ok since so many ppl won’t shut the fuck up about #cakegate and don’t seem to actually know what happened:

- Zakiyah is the only fucking HG who offered to bake Bridgette a cake & throw her a party. BRIDGETTE SAYS NO.

- Z then overhears B making fun of her to Tiffany, saying “she should throw her stuffed giraffe a party/bake it a cake” or smth along those lines

- Z is (understandably) pissed and, being the queen of petty, is like “okay you know what fuck you” and decides to throw the damn giraffe a party

- B then got super upset which is like….okay, sure, a stuffed animal got a party and you didn’t, but A) YOU SAID NO WHEN SHE ASKED and B) YOU THEN MADE FUN OF HER AND SHE HEARD YOU

- in conclusion: both Z & B were petty and did smth shitty buttttt lots of ppl seem to only blame Z and forget everything else 🤔 I wonder why 🤔

so now that natalie is confident and exposing truths about the house she needs to remember her “place”? what is her place exactly?

shes by far the most aware player this season. the girl is clocking facts left and right like she’s had the damn live feeds this entire time. she’s exposing things to james he would’ve never seen on his own


Full TTG panel at San Diego Comic Con 2016 on Thursday, July 21st.

Skip forward to the BBRae parts:

1:13 - Greg Cipes (as Beast Boy): “Oh sorry, we are just “BBRae-ing” over here.”

20: 34 - Fan:When will we see Terra and Aqualad again?” Greg (as Beast Boy): “What did you say bro?!” Producer: “You will see Terra in one of the island episodes and Aqualad shows up in season 4…” Khary Payton: “They are going to be in the 5 days of Island Adventures?” Producer: “Yeah starting on August 1st, the week long event.” Khary Payton: “Wow so one of those 5 days you can see Terra or Aqualad?” Producer: “Yes.” Greg (as Beast Boy): “ENOUGH!” Producer: “It’s true but I don’t know which day it is so you will have to tune in and watch.” Tara Strong (as Raven to the fan): “Why do you want Terra?” Fan: “Just curious!” Tara Strong (as Raven): “Whatever.” 

21:40 - Fan: “Which characters do you most definitely see in a relationship?” Greg Cipes (as Beast Boy singing to Tara): “It’s all about my baby yeah it’s all about bae and when I don’t got my baby all I do is go cray, cray cray. It’s all about my baby yeah it’s all about RAE and if I don’t got my baby all I do is go cray, cray, cray…” Khary Payton: “What he means by that is we are all in a relationship together.” Greg Cipes (as Beast Boy): “I’m not sharing her bro.”

27:44 - Fan: “The villains you got rid of are they going to be coming back in any new episodes?” Producer: “Who did we get rid of?” Fan: “Like Terra and…” Producers: “Terra will be back.” Tara Strong (as Raven): “What?” Producer to Tara: “Sorry.” Greg Cipes (as Beast Boy to the fan): “Sorry mama, but I’m over her now.” Tara Strong (as Raven): That’s right.” Khary Payton: “No more upsetting questions!”

29:09 - *Cast answering what their favorite episodes are*: Tara Strong: “I love Lady Legasus.” Greg Cipes (as Beast Boy): “LOOK AT DEM LEGS!”

38:31 - *Cast answering who voices Terra*: Greg Cipes: “Ashley Johnson who is my cartoon girlfriend..” Tara Strong (as Raven): “WHAT?!” Greg Cipes: *puts his arm around Tara* “I mean WAS my cartoon girlfriend.” Tara Strong (as Raven): “Whatever. Can we stop bringing her up please?” Producer: “Raven doesn’t like Terra.” Greg Cipes (as Beast Boy): “Jealously is very ugly.”




woah, sike again