What if the Finalizer stumbled upon a giant planet filled with giant people somewhere out in Wild Space? They find this planet, and all indications are that the technology level is nowhere near theirs; they’ve not even managed space flight out of their system! And the planet is just loaded with resources. Theirs for the taking!

But then Ren and Hux take a shuttle down to the surface and discover a small hitch. Compared to the dominant life form, they are *tiny*. 

“Just think, Ren! Just a small amount of food for them could feed the entire crew of the Finalizer for days!”

And then he went for a swim in the pink ice cream.

Cupkayke Rewatches/Liveblogs Boueibu!

Season 1, Episode 2 

I think I’ll start using the title cards in these~ Sounds fun. And I originally started this post like… 5 hours ago but then TUMBLR JUST HAD TO CRASH CHROME AND EAT THE POST. So if my commentary isn’t very intelligent it’s because I wrote all this shit earlier and lost it <.< Not that it was intelligent in the first place; it was mostly squeeing and laughing over stupid screencaps.

So! Image-heavy thoughts below the cut!

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