Updated concepts with title! Selena Knight

A storm is brewing between vampire and werewolf kind. A naive young vampire discovers a cursed collar, suddenly transforming her into a terrible werewolf! Unable to remove the tainted ruby, Selena and her pet Eliff, must either uncover a way to lift the curse or find themselves on the wrong side of the battle.

I have her mother designed out and their henchman, but haven’t gotten any one else at this point. I’m really just running with this concept and trying to beat my perfectionism before it starts trying to ruin everything.

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Any College Headcanons for the Batkids? Like, what major and maybe who rooms with who?

Disclaimer: these are just the kids that live with Bruce and are the kids he legally adopted and/or took in, hence the batkids

Dick: He would be a mathematics major, with a minor in ethnic studies

Jason: Definitely an English major

Tim: a double major in Biomedical Engineering and Business

Cass: probably wouldn’t feel the need to go to college since she hasn’t exactly had a traditional education

Damian: would get a law degree out of spite (”Well technically what I did isn’t illegal due to this clause in this law” and he would use this to help out protestors and people who are wrongly accused of crime)

Duke: would get a Criminal Justice degree (would work specifically in missing persons cases)

-due to their age differences, they probably either wouldn’t be in school at the same time or wouldn’t room together. So chances are, they room with people that the college assigns them to or with people who they trust what with their particular vigilante habits.

Saw the Lego Batman Movie! It was amazing, adorable, and just as Bat-Family centric as I wish the live action movies were. I loved how it criticized the “dark and brooding loner” schtick Batman movies have had for like, thirty years now, bc that’s not really who Batman is. This is the man who is best known for adopting lots of sad orphans, after all.

And so, to further that point, if/when there is another Lego Movie, when Batman shows up I would ADORE it if he was accompanied by not only Dick and Barbara, but Jason Todd (Robin II), Tim Drake (Robin III), Stephanie Brown (Robin IV/ Batgirl II), Cassandra Cain (Batgirl III), and Ace the Bathound. Cuts to the Batcave would show a toddler Damian Wayne (Robin V) pouting bc he wasn’t allowed to go, due to the fact that he’s like three years old. Alfred carrying around an infant Terry McGinnis (Batman of “Batman Beyond”) is optional but would be much appreciated.

Basically a continuation of the deconstruction of the “loner Batman” thing by reminding people that Batman has a whole lot of kids and a dog. 

So for some stupid reason, in the new 52 Tim’s parents are alive and in witness protection.

But Tim “Died” and nobody has mentioned them

So, If Janet and Jack are still alive has nobody told them their son is dead? Like I feel like notifying someone of that would be pretty important.