consider…… kendra/willow/fred………..

  • a slayer, a witch, and a scientist!! they have a good combo of different abilities, but they’re all kinda Super Smart bookish types they’d get along so well imo
  • they all live together in LA. fred works in a research lab, willow works for a tech company, and kendra works afternoon shifts at the local library and sleeps in late (’cause she stays up late slaying)
  • (kendra always wakes up with fred and willow to wish them a good day n kiss them goodbye. she goes back to sleep afterward.)
  • despite their different schedules, they try to eat dinner together as often as possible! kendra learned to cook when she lived with her watcher, and puts on a lot of slow-cooker meals before she heads to work
  • fred loves to tell kendra & willow sciences jokes. willow always laughs at the punch line, while kendra just kinda. rolls her eyes. (they’re not good jokes, but that doesnt mean she wants fred to stop telling them)
  • kendra gets really into reading travel blogs, because she loves the photography. eventually she suggests that they should take a trip (road-trip style, no guided tours allowed), and they all book some time off work to go
  • with some of the extra money willow has saved from getting a raise at work, she buys the fam a nice camera to use on their trip. they take turns using it, but somehow it’s fred who winds up wearing it around her neck 85% of the time
  • kendra uses willow’s laptop to start a blog about her life with her girlfriends - after being so disconnected from people for so long, she loves how connected she feels now, and she enjoys writing about it and posting fred’s photos of the three of them!!!!
  • willow and fred go to bed at the same time; kendra goes to bed later, but fred always leaves whatever book she’s been reading on the bedside table, so that kendra can read it, too. in the morning, convos often start with “ahh! did you get to part where — ???”
  • kendra is very interested in magic, and willow teaches her some simple spells. sometimes at the dinner table, kendra tries to float the cutlery, just because she can. also, floating spoons make fred giggle, and kendra adores that sound.
  • skfjhf i could keep going but im gonna stop there for now

anonymous asked:

To the people that refuse to acknowledge Willow x Oz...would you consider that as bi erasure?

Yes. But it gets complicated because the character herself doesn’t label herself as bi and I think says she’s a lesbian (or gay.. I forget). BTVS aired during a time when bisexual was not a word that was used in TV and we still struggle to get show creators to use the term bisexual for their bisexual characters. But yes, I consider it bi erasure because IN CANON, Willow loved Oz. When Oz comes back after she’s with Tara, she says she’ll always love him and the line of “I feel like I’ll walk around a corner one day in [country name I’ve forgotten] and there you’ll be.” She acknowledges their love and connection throughout the series. Some people say they relate to her as a lesbian because they dated guys in high school before realizing they were gay. But that wasn’t the case with Willow. She didn’t express hesitancy or unsureness in her relationship. She didn’t have to talk herself into it. She loved him. People can relate to her relationship with Tara without erasing her valid relationship and canon feelings for Oz.

I could go into more about Joss Whedon’s gross treatment of female sexuality in the show and how that plays in but I think it’s best for me to get off the soap box now. But this is a hill I will absolutely die on. Willow is a canon bi character whether the show writers handled her sexuality properly or not.

for femslash week, day #1 (late)

pairing: faith/mai
summary: faith and mai bond while faith gets in a little target practise. Angel & Faith 10x06 extended scene.
a/n: up until “Better,” this fic is a novelization of the comic scene in question, so that it can be read w/o knowledge of the comics. context: faith is on a rescue mission to save riley, along with a group of other slayers. 

Faith’s practising her shooting when Mai approaches.

There you are,” she says. “I’ve been looking all over.”

“Sorry,” Faith says. She keeps shooting at the target. And missing. “Didn’t know I was missing.”

Mai looks at the bullet holes, amused. “I’m guessing nobody ever taught you to shoot.”

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