Some people don’t look at the whole picture or the deeper meanings it has and only rely on their eyes to look at what is in front of them.

BBRae is not your typical “love at first sight” story which is why it is so special and so unique.

A developing relationship built on trust, understanding, and accepting each other’s differences. And if people can not see that and only see the bad in it then they need to look closer and start paying attention to what truly matters.

To me, this was a very nostalgic scene, given the fact that even after 19 years, these two are still acting like this. I finished reading The Cursed Child a couple weeks ago and this has been sitting around my desktop for weeks. Also, I’m trying out a new style. Excuse my laziness with the background.


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This scene pierced my heart with even more love for these dorks, specially for the space (daddy) captain (^p^) and that was a pretty accurate portrayal of my reaction.


Coming back to life


[Experiental storyboards/comic/manga] 星火: From the spark of fire Part.1

Here are page 1 to 5 and the rest of it I will do it next month; as the pages went I putting more work to it. I draw very slow and I was kinda experimenting as well. Excuse my English skill that is the worst part I knew… I tried. I will update pages on tweeter when I reached to 5 pages I will upload to Tumblr as well.

I didn’t have the dialogue  bubble so just use color to tell apart:
Ocelot: red
Eli: blue
Young Ocelot: orange
BB: green
onomatopoeia: black/white

This is the shortest project I have but why it took so long to finish. *sobs*
Note: 1.The route of duel in MGS3 here: none fire/ BB win 2. the pink thing is cotton candy
Thanks for all the support from my friends on Twitter. God bless me to figure out an efficient way to draw quicker… here goes my August