It’s Tier Harribel’s birthday! AND I DOUBT get anything special done today, so a quick sketch for the queen! Even though still doubting she likes the title :v Still sad she had no action anymore and thus no time to train unlike Nelliel and Grimmjow, plus with Aizen gone, what do? That ever a new Arrancar pops up seems unlikely, ‘cept they get a new Hogyoku … god the Shinigami would have it so easy now to slaughter them, COUGHS anyway happy birthday, harri ♥

Bleach and Miraculous crossover. WIP.

Ichigo is Ladybug, and Rukia is Cat Noir. I tailored their clothing styles to fit their personalities, because I’m pretty certain the Kwamis alter the suits based on who is the hero at the time. 

Couldn’t bring myself to give Ichigo a mask. Just doesn’t seem his thing. So he prolly ordered Tikki to leave it out. 

amechulover  asked:

What's your opinion on the manga characters coming in BBS? Like adult hitsugaya, komamura, etc. Also who are you most excited for?

I feel like its too soon, like I kinda want Klab to finish making all the characters from the anime or remake the old ones to make them become stronger. Like I’m over here still waiting to see if they’re going to make the Arabian nights characters or make the 3 mod souls Ririn, Kurodo and Noba or even the karakura riser kon and his other super buddies LOL. Idk stuff that we seen in the anime that has not been put into the game,

Overall I just want every story/character thats in the anime before we head to the very last story in the manga p-p

In the manga I am most excited forrrrrr-

This handsome boi , pretty much half the ppl who followed me knew it before hand. So hopefully I get him~!

I also want naked Zangetsu… for scientific reasons…

AND IT IS ONCE AGAIN TIME FOR THE RARE PAIRS, then again all my otps are kinda rare pairs :’(  Anyway Askin and Harribel here for @levaarik. Idk another (belated) bday gift for harri, where she has some fun. And whoever is confused, how Harri can come with a Quincy together, just imagine someone takes the time finally (like Askin) and visits her, bit difficult but shhh. 

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To be fair, one could probably say that Ichigo’s relationship with Orihime was built DOWN almost as much as his relationship with Rukia was built UP. Kubo seemed to take some sort of perverse pleasure in having Orihime be ignored/unacknowledged/dismissed/doubted/sidelined by Ichigo and having her despair over not being 'his Rukia'. AND NOTHING EVER CHANGED IN THE END. Kubo simply waved it all away and went 'Yeah, uh, pretend something or other happened and - look, KIDS! Parallel! I'm so cool'.

I literally made a post with a bunch of those lovely ‘IchiHime’ moments. He was an ass to her and she was an obsessive creep over him. So yeah, you aren’t wrong when you say Kubo did the literal opposite to building their relationship up over the course of the manga.


Theres a program thats called “Bluestacks” that I used to download the game onto my computer

and oh boy, I kept having so much trouble cooperating with it. To walk u have to actually click certain areas and the character will follow where you click at, and for the buttons you would actually have to set like this system well…its very hard to complain but bear with me here, u have to use these circles and place them onto areas where u need to set a key for it, like for an example a 5/6 star has 5 attacks, the regular, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and special, you have to place 5 circles onto those buttons and choose whatever key you would like on so that once u hit the key the button will activate. When I first started I had no clue what to do, all I was doing is clicking areas and the character will follow like I try clicking the button didn’t work but then I got used to it by using the select key circle crap , Its very confusing so it will take a while to get use to

I mostly stop playing it on the computer because I kept crashing more than I crash in my phone, I was lagging really bad at every single story and co-op. Very slow download, took ages, but hey it may be my computer who knows.

Worst of all, if you need to dodge be ready to click A LOT because it is super difficult that I raged quit.