Reference Sheets! (Part Two)


Again, tahnks for participing! Now let’s go with the RottenBerry child!

Name: Cassis (suggested by @nekophy sempai!) with Cass (suggested by @imagine-candied-eyes) as his nickname!

Age: 12-14 (In human age)

Pronouns: He/Him 

Basic Info:

This guy is not a child, but rather a combo/fusion between Death and Blueberry. He has the basic appearance of them both and soe mashed up details I wanted to give him like his eyes! Since Reaper is often shown with just his right pinprick, I decided to gave Cassis the opposite of that (thanks to those who voted for this option!). His left pinprick is the one that glows while the other is just white.


Combining Reaper and Blue’s clothes was kinda hard because they have pretty simple designs but I managed to make something in the end. His cloak and scarf are the most important things for him and he always keeps them clean! 

Due to the fact that his cloak is a little big for him, he only uses it when he’s outside his house (or when a god -coffcoff”Lady Toriel”coffcoff- goes to visit him and Papyrus).

The crosses and stars on his desing are just cute things I added so his outfit wouldn’t look too simple, I love to make details to the clothes of a character x3U I also used mostly blue for him, adding some gray and black to make the blue more dark

Main Story:

His story is kinda sad. You see, all my children (and I think all the children in general) are from different multiverses where two characters fall in love (or make them by accident) and create a kid.

In Cassis’s multiverse that wasn’t like that.

There, Reaper and Blueberry fell in love after having some time knowing each other. The gods told Reaper he shouldn’t do it since he could end killing Blueberry by accident, but he didn’t care. It was like those stories of forbidden love the humans always made. 

At first, they were fine with having a relationship whithout kisses, but soon Reaper started to feel bad knowing that Blue wouldn’t be able to experience those romanitc things the couples do. Not even a hug or just holding hands. It was like having a relationship with a hollogram or a deadly creature that could only hurt you. And honestly, it was true.

One day Reaper told him how he felt and Blue, again, said he didn’t mind it. In the end, it was him the one who wanted to touch his lover. He was afraid of losing him for not being able to do simple things like that. Blue was one of the few people who didn’t hate him for what he is.

But even after that, he couldn’t ingnore those thoughts, so Blue decided to give him what he wanted… even if it meant he would die.

They met in a garden filled with lots of white flowers (a place Blue loved to visit. Reaper had to be careful to not to kill them) and there, Blue surprised him with holding his hand. Reaper froze and started to panick while Blue was feeling a inmense happiness for finally touch his lover. Feeling his life slipping away, he told Reaper how much he loved him and kissed him before dying in his arms.

Blue died happy, but Reaper was left alone, feeling terrible for doing this to his love and for just being him. He wanted to go back in time, to prevent this from happening, but sadly, he couldn’t do that. Not alone, at least.

He buried Blueberry in his favorite spot of the garden, took soul and went to ask for help to the only one who could be kind enough to hear him: Toriel.

The goat lady was surprised, to say the least. She and Reaper didn’t have the most happy relationship, and honestly, she thought Reaper would get bored and leave the monster after a while. But he proved she wrong when he begged her to help him… but she couldn’t. Blueberry wasn’t from this universe so she couldn’t help him. Unless…

There was a way to bring him back, but it must require one big sacrifice. In order to bring him back to life, it was needed to use a god’s soul. Reaper didn’t hesitate and offered his soul to her, asking her if she could call his brother and Blue’s brother when she was finnished. She accepted and then the process started. She fused both souls and used Reaper’s body as a vessel for the new soul, making them a baby again with now, a new soul. I wasn’t longer Reaper nor Blueberry. It was now a new life, whose name was Cassis.

the process was more compliacted but I can’t explain everything here. Gosh this is getting too long xD

When both Papyruses discovered what happened, they offered to take care of Cassis so they could, at least, have some time with their brothers. Even if they weren’t themselves anymore. From that moment, Cassis was raised in both Underswap and Reapertale. He grew up allready knowing what happened and sometimes acting like both Reaper and Blueberry. 

And one day, he managed to go to another multiverse, just for curiosity, and ended meeting that universe’s Blueberry and Reaper, who were both shocked and sad hearing what happened to him. After that, they “adopted” him and offered him a place for when he went to visit them. Little Cass now had lots of homes and a huge family!

So, Cassis is not Blue and Reaper’s child. He is technically them. But he thinks of they as his parents and they love him like he were their son!

(You’re free to see him as their child or a combo. Don’t worry uvu. I HOPE HIS STORY ISN’T TOO MUCH COMPLICATED :’’’’’D)


Cassis is very energetic and friendly. He is always happy and likes to be with people. Although, he can also be very lazy (It’s like he was a kitten. He can go from full energetic mode to lazybone mode in seconds) and dark from time to time. When you see him wanting to be alone, it’s because he’s getting flashbacks from his previous life or feeling melancholic. Cassis loves all of his family and friends, specially his brothers. Even if he is the god… or demi-god of death, he doesn’t like it and is very happy to not being able to kill. 


He can’t kill people, but can see an aura around them, whose color dependes if they’re near to die. He’s able to take someone’s soulf if they’re allready dead too. Cassis is also able to put people to sleep or make them sick by touching them if he concentrates enough magic.

Besides that, he can fuse Reaper and Blue’s weapons into one sword, knife or an spear. He mostly uses the spear just because he thinks it’s cool! Other weapons include Gaster Blasters and chains.

Extra facts:

-Loves hot chocolate (since Detah like coffe and Blue sweets)

-He has insomnia.

-He loves crowns and ravens

-His favorite colors are bkue and black

-He likes to visit Reapertale!Toriel

-A cinnamon roll that can act like a sinnamon roll 

Tags for him:

#Cassis sans

#Cassis combo

#RottenBerry combo

#Cassis fan art (If you wanna draw him!)

Sorry if they’re any spelling mistakes ;v; 


Fic: Cassie Palmer has just shifted back in time with a mysterious artifact to stop it from unleashing the deadly power of a god. The fate of the world hangs in the balance and the last thing she needs is to be distracted by her seriously complicated feelings for her recently resurrected partner, John Pritkin, but now she’s stuck with him, and only him, for three weeks: three weeks to stay alive, solve an ancient riddle and not fall in love. Two out of three ain’t bad.

Pairing: Cassie x Pritkin

Rating: M

Chapter 8 is up! Read at AO3 or ff.net

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anonymous asked:

Who are the angry criers, angry shakers(shaking with anger), the screamers/explosive ones that instantly calm down after, and the cold anger(the ones that suddently go silent n talk in perfect calmness) ones for all Paladins and all mods. Because i am curious and no one else will ask <3

Angry criers: Skye, Maeve, Ying, Cassie, Pip

Angry shakers: Buck, Tyra, Fernando, Makoa, Barik, Viktor

Screamers/Explosive: Evie, Sha Lin, Grohk, Ash, Ruckus, Willo, Bomb King, Drogoz,

Cold anger: Lex, Kinessa, Zhin, Androxus, Mal'Damba, Seris, Inara, Torvald, Grover

For the mods:

It depends, honestly, ahah. It can either be cold anger or angry crying. Sometimes both, one after the other.

- Mod Lex

I’m the kind who cries in anger, or just get super passive-aggressive and simmer for ages. There’s no in between.

- Mod Mal’Damba

- Ah, I’m the one that cries when I’m angry AND is a Screamer. I don’t go around breaking stuff but I’ve been known to be really scary when i get angered. Rarely do I get so mad i completely stop talking to anyone.

- Mod Evie

I start off my being super passive/aggressive and then I start yelling.  I also shake a little during that.  I don’t cry when I’m angry (much, anyway), although normally after I’ve cooled off I’ll descend into a mix of self-pity and self-desecration, which induces crying sometimes.

 - Mod Waffles

Mix between crying and explosive. I yell and curse a lot!

- Mod Ying

Despite how stupid dramatic I can get, I tend to quickly go into cold anger in real life. It’s the best defense mechanism for me but I can get teary when angry. Heck! I’d get teary over everything. But no explosive anger.

-Mod Skye

I can be an angry crier, explosive, or cold. It depends on the day!

-Mod Tyra

I’m pretty explosive when I’m angry, but it really depends on what I’m angry about. Sometimes I’m an angry crier as well.

- Mod Maeve

RtW ch1

“Okay, this was going to be easy.” What a great, entirely wrong, opening line. Nothing about RtW is going to be easy - not for Cassie, and not for me. By virtue of being the most recently published of the Cassie books, it’s the one I’ve paid the least attention to, the one I’ve analysed in the least detail, so I suspect I’m going to have even more trouble than usual keeping things short. On the other hand, I am looking forward to noticing plenty of new stuff. I hope.

The Cassie/Rosier partnership is priceless from the word go, IMO. I love their non-stop bitching at each other, partly because I identify strongly with that level of pettiness and partly because I love seeing Rosier’s fall from grace, as it were. He starts off as this super scary, suave, evil doppelgänger and then he’s this gross, semi-formed, demon thing and after that he just shows up occasionally to be sinister but now he’s just “poking at his hairy abdomen with a frown, as if the ring of bruises there was potentially life-threatening.” That trope where the villain stops being the villain and just becomes this awkward jerk who hangs around and is sort of a friend, sort of an enemy, sort of an ally, is one of my favourite things. It’s the Zuko syndrome and I am all about that.

And what would a first chapter be without some juicy hints about Cassie’s feelings for Pritkin? She’s apparently given up entirely on the ‘Pritkin isn’t actually good looking, I just have a weird thing about him’ spiel, and just comes straight out and mentions his “rugged blond good looks". That took like four pages, Cass, have some chill. And don’t get me started on Cassie’s obvious jealousy when she sees Pritkin hitting on a barmaid in 18th century Amsterdam:

“I looked back at the bar to see that, sure enough, Pritkin was being led off somewhere by the blonde. I felt my face flush. I thought he’d have better taste.”

Uh huh, yes. Would better taste maybe consist of skinny American blondes? One skinny American blonde in particular perhaps? The DenialTM strikes again.  And then later on, Cassie is “strangely relieved” to hear that Pritkin wasn’t actually banging the girl. Yes, it’s very strange, it’s almost like she’s in LOVE, isn’t it. But then, THEN, Cassie is 'faintly disappointed’ that Pritkin didn’t spend longer in the back room with the waitress. Like, sweetie, are you really getting glum because your crush didn’t go all marathon man on a chick you were jealous of?? I might just die, this is too much.

I also love the little call back to TtS:

“Like some of the things Pritkin had said recently, after he’d had his father’s prohibition lifted, but before he’d gotten zapped with the curse. Things I had probably misinterpreted. Things that, even if I hadn’t misinterpreted, weren’t going anywhere, because my personal life was even more complicated than my job.”

Yesss, even Cassie, Queen of Denial, can’t just ignore what happened in The Café Scene. Even though she is trying her hardest to explain it away. I think that when it comes to Pritkin’s feelings for her, Cassie wants to believe that he loves her but she doesn’t want to have to deal with the repercussions of that - mostly because it would force her to confront the problems in her relationship with Mircea, which she just does not want to do for a lot of reasons that I’ll get into another time.

Another staple of any first chapter is Cassie’s brief summaries of the situation and her self descriptions, and it’s taken me this long notice that they are all, invariably negative. Okay, I mean, I noticed before. But it’s taken me this long to question why she does it. I mean look:

“ My name is Cassie Palmer, and I used to be a down-on-my-luck clairvoyant who made ends meet by reading tarot in a bar. But then stuff happened. A lot of stuff. A lot of hair-raising, spine-tingling, unbelievably crazy and potentially deadly stuff. As a result, I was now a down-on-my-luck Pythia, the chief seer of the supernatural world. Yeah, I don’t know how that happened, either.”

So okay, she calls herself unlucky. That’s not so bad, although it’s not necessarily true. But there’s self-deprecation in the last sentence, like, 'haha how could a fuck up like me have ended up here?’ That’s the vibe I’m getting. And then look at the physical description she gives:

“I wasn’t one of Rosier’s succubi, some experienced femme fatale. Hell, I wasn’t even a femme slightly nauseous. I was a time-traveling, ghost-whispering, somewhat clumsy clairvoyant, with an upturned nose, too many freckles and cheeks nobody would call defined even without Rosier’s idea of a disguise. I wouldn’t have been competition for Dolly Parton in there on my best day.”

Okay, first of all, 'femme slightly nauseous’ is so good, I wish I’d thought of that. But the general tone here - it’s a steady repetition of 'I’m not good enough’ and Cassie’s descriptions of herself are always like that. It’s kind of fucked up that it took me this long to notice how fucked up that is.