Studying Japanese: Resources! 

In lieu of a ‘how to study’ Japanese post, here’s a few online resources which have helped me with studying Japanese throughout the years. 

The resources listed below;

  • Range from beginner’s level to advanced level
  • Are appropriate for studying for the JLPT (N4- N1)  
  • Are appropriate for self study
  • Most are free, or come with a free trial period! (excluding textbooks. but trust me, i’ve got your back)

Essential Websites and Extensions


  • Rikaikun:The one-stop shop for all your browsing needs. Hover over any kanji compound and this app will do all the translating for you. I found this incredibly useful for reading practice (esp. on news articles etc.).
  • Jisho.org: One of the best dictionaries out there. Sorts most kanji according to JLPT level.
  • Tofugu: A good general starting place to find resources and read interesting articles about Japanese culture, ex-pats working in Japan and Studying in Japan. They also have a special series on applying for the JET Program! 


Particles? Verbs? Subjects? Conjugations? 

Writing (Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji)

Learn your alphabet(s) gdi! 


Get you in touch with other native learners!


Multimedia (Youtube, Podcasts)

…because heck, learning a language is more than memorising charts and structures! 


Stay tuned for later parts to this series incl. going on exchange, studying japanese, “wtf this kanji looks like a scribble”

All the best! 

- fuckstudy 

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This is the first ever human sized piece of clothing I’ve ever knitted, and I’m super proud of it! I made this! By myself! :D

It’s based on the 4th Doctor Who’s scarf, and I used a pattern I found on Raverly that I added stripes & a bit of length to. Also used a lot of guidance from a friend & lots of very helpful YouTube videos, seeing as I’m still very much a beginner at all this.

(My screwdriver isn’t very sonic…)

anonymous asked:

Hello, I hope I am not bothering you too much with stupid qns but can you tell me how you did the texture for Asriel's pants? It's very interesting -sincerely, a beginner artist trying to learn

mmm it’s just color pencils texture? like, i just cross-hatch a whole damn lot until it turns into a solid color, idk

Shoutout to the artists and writers feeling down on themselves because they don’t have a vast follower count yet, or as many notes on a piece as they hope.  Don’t give up! Your art is precious and never use a giant and fairly confusing website like tumblr to judge the quality of your work. Don’t give up! :)



Cait: “What are you doing?”

Codsworth: “Just like the children did back before the war! Isn’t that delightful, sir/mum? Just like the old days…”

Curie: She insists Sole tell her why this is amusing to them because she certainly doesn’t understand it.

Danse: He’s seen a lot of pre-battle good luck rituals, but this? Was it even meant for good luck? What does it mean?

Deacon: They have contests to see who can reach the highest point. Deacon wins and Sole says it’s beginner’s luck.

Dogmeat: Barks excitedly. He doesn’t know why the hell they’re doing that, but it’s making them happy, so he’s happy.

Hancock: He’s too high to care, man. Hancock watches as Sole bounces enthusiastically and just giggles about it.

MacCready: “Aww, neat! I wanna try!”

Magnolia: Shakes her head

Maxson: This is the kind of thing that channels his 20 year old boy self. He sees Sole doing it and much to their surprise, joins in. They have a race to see who can hit 15 the fastest.

Nick Valentine: He gets onto them for wasting time, but he tries it when he thinks Sole isn’t looking.

Piper: “Haha okay, Blue.“  (⊙‿⊙)????

Preston: Preston just smiles while Smol!Sole tries to hit the top of the door frame. When they finally come to the conclusion that they are not physically able to reach it, he picks them up and lets them hang from it.

Strong: He tries to do it too but he accidentally punches a hole in the door frame and the whole thing collapses.

X6-88: When Sole tries to do it to every threshold they pass through, he finds handcuffs and locks them to a pipe while he finishes clearing out the building.

internalbursts asked:

i'm obsessed with you, your blog, and you artwork!! how long have you been drawing? do you have any tips for beginners? much love xx

aw, thanks! i’ve been drawing since i was little, but i think i began really knowing it was my ‘career’ in high school. my advice would be that it’s never too early (or late) to start doing something. if you want to animate or paint or whatever it is you dream of doing, you don’t have to wait. there are a ton of tools online and maybe some local figure drawing classes around that you can utilize. learn the fundamentals, but make things you care about and try to have fun!

torn-by-dreams asked:

In response to the anon who is having trouble with body proportions: it does take time to get a feel for such things, so don't worry about it! Tracing over photographs or drawing directly on top of them can help you understand a little better, but I also suggest continuing to draw from life. Take a sketchbook with you out into the real world and draw some people you see. They will move, so you have to be fast and simple with your sketches, just jotting down the basic forms and motions. 1/2

This will allow you to draw only what you see and not fill in your brain’s incorrect ideas of what human proportions are. Again, it takes time to get a grasp of how anatomy works, so don’t get discouraged or frustrated. Just keep trucking. 2/2

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Thrift Haul + Quick Fixes by coolirpa

Link: https://youtu.be/iC19ohho4Qs


SpreadADay is back, and bringing you all new spreads! Each day a new spread will be posted, as well as a daily affirmation. (While not required, I recommend saying the daily affirmation 3-5 times throughout the day to remind you that you are amazing.) Spreads this time ‘round are based on the daily affirmation.

This month’s #SpreadADay4 is brought to you by@ragabashwitch and@divineru.

Beginners– Use this as a chance to learn tarot by making yourself do a spread a day. You can read for yourself or other people.

Advanced Readers– This is a great opportunity to learn a new deck or explore new spreads.

Practice/Feedback– #SpreadADay4 is the perfect outlet to do practice readings for others and to obtain feedback, while being in the running for some great prizes. Tag your post #ShareASpread to offer a reading to someone else (or find available readings). Tag your post #SpreadFeedback to request some help from the community.

Community Bonding– Meet and chat with other diviners and tarot readers in the community. See how others interpret cards and spreads! This is a perfect opportunity to network and meet some great people.

Follow and remember to tag your posts #SpreadADay4! This is so you can see what are others are up to and read their progress, and others can do the same with you. Also, I use this to verify you completed each day.

After completing the #SpreadADay challenge, diviners will be in the running to will many great prizes! (Which is not connected or associated with tumblr. Must be 18 or older to receive prizes.)

You can use any deck or tool for each spread. Tarot, oracle, lenormand, runes, dice, etc. You can even use different tools or decks for different days.

New spreads are posted daily. So check back each morning to see what new spread is up! (Spreads are posted at approximately 11am EST daily.)

Pictures are not required by are pretty and give people a chance to see new decks they may want to purchase later.

You do not have to post the spread on the date. It is okay to combine posts if you miss a day.

Secondary blogs can participate.

Please remember that the 29 spreads must be completed by March 4th, 2016 to be in the running for prizes.

FOUR winners will be chosen at random. This SpreadADay4, the prizes are bigger than ever!

Winners will be announces March 7, 2016. Winners must respond in 24 hrs or new winner(s) will be chosen. Must be following @ragabashwitch and @divineruon Tubmlr. This challenge is international!

Behind a day or more? Just getting started on the challenge? Check out the masterpost here!

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Bonny. Can I gain the benefits of cycling if I only have a hand-me-down, basic bike? No fancy road tires or crazy high gear or coushy seat. You look rockin' and cycling seems to be the answer :) Thanks for any thoughts you can share!

You can, but investing in a decent bike is investing in your health, fitness and overall happiness… Because you will be able to get so much more out of it, and be way more comfortable!!! I’m not sure what bike you have, but it’s important that it fits you correctly otherwise you can course injury, plus you won’t enjoy exercises if you are in pain, from the seat or position. Getting a professional ‘bike fit’ is something I would say is a must. A good beginners bike can be aware from $1000-$2000 from brands like giant, specalized, cannondale, trek or scott… It might seem like a lot, but it’s well worth it!!

Also highly recommend a good pair of bike shorts!!! It might take some time to save up for these things, set it as a goal you can work towards :)

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I'm just gonna start warning beginner Narries to stay away from Your fics and Ryan's fics because you guys are evil and 95% of the time you'll end up crying and being horribly upset, and just wondering why you keep coming back even though it all ends pain.

Oh, dear. @narryhadalittleliam are you seeing this, Ryan? We’re being boycotted! 

meedsloves asked:

Since you are professional at digital art wich is better, tablet or a mouse? And what is your favourite drawing program? And why? Cause I am kind of a rookie

I’m not a professional, I still have much to learn but thank you ^u^

I use a Wacom tablet, but I know artists who use mouses with digital art and achieve the same aspirations they want without a tablet. It might be a bit lengthier process, but usually the artwork in the end is cleaner/more accurate starting out too.

Paint Tool Sai is my favorite program, since it’s very easy to learn how to use and is widely accepted as superior for both beginner artists and experienced. It’s simple and easy to understand, able to tweak to your liking and overall pretty much has all the basic functions a digital artist needs. The license for it is $1, but it’s also free if you ask someone nicely.