Happy birthday to our handsome deer with a voice as sweet as honey. To the man who returned home, who is slowly taking the entertainment and business world one step at a time and attaining grazed knees from his love for soccer in return. Congratulations Luhan! We’re able to send you well wishes following your win for movie newcomer of the year and are very proud of your perseverance in achieving the goals you set yourself. Supporting your projects in the days to come! Thank you for continuing to do the most you can for your fans. You will always hold a place in our heart and we wish you all the best! 我真的为你感到骄傲 ♡ 生日快乐!


Got my first tattoo, my zodiac Aquarius. It’s just a tiny one but w/e. I’ll get the second one in Fall! (ง •̀_•́)ง

Outfit Rundown

Cap: metro
Wig: wig-supplier
Sweater: Listen Flavor x Dangan Ronpa
Salopette: milklim
Shoes. taobao (hanaのxxx)
Glasses: eBay
Accessories: Swimmer, sakura1tama, taobao, gift, BB

samael submitted:

took a shot at gator-snoutin, hope this is okay =x

for those confused, this is based on me saying that I envy the alligator’s beautiful and intimidating snooter in this post

and I love it!! It’s so soft and cute, and I love the squishy shape of the gator mouth. Now I’ll stop and kiss every mirror I see myself in. Thank you so much!!

iconic girl trios are the most powerful things that happen on bb and i cant believe were lucky enough to be blessed with one with sindy/brittnee/sarah and for them to not only be iconic but actually be playing the best games rn too 

I’m gonna focus on good things:
  • Team Russia was awesome even without Aliya and this makes me hope for the future
  • Team Romania had a chance to redeem itself through Andreea Munteanu and is going home with a gold medal
  • THESE EUROS WERE SUPER EXCITING and very diverse in terms of countries who made finals which is fantastic
  • Darya Spiridonova reminded us that she wasn’t born to be an all-arounder, but her bars are what dreams are made of
  • The Afanar lives and is looking better than expected
  • Sanne Wevers got a UB bronze medal!
  • Claire Martin won BB bronze at home <3
  • Erika Fasana is the 4th best AA European gymnast and FX worker (and forever 1st in my heart)
  • Martina Rizzelli hit every single routine in these championships and placed 9th in the AA (how did that even happen?!) and 5th in UB EF
  • Giulia Steingruber looked amazing and won three well-deserved medals
  • Even though she didn’t hit BB when it counted, Maria Kharenkova proved she can be a reliable all-arounder despite what the haters always said
  • Ellie and Becky Downie were on the same team and both made UB EF, which is really cute
  • Maria Paseka didn’t make the team but won a gold medal cause that’s how fabulous she is
  • Despite the disastrous BB EF, none of the girls got injured and that’s a relief
  • Everyone in FX EF hit, and that made the competition super gripping and exciting to watch
  • Some of the leos in this championship were TO DIE FOR!