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“ichihime fans always try to make orihimes past more tragic than it is”

orihime was born to parents who had no problems beating a baby, it is literally canon that they would beat her to quiet her crying-which led to 15 year old sora hiding her and quieting her cries himself in fear that they would hear her. he ran away from that nightmare of a house when she was merely three. when she was in middle school she was bullied to the point where they cut her hair, and would beat her. the same day she had her first and only fight with sora is the day she lost him-middle school orihime had to carry her dying brother in the rain only to lose him. 

Memories of Mom

For @deathberryprompts‘ “I’ll find her, I promise.” This one invoked a not so sweet memory in me. Post 686.

Hide and seek makes Ichika’s little heart flutter. Nothing is more frightening than the thought of losing her mommy. It’s her recurring nightmare, the monster under her bed, and what she wishes to never happen on birthdays. She struggles to explain it, but when she crashes into Rukia’s arms, it isn’t what she expects. She feels cold. There is sadness. It’s different with Uncle Byakuya. When she hugs him, he’s stiff at first, but then he softens. Mommy’s body jerks and her head is bowed like she’s hiding tears. Daddy’s almost too warm. His affection smothers her, but his hugs are like a perfect summer day.

When it’s time to visit the World of the Living, her mother transforms. She wears another face, and she sings and pulls out Ichika’s best dresses. Ichika says all the things she wants because Mommy will listen because Mommy is happy.

Kazui never suggests a new game. It’s always hide and seek. Rukia encourages them to play it to sharpen their ability to sense reiatsu so Ichika plays.

It’s mommy’s turn to hide and it feels like it’s been a long time since she started looking for her. Ichika begins to panic. Did mommy go to that place she always seems to be looking for? The little girl runs, but loses her footing, and falls. It hurts. She pushes up from the ground, smooths out the wrinkles in her dress, and dusts herself off. Somehow, she lost a shoe. She turns around to look for it but all she sees is Kazui’s daddy. Unable to shoulder her anxiety anymore, she rushes to him, wrapping her arms around his leg and burying her face into it.

“Mommy’s gone! I can’t find her anywhere!” she cries.

Ichigo brushes her hair back with a strong hand before crouching down with her shoe. Her violet eyes sparkle just like Rukia’s, in that way he fell in love with when he was just a boy learning how to be a Shinigami.

“Let’s put this on first. Deal?” he asks, holding up her missing shoe.

Ichika sniffles and nods. She puts a hand on his shoulder for balance, and Ichigo slips on the shoe. He picks her up, and the tears start all over again.

“Don’t cry,” he comforts her. “Let’s go get Mommy. I’ll find her, I promise.”

The little girl feels stronger just from the confidence in Ichigo’s voice, and everything suddenly makes sense; the way Rukia’s face lights up when the doors of the senkaimon open, and he’s waiting, the way they bicker, but seem so happy, and the way the sadness returns when it’s time to leave. He is the place her mother looks for, and when they find Rukia sitting high in a tree, smiling down at them, Ichika knows it, and she wishes the moment could last forever.