~but it works imo so

someone like you // blue
  • someone like you // blue
  • adele & troye sivan feat. alex hope

i hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited, but without you i am colourblind.

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i dont know if you're really interested in this but there's a korean webtoon called Like A Butterfly, and it's about an old man who's faced with his morality and decides to be his true self

That’s actually one of my fav on-going webtoons atm! Every episode makes me tear up because of how sweet and evocative it is and just… a real masterpiece that makes you think a lot about life


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  • Guzma: oh- ol’ geezer, you’re back…. 
  • Nanu: That’s your way to greet me after sleeping on my couch? ((Here’s your souvenir)) 
  • Skull Grunt: Boss!! How’s the souvenir?!! ((yay~!)) 
  • Skull Grunt: BOSS!!??? ((He got countered!??)) 

^ cuz in my headcanon, Guzma simply could not beat Nanu literally in everything XD;;;  

in japanese this time cuz the joke(?) actually works better in japanese than english IMO so  |D;;; 

One of the things I most appreciate about having new Star Wars is that it’s forced me to overhaul my opinions on This Is War roles.

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Saw your posts about Poison Ivy. No offense but clearly you have no idea what the "real" Ivy is. Look up "no man's land" arc to have a glimpse of Ivy's complex persona.

No offence taken, because whether you were aware of this or not, the issue you’re referring to is a single standalone series and in no way relates to the Ivy I was actually talking about.

I’m talking about, as always, the original Ivy. BTAS Ivy. The Ivy who took no shit from anyone and loved nothing more than she loved her plants. I never once said that Ivy can’t be permitted to a deeper or more complex origin story, however her intentions and her power should always remain true to who she really is opposed to the utter bullshit version of her character provided to us by the New 52. In my book, that is the “real” Ivy. I appreciate you trying to help me out, but I don’t need you to come onto my blog and act like I’ve made a horrible mistake by stating my opinion about a character. Not a Poison Ivy expert, never have been, and have never pretended to be. Regardless, nothing you’ve said has or will change my opinions and my views on how she should be portrayed in the DCEU.

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eXCusE ME!!!!! YOUR ART IS BAD???????????? I HAVE NEVER HEARD A BIGGER LIE!?!???????!!!!! i love your art so much it hurts

LOL ur too sweet ty!!! But theres definitely a lot more i need to work on imo like coloring/anatomy/perspective SO IM GONNA WORK HARD… 💪💪


“My mind said, Mandy, if you get that part, and you play that guy, and you get that six-fingered man, and you get him, that’s cancer, and if you get him, your dad will come back.” —Mandy Patinkin (Inigo Montoya) [x]


*whispers* You can’t tell me they weren’t flirting with each other on that character introduction page in Volume 2


ok facebook reminded me of this video from years ago and I cannot stop thinking of Holsom or Nursey/Dex (which i dont particularly ship but like i cant not imagine it w/r/t this video)

(tbh its hilarious on its own imo but works so fucking well for an imagine your otp scenario)


I’ve been so deep in a well of my own pain, I couldn’t see anything else. I forgot that I’m not the only one who’s hurting. Francis is suffering as well.