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Are you going to watch Angel? Or at least the crossover episodes?

I am. I was originally going to try to watch in order, and so watch Buffy and Angel simultaneously, going back and forth. But I decided that was a lot of work and so this time, I’m just going to watch Buffy and then watch Angel after I finish. Is that a really bad idea? Do I need to see both at the same time to understand?

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Send me a character: CORDELIA!

Sorry for the delay. Thanks, Anon for the question! :) From Send me a Character:


First impression: Well, I guess every teen drama has to have a mean, popular, cheerleader to bully its female protagonist.

Impression now: Tragic, heroic, self-sacrificing firecracker. All hail Queen C!

Favorite moment: In “Out of Mind, Out of Sight”, that first glance at Cordelia’s layers: “I can be surrounded by people and be completely alone. It’s not like any of them really know me. I don’t even know if they like me half the time. People just want to be in a popular zone. Sometimes when I talk, everyone’s so busy agreeing with me, they don’t hear a word I say.” Remarkable self-awareness, there. I love it that knowledge of the supernatural and being saved by the Scoobies doesn’t cause her to lose her edge, nor does it render her a victim from here on out. She’s as assertive and acerbic as always (and apparently also alliterative). ;)

Idea for a story: By intervention from the Powers That Be, Doyle eventually recovers from injuries received from the Beacon, and his relationship with Cordelia deepens. Cordelia takes up combat training during Doyle’s recovery while Doyle continues on as the vision-receiver. Basically, I want to see Cordy learn and grow and become an indispensable part of Team Angel without being used as vision girl which is only the beginning of a long series of mind and body invasions (WTF, Whedon?) I want to see her in a relationship with a (half) demon who can actually reciprocate her feelings without becoming evil (sorry, Angel).

Unpopular opinion: That Cordelia doesn’t get to choose to inherit Doyle’s visions is a wasted opportunity. Like Buffy, she becomes another girl chosen to save the world in the Buffyverse, while given zero say in the matter. I think Cordy of all people would’ve chosen to help save the world in any capacity she could (and indeed, will, later on in the show, when given a choice). After BtVS, I just want to see heroic women given a freaking choice for once and not be presented as screwed over by the Universe.

Favorite relationship: Bearing in mind that Angel will still expect Buffy to be his girl at the end of BtVS and into the comics (another WTF), I don’t think he deserves Cordy. Hmm, I’ll go with Cordy/Doyle because I love the contrast between the two and they’re so cute together.

Favorite headcanon: Cordelia is the one to convince Harmony to leave Spike, because he’s so on a rebound from Drusilla and Harmony should have someone dedicated to loving her 100%.

Send me a character! :)

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i really liked the interpretaton of buffy friends could you do buffy characters as types of friends like not personal to you

  • buffy is that friend where you know everything about each other even though you haven’t seen each other in three months, but you still are really close and it’s amazing. she’s also the one that eats more than her weight everyday, but still stays thin.
  • xander is that friend who has to snapchat everything and you mostly get annoyed by it because they’re always on their phone, but sometimes it’s great because you have records of your memories together because of them. 
  • willow is the one that secretly mutes group chats because it gets too much, but she doesn’t want to leave because that’s rude. also, she’s a study buddy and the 100% reason you passed your exams
  • cordy is the one that tells stories in front of your parents, but forgets that what you did wasn’t good, or she says stuff that you didn’t want them to know like “oh do you remember when we went to that party and there was sooo much booze” and then you give her a look and she’s like “so we left the party because drinking is bad”
  • angel is the one friend who never leaves the house so when they agree to do anything with you there are fireworks and people yelling “it’s a miracle!” and you text all your other friends about the fact that they’re actually leaving their house
  • giles is the one with the car. you know, the one that drives your friend group everywhere, and therefore has to stay sober at parties otherwise there is gonna be a group of ten people without a ride.
  • dawn is the one who you tell a joke to, and it’s funny so they laugh, but her laugh is so funny that you end up laughing at that so it’s and endless cycle.
  • tara is that friend that sleeps over but when you ask her anything she says “i don’t mind.” like you’ll ask her what she wants for breakfast and she’ll say “i don’t mind.” and it’s infuriating but really cute. she’s also the one who will call you and pretend to be sick when you’re in a bad situation
  • faith is that friend who you ask if they want anything when you go to the kitchen and she says no but you come back with your food and she steals some. also, no one can use her nickname for you. if they do, they’re dead.
  • spike is that fake friend who will support you when you’re happy and be with you when you’re getting attention, but then piss off when you’re upset, saying that he “doesn’t want the drama”
  • wesley is that friend who you’re the complete opposite to, but you somehow become friends. although for some reason, you never seem to hang out alone. there always has to be other people there.
  • gunn is that friend that always gives it to you straight. he’ll help you work out what to say to your ex, or you’ll do a presentation and afterwards you’ll ask him how you did because you trust him to be honest with you. also he always has a cracked phone screen.
  • fred is the one who is most like you. she gets whatever you’re going through and she’s the one you can phone to rant about something and she won’t try to get you to appreciate the other side of the story, even if you’re being unreasonable. she’s also the one you can sit in comfortable silence with when you’re sad.
I Love 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' But I Refuse To Read The Comics
The point is that I love Buffy, pretty much as much as someone can love a work of art. I have a trunk sitting right next to my desk with all the Buffy tchotchkes I've collected and even have two copies of the second season because the boxes looked slightly different so I wanted to keep them both. That being said, I don't read the Buffy comics. More accurately, I can't read them.
The Sunnydale Herald (Saturday 27th, 2016)

Buffy: …I just feel better with you safe and sound inside. You must be beat.
Joyce: I am. We’re a little gallery. You have no idea how much…
Buffy: (interrupts) Well, then why don’t you go upstairs and get into bed, and I can bring you some hot tea?
Joyce: That’s sweet! (suspiciously) What’d you do?
Buffy: Can’t a daughter just be concerned about her mother?


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spander watching dawson's creek. :0 if you've watched and are a fan. i've watched it, i just wanted to know if you have too. if you can't do this prompt think of something that xander would compare spike to, that spike would then realize yes, yes that person is me, and xander winds up sayin I got the real life verison of that.

I’ve never watched it but I hope you like this!

Dawson’s Creek for @queeraswolf

“That Jack guy,” Xander commented to Spike, stuffing his mouth with a Twinkie. “I can relate. I remember when Anya made the moves on me last year. It was really awkward telling her this Xander drives stick.”  

 Spike grabbed a Twinkie, dipped it in blood and did a better job cramming it into his mouth. The student surpassed the master, Xander thought with pride. 

 Mouth still full of Twinkie goodness, Spike pointed another Twinkie at the TV screen. “Nothing compared to what poor Pacey’s going through.” He swallowed and adjusted himself on the couch. “Harboring feelings for that bloody Joey and all she sees is that blond poofter.”

 “As long as you remember that you’re a blond poofter, Spike,” Xander muttered under his breath.

 “What?” Spike asked, absentminded, popping another Twinkie into his mouth and then grimacing when he remembered he forgot to dip it in blood first.

 Xander snapped the TV shut.

 “Hey, what the sodding hell…” Spike flashed yellow eyes at Xander. “Turn that on or I swear I’m back to Spock jokes!”

 “Are you really over Buffy?” Xander couldn’t hide the jealousy in his voice.

 “What are you yapping about?”

 “You obviously identify way too much with Pacey and Joey is Buffy and Dawson is Riley…”

 Spike smacked his lips against Xander’s and bit Xander’s tongue so hard, he abruptly backed away with a hiss of pain.

 “Chip?” Xander winced when feeling the stinging in his tongue.

`“Either that or hear your insecure prattle for the next twenty minutes.” He picked up the remote control and turned on the TV.

 Sometimes Xander wondered if Spike still thought of Buffy. Sometimes he wondered if Spike just settled for him because of the apartment and the cable and the free food.

 Spike handed Xander the last Twinkie.

 Sometimes Xander was just an idiot.    

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