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may I get scenario of Aomine's gf is pregnant but she left him because she thinks he didn't want the child. Aomine become professional bball player in States and by the fate he saw her in there whilst holding the baby. He see saw his son who has the same deep blue eyes and hair, what would he do to get her back? thanks in advance

You weren’t supposed to hear that conversation in the first place…but you did. And it broke your heart and your plans for the future. You always saw yourself by Aomine’s side. Laughing and cheering him on, on his endeavours. You even promised yourself that if he chose to go to another country to play basketball, you’d go after him. 

“So do you ever see yourself married to ____-chan and having kids?” 

“That was never part of my plans in the first place…”

Tears started to fall freely from your eyes. It was never part of his plan? So what were the last few years about? Just to past time till he went pro?

You couldn’t help but chuckle sadly to yourself as you glanced back at Aomine talking to a good friend of yours. Before looking down at the pregnancy test you were clutching in your hand. Sighing, you threw the pregnancy test at the trash can, and turned around and never looked back.

You’re not going to hold this against him. Despite this not being part of his plans, you loved Aomine enough to let him go and chase after his dreams. It was the right thing to do. And this would help him continue on to his plans for the future. 

6 years later

“Oi Ahomine, what are you looking around for?” Kagami asked the tanned man.

“Tch.. nothing.. everything looks the same after all this time huh?”

Kagami couldn’t help but stare at Aomine, who was staring at the riverbank and shrugged.

He suddenly patted Aomine’s shoulder, who shrugged it off.

“You’ll find her don’t worry.” Kagami grinned. “Ah, Kuroko said to meet up at the court at 12, I’ll go get us some food from Murasakibara’s cafe, so why don’t you go ahead to the court. We’ll catch up to you.” Kagami slapped Aomine’s back before jogging away.

Aomine couldn’t help but glare at his retreating figure, before taking a walk towards the court.

After leaving 6 years ago, he couldn’t help but feel empty. He was able to achieve his dream and be part of NBA, but Aomine couldn’t help but feel hallow all these years. 

Instead of partying every time his team won, he’d try to search for clues for you on the internet, and ask for updates from Akashi, who’d taken up the job of looking for you. 

And now that he’s back, he couldn’t help but embrace the memories that flooded back as he took in the path you both walked on a million times before. 

 As Aomine approached the court, he couldn’t help but feel like his eyes were playing tricks on him, when he saw you running after a tanned child with a huge basketball in his hands. 

His heart was hammering against his chest as he took in the child’s features, he was tanned, had blue hair, his eyes were yours and had his exact smile. 

“MAMA! CATCH!” The child threw the ball to your hands, you catching it effortlessly. 

You ran towards the hoop, the child following you, before passing it back to him.

“Dai-chan shoot the ball!” The child shot the ball, his height and strength not strong enough to reach the ring yet, making you grab it midway and finishing it.


Aomine couldn’t help but feel his heart clench at the sight of you bending down to the child with sad eyes.

“You watch way too much basketball for your age Dai-chan. You might just end up like your dad someday.” You mumbled. 

Aomine stepped out from the shade and into the court, grabbing the forgotten ball and dribbling it slowly as he walked towards you and the child.

The child in question turned his head, and his eyes widened at the sight of Aomine.

“Mama…it’s A-kun. It’s A-kun! I thought he was in that far away place!” The child exclaimed, grabbing your sleeve.

You were speechless at the sight of Aomine walking towards you. His expression blank. 

You started to breakout in cold sweat, when Aomine bent down to pet the child’s head, ruffling his blue hair making him giggle. 

“So how long were you planning to hide it from me ___-chan?” Aomine asked, his turned towards yours with the most heartbreaking expression you’ve ever seen on his face. 

“Mama, you know A-kun?” Daichi asked as his gazed switched from you to Aomine. Daichi couldn’t help but feel worried all of a sudden, at the change of atmosphere and ran to your legs to hug them tight and glared at Aomine.

“Is he bad mama?” 

Aomine stood up straight, his hands clenched into fists, a shadow cast over his eyes, hiding his grim expression from you. 

You stroked Daichi’s hair before looking at Aomine squarely. 

“He was mama’s good friend back then. I think it would be a great idea if you could finally meet your favorite basketball player right Daichi?” You lovingly said to your son. Who’s eyes sparkled at your words.



Aomine and Daichi said at the same time. 

You gave Aomine a small smile.


Aomine felt his heart skip a beat. He knows its not the right time to ask questions now. Why you suddenly broke up with him all those years ago and cut all contact. And why you never told him you had his child all these years. But he knew deep down, it was a misunderstanding that broke you two apart. After years of running away from the heartbreak and finally coming home in hopes to woo you back to his side, after Kise spammed him with pictures of you, he couldn’t help but be glad this happened. It wasn’t the ideal circumstance he’d want to be in, suddenly having a child, but it was a child with you. And he doesn’t mind changing his plans after all. 

Wooing you over, means wooing his son…the current man of the house over too. 

His stupid friends planned this from the very beginning, and Aomine couldn’t wait to woop their asses for hiding it from him. 

“A-kun, let’s play?” Daichi asked, as he held the ball up to Aomine.

Aomine bent down and grinned at the child.

“Sure, and how about this, every time I make a shot, you tell me all about yourself and your beautiful mom over there. And if I win, I’d like to take you and your mom out for a date. Deal?”

You felt your heart tighten as you caught Aomine’s eyes, who patiently waited for your answer. 

You glanced down at Daichi, who seemed way too happy for your liking. This wasn’t part of the plan… but you couldn’t help but be selfish in the end.


6 years ago.. 

“…but after getting to know ____-chan, I couldn’t help but want to drop everything and just stay here instead. It was never part of my plans. After meeting her and getting my motivation back, I wanted to go out there and play with everything I’ve got. But she made me realized, that even if I didn’t have that, I’d still be happy choosing her over basketball. She wasn’t planned, but she was definitely worth it.”