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“You can’t take this mission, y/n.” Steve concluded, slamming the mission files on the desk. As fellow spies, the two of you often consulted each other on the missions you were assigned.

“I’m sorry,” you scoffed sarcastically. “I didn’t realise I needed your permission.”

“It’s way too risky, you’re going to get yourself killed.” Steve snapped, and you rolled your eyes.

“It’s not up to you to decide what I do!” you yelled, and Steve glared at you. “Why are you always like this?”

“Because I care about you!” Steve shouted back. “I like you, y/n, and I don’t want you to get killed.” 

You were about to yell something back when the gravity of his words finally sunk in. The two of you froze, glancing at each other, before you cleared your throat.

“That, uh,” you stammered. “Makes a lot of sense, actually.”




‘Captain’ - Jim Kirk

Star Trek

Jim x Reader

The second part to this fic. You become frustrated with Jim’s absence and the rest of the crew have definitely noticed.

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Sort of sexual innuendos, so many italics I’m sorry

Notes - A couple of anons asked for this, so I hope you like it! Feedback more than welcome, and requests are open. x

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You were not irritated or antsy… or agitated, frustrated, restless, agitated, exasperated, vexed or on edge. You were fine, and you’d be even better if everyone would just leave you alone.

“Uh, Lieutenant?”

What?” You snapped, whirling around in the line for the replicator to find an unrecognisable red-shirted ensign behind you.

“S-Sorry to bother you, but you left your PADD down in engineering,” he said, casting his eyes down as he offered you your PADD.

“Oh,” you took it and felt a small blush of embarrassment tint your cheeks, “Uh, thank you.”

He nodded before scurrying off, reaching the door of the commissary before you could blink.

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I had a dream that I met Chris Pine at a hotel near SDCC and he liked me and wanted to take me out on a date. I asked him if he could get me into SDCC so I could meet Gwendoline Christie. He obliged and that was our date.

I don’t even follow Chris Pine’s career and probably wouldn’t even bat an eye if I saw him on the street. Why was I dreaming about him? I guess he was just a means to and end.


A Wrinkle In Time Official US Teaser Trailer