sketches, but I may come back to this idea someday. These sketches were actually inspired by a dream I had a few nights ago. Which seems kind of weird to me, since I’m not really a fan of Ruby Gloom. Still, the idea was too cute for me to ignore, so I decided to finally work on some sketches.

At least from what I remember from the dream, it kind of played out like a TV episode. Skullboy finds a really old book in the library that has a peculiar-looking family tree on it. He sees what looks like his name, and another that looks like Jack’s name. This prompts him to make a trip to Halloween Town. After all, who wouldn’t want to find out whether or not they came from a long line of royalty, or at least related to one? The only trouble is both names are too smudged out to confirm for sure. I don’t remember too much after that, but I think the rest of the episode was them looking through Halloween Town’s catacomb/labyrinth-like city archives to find out both who the family tree belongs to, and if they’re actually a part of it.

Don’t know for sure if I’ll come back to this or do much with it, but I may decide to make a few more sketches someday. Who knows? :U


Since he is finally complete and in the correct hands I can finally post this! This was my (LATE) Christmas gift to the beautiful and intelligent and glorious and lots of other good adjectives @acesvegas (also known as @theghostbusters). She is my best friend and deserves much more but it’s all I had to give. 

I would like to present KENT PARSON! (Formerly Sidney Crosby. Rest in fucking pieces.) He is very sloppy, his eyebrows don’t match his hair (he’s not a natural blond), and I fucked up and couldn’t fit PARSON on the back but here he is!

Tools used: One (1) Sidney Crosby pop doll, four (4) too expensive acrylic paints from AC Moore, one (1) cup of my own tears, some (some) sand paper I stole from my dad, two (2) spray paint sealers and primers, and a shit ton of tape. 


Guess who? It’s me, Star! I have some exciting news for you. Well, first, Marco got kidnapped and I blew up a bunch of stuff, including my wand. And I was super bummed because I thought I was never gonna get to do magic again, but then I got my new wan- My new waaand! Oh, yeah and Marco’s okay. Say hi, Marco

Commission for Mstr85!

Happy New Year!

This is a stylized, slightly more anthro/fennec-fox-like version of eldrige the Braixen, commissioned for Mstr85′s convention’s “New Year Event” this past December!

Thank you very much again Mstr85 and everyone on your team - and especially to Jyanon for all his hard work! Everyone was incredible to work with!

Let’s all have an amazing 2017 together!


in the cities by lina zelonka
Via Flickr:
wiesbaden (hesse, germany)

(I couldn’t choose between two captions so I’ll use both:) ((also there’s a hidden dick somewhere on here))

-After all that sin last night— I think some pure Holiday Lams is needed.

-They said bring the holiday ham but I could of sworn I heard “holiday Lam”!



Guess what we got in the mail?  A beautiful Christmas card from Princess Auvy (@au_voir_tortue on Instagram) and a custom sign for me!  Princess Auvy looks gorgeous in her festive bow!  I highly approve of my new sign—in fact, this sign makes me hungry right now.  Where are my noms?!

EDIT:  If you are wondering what a Horsfield is, my species is the Russian tortoise, also known as the Horsfield’s tortoise, after American naturalist Thomas Horsfield.

Mushroom Moonlight

Create a magical environment in your young sprout’s bedroom with the mushroom moonlight.  This small spore comes outfitted with a multicolored dome top filled with small flowers and butterflies that help create a delightful and vibrant light show.


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