in which kravitz discovers some problems just aren’t all that common

i’m gonna give y’all a little pre-story to this: @celeste-draws​ and i were working on kravitz headcanons. we worked on a lot of stuff all of which is post-worthy honestly but one question in particular is relevant to this post. namely: is he dead or alive? (esp. bc its weird shipping if he’s dead but also cold hands??) so our final ruling:

- he’s outside of the rules of life (“he’s only mostly dead! mostly dead is slightly alive”).
- technically he’s, like, undead? he never really ‘died’(you can still kill him) but he defo doesn’t live in the land of the living anymore
-most importantly: he doesn’t technically have to breathe/have a beating heart though he does breathe just because the habit never broke

okay now that that’s over i was about to sleep last night when the His Hand Is Warm scene from the Episode that Ruined The Sex Number Forever slam-dunked me in the fACE and i present to you……. how kravitz really truly made his hands warm.

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