~bel art~

A warm up sketch I did before working on some commissions. I liked how this turned out so I cleaned it up and added some 80′s-tastic colours. It’s hard to tell what’s going on, but it’s supposed to be Jack catching Johnny before he falls >w>; It’s like the start of a cheesy romance anime JFC

Listened to this sweet remix of Fresh Prince of Bel Air while I worked.


<~(// CHIBI HELL \)~>


These were made for my incredibly nice ‘n bootyful hostesses Liz ( @melancholydisaster ), Sabi( @Stitchingstring ), Evchen ( @Anubisbride ) Daro 'n Saruuu ~
here : Belukia, the Mother, Renji, Gunter, Mikuni, Güldenstern, Sakuya, Prompto, SnowLilly aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand last but not least Tsubakyun 8D ! SEXEHHHHHH ~ <3
huuuu ~ drawing 10 Chibis at home it truly exhausting >^>) but they were happy receiving them <3 <3 -> “ ADE OMG, OMMMGGGG ”
they happy = me happy :]

soooo, they were inviting me to their home in order to visit the Dokomi in Düsseldorf together for the whole weekend \( ///v///)/ !!
thank you sososososoosOSOSOSOSOSO MUCH for this AMAZING event *^*!! it was reallyyyyy funny <3

I gotta start to submit Cosplay photos tomorrow ~ now I couldn’t do anything cuz I’m too tired and my feet still hurt like hell x.x)“

however, hope u like them :D !

i said i would draw this and i meant it

(this is what i think of when i think of having to buy him the most expensive beans for legumentines,,,)


Did some more two-page 4x6" spreads of some SW folks. I’m going to try to finish out the middles now that I’ve scanned them, make them into single pieces instead of these diptychs before I put the originals up on my store.

Still to do (maybe): Jyn & K2SO w/ Uwing, The REBELS crew w/ the Ghost, Rogue One Mrs Hudson and Mustache General w/ X-Wing, Terek and the marauders w/ castle and stumpy T-rex fishhead monster, Admiral Raddus and his big flagship.