this is not a love story: Angel/Spike

History is doomed to repeat itself, and since they had both experienced most of history it was no surprise when they started sleeping together. Lots of alcohol and lots of anger and lots of bickering were usually the only constants and that’s all they really know how to do.

Crack plot twist for the AOS midseason finale

Daisy and Robbie finally confess their feelings for each other, leading them to have sex at the end of the episode. But just when you think all is well, Robbie loses his soul because he experienced a moment of pure happiness, which allows the spirit of the Ghost Rider to completely take over.

Dark Robbie Reyes is our Big Bad for the second half of the season. And then at the end of season 4, Robbie leaves the group for his spinoff series, where he opens a private investigation agency that helps people with supernatural problems. 

AIDA is part of the spinoff series after it’s revealed she’s still on SHIELD’s side after she becomes sentient. AIDA moves in with Robbie and Gabe so she could pursue her dreams of becoming an actress.

The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Monday-Tuesday, December 5 & 6, 2016
MASTER: So! This is the Slayer! You’re prettier than the last one.

BUFFY: This isn’t real. Y-you can’t be free!

MASTER: You still don’t understand, do you? I am free because you fear it. Because you fear it, the world is crumbling. Your nightmares are made flesh. You have little Billy to thank for that.

BUFFY: This is a dream.

MASTER: A dream is a wish your heart makes. This is real life. Come on, Slayer! What are you afraid of?

~~Nightmares (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 1, Episode 10)~~

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“The Spread of Their Evil” is basically a sequel.

Guess what, “The Spread of Their Evil” is not the first time in the Buffyverse when San Francisco is destroyed by a combo of a natural disaster and a Chinese dragon! Angel’s comic from the IDW run titled “Barbary Coast” depicts a borderline identical scenario. Sure, the Chinese dragon breaths fire, instead of lightning and the city is destroyed by an earthquake ( the earthquake - the story takes place in 1906) instead of flood but that’s just a different frosting on the same apocalyptic cake. Here’s the plot. Angel visits San Francisco seeking Xin ( old, Chinese, wise, kung fu mystic guy with a beard and an eyepatch; acupuncturist, tattoo artist, also a pimp - how many tropes can you fit into one guy, seriously? ) who can help him relieve the anguish of having a soul with his dank Chinese magic but first Angel needs to complete a fetch quest for Xin and find a girl with a dragon tattoo ( no, seriously) named Ling Kai. The woman turns out to be, of course, a dragon. It’s a whole Chinese tattoo magic spirit curse thing. On one hand, even though “Barbary Coast” is not canon ( or is it? I have no idea, OK? ) the almost identical circumstances and the fact that there’s exactly a century between those stories ( I know, comic book time, bear with me, alright? ) makes me think that those events might be somehow connected but on the other hand it wouldn’t be the first time when the canon comics rehashed ideas and/or motives from other Buffyverse material, like, for example, Aluwyn and Gnog being pretty much copy-pasted from a prior Angel comic. And that’s fucking lame. Look, I get it, BtVS has always rehashed stories and there’s a limited amount of mythological creatures to pick from since it’s San Francisco, and not, like, Rome ( never forget! ) and obviously I don’t expect the current dragon to turn out to be another cursed woman because Shenlong is supposedly masculine in nature and…no, it’s still lame. What, it couldn’t have been a leviathan or something? Since there’s an entire bestiary of incredible sea monsters San Francisco being historically and mythologically deficient isn’t an excuse for blandness and blatant rehashing. Bleh!

kathubs  asked:

do you think tara could ever be in any house besides hufflepuff????? i'm having such a hard time imagining it

maybe gryffindor? it’s the only house that strikes me as remotely tara-y, but even then it’s a huge stretch because tara’s version of bravery only reveals itself when she needs to defend people she loves. tara is in danger all the time and seems pretty terrified and freezes up a lot, but if some demon thing is attacking willow or any of her friends, she acts and defends and becomes brave for them, and that’s more of a loyal hufflepuff trait than a brave gryffindor one i think and this answer got longer than it needed to be didn’t it 


stranger things opening credits in the style of buffy